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Bing Hong

Bing Hong. OSIsoft. Internationalization & Localization @OSIsoft. Agenda. Internationalization infrastructure Language Pack approach Language Settings Tool Localization efforts Scope Use cases Prototypes demo ProcessBook WebParts. Internationalization (I18n).

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Bing Hong

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  1. Bing Hong OSIsoft

  2. Internationalization & Localization @OSIsoft

  3. Agenda • Internationalization infrastructure • Language Pack approach • Language Settings Tool • Localization efforts • Scope • Use cases • Prototypes demo • ProcessBook • WebParts

  4. Internationalization (I18n) The process of generalizing a product Handle multiple languages and cultural conventions without the need for re-design Create one language-neutral core binary with one or more Multilanguage resource dynamic-link libraries (separation of program code and resources) Take place at product design and document development phase Two key reasons To ensure product is functional and accepted in international markets To ensure product is localizable

  5. Localization (L10n) Involves taking a product and making it linguistically and culturally appropriate to the target locale country/region and language where it will be used and sold Localization ≠ Translation Translation In-country language review Cultural specifics: format of date, time, currency, number, etc. Engineering for all technical aspects Testing/Quality assurance Desktop publishing

  6. OSIsoft I18n & L10n Strategy Internationalize all OSI products to make them ready to be localized whenever market needs All new products should be internationalized starting at design stage Evaluate, prioritize and make plans for existing products to be internationalized Focus on a set of primary client products ProcessBook, ActiveView, DataLink and WebParts

  7. Client Product Localization Scope Graphical User Interface elements Menu items Dialog objects Text in images Messages Documentation Help Readme User manuals Formats: PDF, CHM, HTML and plain text files

  8. Localized vs. English products Exactly the same functionalities Only differences: Translated GUI Translated documents Format of cultural data Number Currency Date & Time July 4th 2007 (U.S.) 4th July 2007 (U.K.) 2007年 7月 4日 (Japan)

  9. Use Cases

  10. Localization – Language Pack Approach Core Product(language neutral binary + English Language Pack) French Language Pack German Language Pack Japanese Language Pack Brazilian Portuguese Language Pack Simplified Chinese Language Pack Spanish Language Pack

  11. Benefits Time to market Quick delivery of localized products Flexibility Easy to add new languages User experience Support all three use cases Third use case requires a language setting tool

  12. The Problem – Why Language Settings Tool • Multilingual users in one control room • English OS in global markets • English-speaking tech support staff for localized products

  13. Language Pack Installer – First Page

  14. Language Pack Setup (1)

  15. Language Pack Setup (2)

  16. Language Pack Setup (3)

  17. Language Pack Setup (4)

  18. Application Display Language Default display language Set by system admin at installation time Per machine basis User defined display language Use Language Settings Tool Per user basis Need to restart the application to take effect Setting applies to all localized OSIsoft desktop applications

  19. Language Settings Tool in Windows Startup

  20. Language Settings Tool in Application

  21. Language Setting Options in the Tool

  22. Select a Language in the Tool

  23. Application Shows the Selected Language

  24. Invoke Language Settings Tool

  25. Select Another Language in the Tool

  26. Application Shows the New Language

  27. Prototype Demo - 1 Brazilian Portuguese ProcessBook

  28. Language Selection at MUI Language Pack Installation

  29. Menus, Trend Configuration & Details

  30. ‘Sinusoid' Trend, Details Data & ‘Draw’ Menu

  31. Menu Items – File & Edit Menu

  32. View, Insert & Tools Menu

  33. Draw, Arrange & Window Menu

  34. Menu Items – Help Menu

  35. Prototype Demo - 2 Brazilian Portuguese WebParts

  36. WebParts Home Page

  37. Site Action Menu

  38. Adding a Web Part (1)

  39. Adding a Web Part (2)

  40. Adding a Web Part (3)

  41. Adding a Web Part (4)

  42. Adding a Web Part (5)

  43. Thank You!

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