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Costume Ideas

Costume Ideas

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Costume Ideas

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  1. Costume Ideas • How do I get a costume? • Rent one from Mrs. Perez or another costume shop. • Borrow one from a friend or relative. • Buy one from a website or store. • Make one using some of the following suggestions. • No jeans • No t-shirts (with or without crosses) • No gym shoes • No real or toy weapons

  2. Basics for Males: • Long Pants - Pants are typically in the browns or blacks. They are worn long to either tuck into boots, or cover the tops of your shoes. Look for lounging pants in a sold color. A drawstring waist is the best • Long Sleeved Shirt - The shirt is very much like a tee-shirt that pulls over your head. Long sleeves are recommended, however if your faire is hot, short sleeves will work. This should also be a solid color. • Vest, opened or closed - a vest to go over the shirt would make the look complete. Look for the longest solid color vest available. The vest can either be closed or hang open. • In both men’s and women’s clothing try to find 100% cotton. Most of your time will be spent outside wearing multiple layers. Cotton will keep you cooler than polyester.

  3. The basics for females: • One to two ankle length solid color skirts • Peasant top /Poets shirt - this can be any color. • Lace up vest - For tighter budgets a lace-up or button-up vest will work. • For the skirts • if you only find one, either let it hang long, or safety pin the sides up to knee outfit. • It’s even better if you find 2 skirts. • Leave the bottom one hanging at ankle length • tuck the top skirt into the waistband. Safety pins can be handy here as well. If you only find one solid colored skirt and one patterned, wear the patterned as the bottom skirt. The lace-up vest or bodice is where you will want most of your design.

  4. Peasant Noble

  5. Shoes etc… • Tennis shoes can take away from your overall appearance. • Men: boots are a good look, Toms, leather shoes… • Woman: booties, ballet flats, sandals or slip-on shoes. Just make sure they are comfortable shoes since you’ll be outside. No high heels. • For your head a straw hat creates a peasant look while keeping you cool and protected from the sun. A bandana or scarf can change your look to a pirate or mercenary. • Belt: You can use a modern looking belt if you hide the buckle under the bodice or skirts. The belt would need to be strong enough to carry all you accessories. Keeping with a pirate look tie a brightly colored scarf around your waist instead.