the rainforest biome n.
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The Rainforest Biome PowerPoint Presentation
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The Rainforest Biome

The Rainforest Biome

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The Rainforest Biome

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  1. The Rainforest Biome By: Meredith Brown, Deandra Thomas, Jenna Banwell, and Samantha Maxson

  2. Strangler fig

  3. Canopy

  4. Bromeliad

  5. Climate and temperature chart

  6. Mountains

  7. Cloud Forests

  8. Lichens

  9. Food Web

  10. Rainforest locations

  11. Animals of the rainforest • Plants of the rainforest • Climate and temperature of the rainforest • Rainforest locations • Other facts about the rainforest Table of contents

  12. Animals of the rainforest By: Meredith Brown

  13. Producers- grass and strangler figs • Consumers- fish, monkeys, and snakes What are the kinds of animals that live in this area? Describe at least 2 producers and 3 consumers

  14. Snakes- reptiles • Grass, strangler fig, and bromeliads are all producers What class of organism are they?

  15. FOOD CHAIN: • Rodents (mice and moles) eat producers, and snakes eat the rodents FOOD WEB: • Soil allows oats to grow • Mice eat the oats • Cats eat the mice • Cats die and support bacteria • The bacteria return the nutrients to the soil What is an example of a food chain/web that lives here?

  16. Mutualism- Leaf cutter ants and fungi • Parasitism- strangler figs and trees • Commensalism- Bromeliads and tree branches Describe any symbiotic relationships that may occur in this biome

  17. Monkeys and sloths have special adaptations that helps them climb trees • Owls and bats are nocturnal to stay away from the sun during the day Describe the adaptations that the organisms that live here have to make in order to survive


  19. Plants of the rainforest By: Deandra Thomas

  20. Epiphytes- plants that grow in the rainforest, often climbers • Lichens- plantlike organisms that are a combination of algae and fungi • Moss- small soft plants What are the plants that live here and what are they like?

  21. Trees are gradually replaced by others • Succession is very high because there are a lot of trees and plants Describe the types of succession that occurs in this biome, if any

  22. The rainforest does not have winter • Because there is no winter the growing season lasts all year What is the growing season in the rainforest?

  23. Reproduction is good in the rainforest because there is a lot of rain and sunlight What is the reproduction here?


  25. Climate and temperature of the rainforest By: Samantha Maxson

  26. Cooler and wet in the winter • Warm and drier and the summer • Foggy (usually cloud forests only) • Weather usually stays the same What is the climate like?

  27. 75- 80 degrees all year long • 80 degrees is the average temperature • Temperature never goes below 64 degrees • Almost no seasonal change in weather • Warm and humid all year What is the range and average temperature?

  28. Gets over 6 feet of water every year • Some forests get over 16 feet of rain a year • Precipitation is 97% rain • Rains almost every day What is the range and average precipitation?

  29. Rivers • Streams • Creeks • Water holes • Waterfalls • Rain (daily) can cause floods What are the water resources?


  31. Rainforest locations By: Jenna Banwell

  32. Between 2 imaginary lines called the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn • Reason why they are called tropical rainforests Where in the world are rainforests located?

  33. Usually less than 3,000 feet in elevation What are the different elevations of a rainforest?

  34. South America- the Amazon River • Voyageurs National Park • Montecito National Park What are some important places in rainforests?

  35. Foreground • 1,000 foot waterfalls • Highland/ lowland • Plateaus • Valleys • Mountains • Rivers • Flood plains What landforms are located in the rainforest?

  36. Top soil is richer after the water washes it away, and all that is left is stony soil • Deeply weathered • Severely leached What is the soil like?



  39. Cannot be seen without the aid of a microscope • Help decompose dead plant and animal matter • Grow quickly in humid rainforests • Feed on leaves, twigs, and other matter that has fallen from the canopy Microorganisms

  40. Invertebrates- animals without backbones • Some must spend life in the water • Rainforests are ideal for them to live • They are the least known variety of life in the rainforest Invertebrates

  41. Humans are considered creatures of the rainforest • Rainforests provide food and shelter for humans to live • About 50,000,000 tribal people live in the rainforest Human life

  42. Humans are the main cause • They cut down the trees for… -wood for timber and making fires -agriculture for small and large farms -land for poor farmers -grazing land for cattle -pulp to make paper Why are rainforests disappearing?

  43. Teach others about their importance • Restore the damaged ecosystem • Encourage people not to hurt the environment • Establish parks to restore rainforests • Support companies that minimize damage of rainforests (TREES) How can we save the rainforests?

  44. THE END!