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Rainforest biome

Rainforest biome

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Rainforest biome

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  1. Rainforest biome By:Anna R Eliza R Abbie J

  2. Rainforest Biome • Have you ever gone to the rainforest biome? It is a unique and interesting place. It would be a very neat place to go and discover.

  3. Rainforest Animals • There is a quantity of animals in the rainforest biome. Every animal has its own unique adaptation. One kind of animal is the Kinkajou. It long tail and strong teeth so it lives in the upper canopy where most animals don’t live. The Poison Arrow Frog is one of the many frogs in the rainforest. It poisons things and has special colors so animals don’t eat it.

  4. Rainforest Animals • There is a multitude of monkeys too. The Proboscis monkey has a long tail to swing from branch to branch. The Red Shanked Douc Langur also uses its arms and legs.

  5. Rainforest Animals • The Common Palm Civet hunts alone so it may be easy to catch but they are expert climbers. A really interesting animal is the Slender loris because it moves without making any noise.

  6. Rainforest Animals • Of course, there are many toucans in the rain forest. They have strong toes. As you can see there are many animals in the rainforest and the rain forest is an exciting place.

  7. Rainforest Climate • The rainforest is very unique with climate and location. Rainforests stretch though 50 countries. Rainforests also cover 6% of Earth’s total land surface. Some of the places you could find rainforests are South America, Africa, Asia, Sumatra, New Guinea, and, Queenland.

  8. Rainforest Climate • The climate is perfect for plant and animal growth. The average temperature is 77 degrees F. The temperature does not often change. • Rain, rain, and more rain.

  9. Rainforest Climate • Rainforests get 250 center meters if not more per year. As you can see rainforests have a good climate and gets plenty of rain.

  10. Rainforest Plants • The Rainforest plants are very unique. In the rainforest a multitude of plants grow.

  11. Rainforest Plants • The emergents are widely spaced trees. They grow 100 to 120 feet. Emergents have umbrella shaped canopies that extend above the general canopy of the forest. Since they must contend with drying winds, they tend to have small leaves. Some species are deciduous during the brief dry season.

  12. Rainforest Plants • There is also four plants I will name. 1. The climbers are green stemmed plants such as a philodendron that remain in the understory.Many climbers, including the domesticated yams (Africa) , and sweet potatoes (South America) store nutrients in roots and tubers.

  13. Rainforest Plants 2.Lianas are woody vines that grow rapidly up the tree trunks when there is a temporary gap in the canopy,flowers, and fruit in the tree tops of the A and B Layer.

  14. Rainforest Plants 3. Epiphytes are the so called air plants that grow on branches high in any trees. 4. Parasites derive their nutrients by tapping into roots or stems of photosynthetic species. Those are the plants of the Rainforest.

  15. Rainforest Biome • As you can see the rainforest biome is a great place. It is full of wonderful plants and animals. I hope you get the chance to learn more.