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Welcome to SNU PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to SNU

Welcome to SNU

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Welcome to SNU

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  1. Welcome to SNU 1

  2. Table of Contents 1. About SNU 2. OIA Intro 3. Settling in SNU 4. Settling in Korea 5. Leisure Time

  3. About SNU 3

  4. 4

  5. Overview • First, and Best National Universityof South Korea • All Departments rank 1st or 2nd in Korea • Over 260,000 Graduates • Strong Alumni Base • Almost 70% of high-ranking officials

  6. Students and Staff • 16 colleges, 84 departments • 4,292 faculty members, 1,535 staff members • 99 Graduate and Doctorate Programs • 6 Professional Schools • 31,000 undergrad and postgraduate students • 986 International students enrolled

  7. Faculties & Schools • Colleges: • Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Nursing, Business Administration, Engineering,  Agriculture and Life Sciences, Fine Arts, Law, Education, Human Ecology, Veterinary Medicine,  Pharmacy, Music, Medicine, Dentistry • Professional Schools • Public Health, Public Administration, Environmental Studies, International Studies, Dentistry, Business Administration

  8. Courses • Total number of courses : 6,515 • Courses for major education : 4,314 • Courses for liberal education : 1,201 • English Courses (Major): 143 • English Courses (Liberal Arts): 121

  9. Research • 64 Professional Research Institutes • Over $100 million invested in projects • 3,600+ publications per year

  10. Supporting Facilities • University Computer Center • 315 terminals, • 460,000 people/year • Central Library • 2.5 million+ holdings • Largest University library in Korea • Museum, MoA, Kyujangkak

  11. Notable Offices • Department Offices • Divisions of Registration and Instructional Support - Changing courses (Add/Drop) - Dropping Courses - Transcript Issuance - Maintains records of students • OIA (Office of International Affairs) • -Main Office for International Student Services

  12. Structure of SNU President Vice President 93 Research Institutes Educational Units Supporting Facilities Supporting Organization Corporate Bodies & Etc. Administrative Units Office of Admission Colleges SNU Museum,… Office of academic Affairs Office of International Affairs Graduate Schools Office of Students Affairs Division of Academic Affairs SNU Library, Center for General Education,... Professional Graduate Schools Office of Research Affairs,… Division of Registration and Instructional Support Departments Offices 13

  13. Office of International Affairs 14

  14. The OIA Visit the OIA website for news and fun!

  15. Mr. Shin Ms. Kwon Mr. Yoon Ms. Lee Director Han Mr. Park Ms. Shin Ms. Kim The OIAFamily 일 반 행 정 Mr. Kwon Hong Dean Song 학 생 관 리 Ms. Noh Mr. Chang 학사조교 국 제 업 무 Yuree Soh H.J. Ju 16

  16. Student Ambassadors …embodies the spirit and values of Seoul National University …participates in various programs and events, such as -Assisting VIP protocol -Campus Tours -Providing assistance during international events -International Student’s orientation -Various publication -Other

  17. SNU Buddies The SNU Buddies are students selected to accompany and assist the everyday life of International Student visiting Seoul National University.

  18. Settling down in SNU 19

  19. A. Campus Life: Creating a Portal ID How to create an ID -> Click 'Making a New Account’ Making a new Account

  20. A. Campus Life: Creating a Portal ID • Please read thoroughly, then check the box and click Apply Click here to agree, ..then Apply!

  21. A. Campus Life: Creating a Portal ID • For ID number: yymmdd-1000000 (m) • yymmdd-2000000 (f) • For example, if your date of birth is 21st June, 1986, female, • then your ID # would be 8006212000000. 1.Type ID # 2. Type Name 3. Click ‘Confirm’

  22. B. Campus Life: University Facilities Libraries Computer Labs POSCO Dure Cultural Center Cafeterias

  23. SNU Library@ Working Hours • International Documents Room, Archival Collection, Multimedia Room, Newspapers, Microforms, Theses & Dissertation • Periodicals Room, Reference Room, Digital Information Services Room, Book Stacks,    Circulation Desk, General Education Resources Room • Reading Rooms

  24. SNU Library@ • Check-out Policy • Late Fee for each book :100 won/day

  25. SNU/POSCO Sports Center Website:

  26. Dure Cultural Center For More Information,Visit

  27. Cafeterias 8 Cafeterias On Campus Most students eat at cafeterias Choose from 2 or 3 meals Prices from 1,700 to 3,500 won Condiment stands are nearby

  28. Computer Labs

  29. B. Campus Life: Transportation Free shuttlesFrom SNU Subway Station to Gwanak Campus

  30. B. Campus Life: Transportation 31

  31. C. Campus Life: Events Club Activities Cultural Trip Wine and Cheese Party I Love SNU Event I Love SNU Event

  32. Club Activities • Music -JIVE -Yeominrak -Chuimsae -The Bounce Factory • Sports -Baseball team -Taekwondo -Basketball -The Green Terrors • Leisure (Outdoor) -Koinari -Alpine Association -No-Dut-Dol -SNU-mawang -SuhYehHwe -Morphine -Monghwan • Study Groups

  33. KISA Korean International Students Association

  34. The Wine and Cheese Party OIA holds Wine & Cheese Party for Foreign faculties and International students 4 times a year. 13 October 2006 (17:30 ~ 19:00) Lobby of OIA Building (No. 152)

  35. Cultural Trip This is a program that provides international students with the opportunity of understanding Korean culture and history better by exploring historic places and landmarks. (Fall Semester, Date TBD)

  36. I Love SNU Event September 13th (Wednesday) In front of Ja Ha Yeon Meet new friends, both Korean and International Korean food and drinks Win a raffle prize!

  37. OIA Movie Night

  38. International Food Festival

  39. Housing 42

  40. Dormitories • ON CAMPUS • Checking In: Dorms are open one week before the semester begins. After you arrive bring your receipt of payment and inform the mentor during office hours. For Inquiries contact:

  41. Seoul National University Subway Station Sillimdong (Nokdue Street) Nakseongdae Subway Station Dormitories • OFF CAMPUS Try to look for a place in three of the places:

  42. Dormitories • For more information about OFF CAMPUS HOUSING: go to

  43. Academics 46

  44. Academic Calendar


  46. Academic Administration Checking registered courses -  The first thing you should do after creating an ID at the portal site is to check if your course registration has successfully processed. Input your ID and password to Login. Input your ID here Input your Password here Login button Making a New ID

  47. Academic Administration Then, click ‘ 학사행정 (Academic Administration)’ tab Select this tab

  48. Academic Administration Select this tab

  49. Academic Administration Please follow the following procedure to check your courses: 3.Type “2006”, Select “2학기” and Click to see 1. Click 2. Select from Menu Now you can check your course registration. If you have anything questions regarding your course registration, contact Ms. Hye Joong Kim at OIA.

  50. Academic Administration Checking your Grades -  You can check your grades online as well, on it4u until the end of winter vacation online. To view your grades, please select ‘수업관리’ tab and then ‘성적조회’ and then ‘학기성적조회’