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  1. COSTUME DESIGN Costume Design 101 Ms. Flygare Fort Herriman Middle School Herriman, Utah

  2. Table of Contents

  3. WHAT ARE COSTUMES? • They are clothes that people wear. • They help portray a character. • Helps the audience understand the time and place of the story. • Differ from everyday clothes.

  4. THINK ABOUT HALLOWEEN… • WHAT DID YOU DRESS UP FOR LAST HALLOWEEN AND WHAT DID YOUR COSTUME LOOK LIKE? • Think about the materials you used • Think about the design you used.

  5. HOW DO WE GET COSTUMES?? • Making • Renting • Buying • Borrowing



  8. 3. The costumes must reflect the setting of the story, both time and place.

  9. COSTUMES SHOULD BE CAREFULLY PLANNED… • Study the period of when the story takes place • Research in costume books • Look in encyclopedias • Old magazines (“People” or “National Geographic”) • Paintings

  10. There are 4 things to consider when planning a costume. 1. Consider the line or silhouette. • That is the curvature of the costume. For example, a short, straight “sack” silhouette is indicative of the late 1920’s.

  11. There are 3 basic types of silhouette: • The draped line, like in an Indian sari • The fitted line, like men’s tights in Shakespearean times. • Combination, like a fitted bodice and draped skirt. This costume to the right is an example of a Ladies’ summer walking-out dress of 1804.

  12. 2. Consider the choice of fabric. A. Fabric helps to suggest social status. 1. Luxurious texture suggests wealth 2. Rough textures suggest poverty B. The weight of the fabric is important too. • Regal robes require bulky material • Fairies’ from Midsummer Night’s Dream need light weight material that will flow easily.

  13. 3. Consider the color. • Proper choice of color will help establish the play’s mood and the personality of the character. • Blues and greens are restful • Red conveys danger or anger • Black denotes tragedy • Purple suggest royalty • White is associated with purity and innocence

  14. 4. Consider decoration. • Decoration includes trim and accessories attached to the costume. • Buttons • Lace • Hats • Shoes • Fans • Canes • Jewelry

  15. Costume Plot • Costume Plot—A chart listing each character, the acts or scenes in which they appear, and all the garments, undergarments, and accessories needed. • Costume plots tell you what you need to get. Then you can meet with the actor or cast and find out who already has what. • Article about costume plots and examples and photos from “The King and I,” Beauty and the Beast,” and “Evita.” • how_to_plot_out_costumes_for_stage.html?cat=40

  16. Read one of the articles about the process of designing costumes: • • • •

  17. Watch one of the following videos on the process of designing costumes: • • •

  18. Costume design • Costume Designer—meets with the director, researches the play, then designs the costumes for the entire play to fit the period. • Costumes must compliment each other and the scene design. • Requires much study and experience. • The study of costuming will help you understand another aspect of theatre and performance.

  19. Read the job description of a Costume Designer: •

  20. Costume department/wardrobe: • Costume Crew—The committee in charge of costuming the show. • Makes and repairs costumes daily. • Read the article or watch the following video: • • costume department - overview.mp4

  21. Mascot Design: • Read one of the following articles: • •

  22. Prom and Pageant Design: • Read the article or watch the following video: • • designing beauty - the gowns of sherri hill.mp4

  23. Theater Design: • Watch one of the following videos: • “Wicked”: 1. 2. threadbanger_ interview with costume designer susan hilferty.mp4 • Disney’s “High School Musical”: the rose theater_ disney_39_s high school musical costume design.mp4 • “Legally Blonde”: legally blonde musical - costume designer gregg barnes.mp4

  24. Television Show Design: • Watch one of the following videos: • NCIS: ncis - behind the scenes_ wardrobe dept.mp4 • Mad Men: watch jane bryant_ costume designer for mad men_ on plum tv style innovators - presented by cadillac.mp4 • Game of Thrones (HBO): game of thrones_ the artisans - michele clapton _hbo_.mp4 • Glee:

  25. Movie Costume Design: • Watch one of the following videos: • Sweeney Todd: sweeney todd extra- costume design.mp4 • Tron: Legacy: tron_ legacy costume designer talks light-up fabrics_ style_ and the future of fashion.mp4 • Australia: costume design on luhrmann_39_s _39_australia_39_.mp4

  26. Music Entertainer Design: • Watch one of the following videos: • Sugarland: • sugarlandtv_ the incredible machine_39_s costume designer talks steampunk fashion _part 2_.mp4 • $99 dollar music video: • music video costume design_ project jenny project jan and threadbanger.mp4

  27. Dance Design: • Watch one of the following videos: • Dancing with the Stars: • meet the costume designer on dancing with the stars_ randall.mp4 • Figure Skating: • tania bass_ figure skating costume designer interview.mp4 • Dance: • editorial_ wunmi designs for dance.mp4 • Cirque Du Soleil: (Read the article and scroll down to the video) • • (Just video of Cirque Du Soleil)

  28. Professional Dressers • Dressers – Each is assigned to an actor to help them dress and undress and keep all costumes organized. • Read the following article: •

  29. On a piece of paper, do one of the three activities on the following site: •