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Beans, Beans,and More Beans! PowerPoint Presentation
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Beans, Beans,and More Beans!

Beans, Beans,and More Beans!

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Beans, Beans,and More Beans!

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  1. Beans, Beans,and More Beans! A Bean Planting Guide

  2. The King Has Spoken The king has ordered our village to begin a contest to see who can grow the biggest and strongest beanstalk to help Jack reach the giant’s house. It is up to you and your group to decide how you will take care of the bean plant to make sure it grows to the greatest heights and is strong enough to survive.

  3. Your Mission... is to try and conquer the impossible and grow the tallest bean plant to help Jack get to the giant’s house! You have three weeks to do it!

  4. but wait! There's more... This contest called The Great Bean Race is also taking place in two other villages throughout the country. We will be emailing them to share information about the race. May the best bean plant win!

  5. Also... Each of you will work with a group to create a newsletter to share with our epals and family members! Let’s Get Started…

  6. Step 1: As we learn about plants, we will conduct experiments, so take careful notes in your journal to discover the ideal conditions for optimal growth.

  7. Step 2 • Share your journal entries with your group • Discuss ideal conditions for optimal growth • Determine your group plan

  8. Step 3 • Each team will receive • 2 beans • A polystyrene cup • Soil • Saucer/lid

  9. Step 4 • Every other day, after morning recess, water and measure your bean plant to the nearest inch and centimeter. Record the results in your plant log. • Every week, compare growth with another group. Describe the differences and similarities between the two plants. Hypothesize why they are different or similar.

  10. Science Journal • You will turn in your journal every week after you have completed your weekly analysis or comparison. • Daily and weekly entries will be assessed by your teacher. • Teachers will be looking at your thought process (not just plant height).

  11. Newsletter • You will create your own newsletter that describes your group’s strategy and plan to grow the tallest bean plant. • You will also include information you learned about plants. • You will write about your epal. • You will also include poetry about beans, written in Language Arts. • You will create a survey about Favorite Beans and create a graph to show the results.