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SECME Program

SECME Program

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SECME Program

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  1. SECME Program Yoly McCarthy Instructional Supervisor Ava D. Rosales, PhD Executive Director Miami-Dade County Public Schools

  2. SECME, Inc • Formerly the Southeastern Consortium for Minorities in Engineering • Currently diversity in STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) • Mission to promote historically under-represented, underserved and differently-abled students to pursue and complete postsecondary studies in STEM

  3. Mini-Grants SECME Model Student Scholarships National Level Scholarships to Summer Institute Professional Development District Olympiad Competition District Level Networking with Teachers and Engineers Nationally Saturday Design Seminars National Student Competition Provides Engineer and University Support Sponsors National Summer Institute School Level Club meetings Sponsors Teachers to Summer Institute Classroom activities People and Expertise Teachers Counselors Administrators Parents Students Participate in Olympiad Student , Parent and Teacher Recognition Involve parents Resource and Materials Student data Longitudinal Data Statistics Communications Network M-DCPS Curriculum and Instruction, Science Education 2012

  4. M-DCPS SECME PROGRAMWhat makes it work? • Teacher, counselor, and parent resource • Engaging hands -on student activities that enhance science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) concepts • Collaboration with experts, colleges and industry • Student, teacher, parent motivation • District support - program coordination

  5. SECME ENHANCES MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE CURRICULUM CURRICULUM SECME Inquiry based learning Mathematics and science applications to solving real world problems School to Career Initiative Engineering design seminars Engineering design and construction (bridges, mousetrap cars, egg drop containers, water bottle rockets, robotic hand) Workshops at Colleges, shadow an engineer day, engineering site field trips, guest speakers M-DCPS Curriculum and Instruction, Science Education 2012

  6. SECME Events Overview

  7. BANNERS • Students create banners based on the Olympiad's theme. Banners must contain the school mascot and SECME logo. Each school must have one (1) entry. Schools will parade with their banners at the opening session of the Olympiad

  8. BRAIN BOWL • Students compete against the clock and each other in a contest filled with science questions. Each school may enter one (1) team consisting of four (4) students in the Brain- Bowl competition.

  9. BRIDGE • Students build bass wood bridges to pre-determined specifications. Bridges are then tested at the Olympiad. The winner is determined by the most efficient bridge within the specifications. • Two individual members from the winning high school team(s) will represent SECME at the International Bridge Contest. Each school may submit one pre-constructed bridge in this team event.

  10. EGG DROP CONTAINER • Students build containers that meet pre-determined specifications. At the Olympiad, an uncooked egg is placed in the container and dropped from an initial height of 15 meters. • The smallest volume container that protects the egg after being dropped at the final height is deemed the winner. Each middle and senior high school may submit one egg-drop container. The eggs will be supplied at the competition

  11. ESSAY • Students write essays at their schools. Each school must submit one (1) essay. Entries received after that date are not eligible for inclusion in the competition (individual event).

  12. MOUSETRAP CAR • Students build cars that are propelled by the spring of a mousetrap. All teams must have: • Mousetrap Car (constructed and running) • Design drawing of Mousetrap Car • Technical report on Mousetrap Car • A combination of the scores from the race, the report, and the drawing is used to determine the winner. Each school may enter one Mousetrap Car.

  13. INTERNET SCIENCE AND TECH FAIR • Student teams use a webpage editor to create a web page. The winner is the team that scores the highest amount of points based on the assigned task within the allocated time. • Each school may enter one (1) team consisting of two (2) students.

  14. MATHEMATICSCHALLENGE • Student teams use a variety of strategies to solve mathematics problems using tools such as graphing calculators, calculators, rulers, and manipulatives. The winner is determined by the first team to submit the most correct answers within an hour. Each school may enter one (1) team consisting of four (4) students in the mathematics competition.

  15. WATER BOTTLE ROCKET • Students build a rocket that must meet predetermined specifications. At the Olympiad, rockets will be "fueled" with 355 milliliters of water. The rocket with the greatest combined "hang time" and patch design score will be declared the winner. • Each school may enter one (1) rocket built by a team consisting of three (3) students. All teams must have:  Water-Bottle Vehicle (constructed and launch-ready) and Team Patch.

  16. BIOTIC/ROBOTIC HAND KIT • Students bring a pre-constructed robotic/bionic hand designed from a kit. Presentations will be judged based on innovative engineering, effective presentation, most realistic prosthesis, and product demonstration. Teams present orally and visually with the aid of multimedia. Each school may submit only one (1) entry (middle and senior high school only

  17. VEX ROBOTICS • Students follow specific instructions to complete an engineering design task in three-member teams using VEX Robotics technology (Senior High schools only).

  18. Why SECME? • SECME programs continue to show significant impact on student academic achievement, selection of STEM majors, and college access. • SECME 2012 Student Surveys demonstrate middle and high school SECME students overwhelmingly report that being involved in a SECME program has influenced their decisions to attend college and their choices of majors. Additionally, The SECME 2012 Junior/Senior Survey results reveal SECME students' self-reported SAT scores exceed those of their peers when compared to national averages. • 63% of SECME middle school students surveyed report their SECME participation has improved their mathematics ability.

  19. Data for SECME

  20. Data for SECME

  21. SECME website

  22. Registration • District: 2. National: Registration code for National Office FL19 No later than: August 29, 2014 Register to Become a SECME School

  23. District SECME Website

  24. SECME Website: Registration

  25. Important SECME Dates • Now through 08/29/14- Register School Program • Sept/Oct 2014 - Mousetrap Car Seminar @ UM (Tentative) • Dec 2014 – Robotic Hand @Baptist (Tentative) • 11/15/14 – Bridge @FIU College of Engineering • 12/13/14 – Water-bottle Rocket Seminar @ American Senior (Tentative) • 12/08/14 – Deadline to register for competition • 02/07/14 - SECME Competitions • Posted at District SECME Website • Posted at Professional Development portal

  26. Miami-Dade County Public Schools SECME Events Tentative Dates 2014-2015

  27. Want activities for your program?

  28. “My son wants to be a rocket scientist. Before SECME he wanted to be a rapper.” -Elementary School SECME Parent

  29. SECME Festival and Olympiad • Registration: Online Due December 8, 2014 • Registration Materials: December 11, 2014 • Project Check-in: February 6, 2015 • Competition: February 7, 2015

  30. Finding funding • Grant Wrangler – STEM grants and resources • • STEM Grants •

  31. M-DCPS SECME Contact Information Ms. Yoly McCarthy, Instructional Supervisor 305-995-1939 Dr. Ava D. Rosales, Executive Director 305-995-4537 District National