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Make Up/Costume & Hair Design PowerPoint Presentation
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Make Up/Costume & Hair Design

Make Up/Costume & Hair Design

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Make Up/Costume & Hair Design

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  1. Make Up/Costume & Hair Design By Lucy Rogers 5397 Hair, Costume & Make up designer for Twisted Tortures Productions

  2. Planning and Thoughts • When it came to planning our hair and make up, as we were using ourselves as actors it was relatively easy as we could be more communicative with what we thought we should look like. This way I could get other opinions on what we all thought as a group and it would therefore be easier to make more of a decision with other opinions in mind. • I thought, because we were meant to be playing social outcasts, we’re meant to put more effort into our school work, then our social lives and our image, which is one of the reasons as to why the group of friends were outcasts as most teenagers that age normally have a relatively equal balance of those things.

  3. The Killer & The Member of the Group For Rebecca, who was playing the killer, I decided that it would be better if her hands looked quite grubby, I thought that if they looked too clean cut then it would’ve looked slightly unrealistic, and creepier if there was dirt around the nails.

  4. Chose her hands because of the shape, if we used small and quite feminine hands it wouldn't of had a scary impact. Grubby hands, dirty nails, makes it look creepy.

  5. The Killer’s Clothes For Rebecca I decided that as she was also a member of the friendship group, she had to look like an outcast just as much. I wanted to keep the look quite low key so I thought it was best that we have her hair quite long and messy as if she would’ve put no effort into it, and with her clothes I thought that quite bland, neutral unfashionable clothes would’ve fitted quite while, so she wore khaki green baggy trousers and a old looking t shirt, which is now ironically fashionable but wasn’t at the time.

  6. Messy, casual hair, showing lack of interest in it. Neutral coloured t-shirt, blending with background. Khaki unfashionable trousers brings more focus onto what she’s doing.

  7. Olivia. With Olivia, as she’s quite good at looking quite neutral and was great as doing quite a shocked face, which was perfect for the scene, I didn’t think it should be ruined by her having a face full of make up and looking really unnatural, which is why I decided to just keep the make up to a limit and the hair down, and wavy so it was un styled. For the clothes, I thought by keeping it dark, and by using minimal colours and having the clothes being slightly smart it wouldn’t draw any attention to them and would keep the audience’s attention onto the storyline.

  8. By Olivia keeping the dark grey jacket kept on, showing how the secret like Area might be quite cold, and dresses quite smart. Dark black trousers, again Showing un-interest in what She wears and therefore shows her care more about her work. Old satchel makes it more authentic, and Gives a creepier vibe then a standard rucksack would’ve.

  9. Myself. As the same for Olivia & Rebecca, I thought it would be a better idea to keep make up and hair quite simple, as my hair is naturally straight there isn’t really a lot I can do to it anyway. The same went with make up, as there was going to be a close up on my eyes I thought it wouldn’t do any harm to wear a little bit of eyeliner, to make the eyes appear bigger when I’m meant to look quite shocked and with the clothes I decided to wear a neutral coloured plain t shirt, with a long vintage looking cardigan over it as it was quite unfashionable at the time and some dark khaki coloured leggings so it would be quite different looking, with scuffed up trainers.

  10. Mistakes • I think that our choices were quite successful, but when it came to what shoes we were wearing we should’ve put more thought into it because in the chapel scene, where there is a shot of just our shoes Olivia’s UGG boots are quite distracting and make it seem a bit too modern.