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  1. Scope A scope is a device that has measures the voltage across its input at a fixed rate. The scopes you will be using take a voltage measurement every ns s, which it stores in its memory (has room for 2500 measurements). It stores it with 8 bits of precision (1/28=0.004). It then makes a graph of voltage versus time. The graph is refreshed whenever it receives a “trigger”. You set how which measurements it should display relative to the trigger time. The trigger is a condition you set on a signal fed into the signal input. When the signal satisfies the conditions, the display is refreshed. Often, you feed the same signal into the display input and the trigger input, but not always (you’ll see tomorrow an example of when you would want different inputs). Sarah Eno

  2. oscilloscope • oscilloscope refresher • learn wavestar Sarah Eno

  3. Scope Inputs Sarah Eno

  4. Display • ? • Good trigger received? • Trigger time • Delta_t trigger-center of display • Trigger level • Trigger level • Trigger slope • Trigger channel • lala • Time per tick, x axis • Volts per tick, y axis • Not sure • Ground level for each channel Sarah Eno

  5. Adjusting the Display trigger yaxis yaxis xaxis Sarah Eno

  6. Practice Signal Source We’ll use a “signal generator” to make some voltages that vary with time, and then measure them using the oscilloscope, to prepare for tomorrow, when we’ll measure the signals from muons. “Coaxial cable” will take the “source” to the Scope. Sarah Eno

  7. Vocabulary Sarah Eno

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