the strange invitation n.
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The Strange Invitation… PowerPoint Presentation
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The Strange Invitation…

The Strange Invitation…

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The Strange Invitation…

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  1. The Strange Invitation… By: Taiga Takahashi

  2. 1. One morning you went to check your mailbox and found a strange invitation to a five star hotel! You decided to go because you were bored. When you get to the hotel you were amazed of the size and how clean it looked. You went in the hotel and doors closed shut. You wondered if the door can still open but it didn’t! Suddenly a flash light and a piece of envelope fell.Open the envelope?Ignore the envelope and try to open the door?

  3. 2. The lights go off and somebody cuts your head open! But you were impossibly alive!!Change your choice?

  4. 3. Somebody shoots you in the head! Your DEAD!Start again?

  5. 4. In the envelope was a ticket to the hotel’s cafe with the words table 19 on it. You went in the cafe and searched for table 19. There were two buttons on the table. One that said turn off lights and the other said open.You press turn off lights.You press open.

  6. 5. You happily watched Bob and his Piece of Hair with popcorn and coke. When the movie open there was the word “ELEVATOR, FIFTH FLOOR” You find an elevator you can use and you and you rode in it.Press a button other then the fifth floor.You press the tenth floor.

  7. 6. The lights turn off and you use your flash light to look around. An envelope falls down again. You open it. In it was a map of the hotel and a piece of paper that said movie theatre. So you go to the second floor to the movie theatre in the hotel and there were two posters that advertised a one movie each. One movie was called Bob and his Piece of Hair. The other movie was called The Baby and his Full Diaper. Watch Bob and his Piece of Hair.Watch The Baby and his Full Diaper.

  8. 7. You get trapped in the movie theatre and it started to smell like fart! There was an open button so you pressed it. You got back to the lobby again!

  9. 8. The elevator suddenly falls and stopped at the first floor.You were at the lobby.

  10. 9. You land at the fifth floor and their were two big poster on two big doors in front of you. One poster had the picture of president Kennedy. The other one had the picture of president Obama.You go threw Kennedy’s door.You go through Obama’s door.

  11. 10. Staring at you passed the door was a statue holding a some kind of timed bomb! There was a open and a stop button.You press the stop button.You stupidly press the open button.

  12. 11. The bomb exploded a  little cracking the statue. Inside the statue was another envelope! On the paper were the words “THIRTEENTH FLOOR” The only was to go there was the stairs.You go up to the thirteenth floor with the stairs.You were too lazy and tried to go down carefully.

  13. 12. The floor opens and you fall down. You go back to the first floor at the lobby!

  14. 13.  You see a strange shadow going towards the hotel store. You were curious what it was.You try to follow it.You don’t follow it and you just stay in front of the stairs.

  15. 14. Suddenly the stairs disappear and turns into a slide!You ended up stopping at the lobby.

  16. 15. Nothing seemed to happen and you kept following him. You ended up lost in the food section. You suddenly see the candy section with so much candy! While you were skimming through all the candy, you see a DVD and behind you was a DVD player. You play the DVD.You kept on skimming through the candy.

  17. 16. Somebody pushes you down the stairs.You fell to the lobby.

  18. 17. Suddenly something grabs you from behind the candies!! You scream but it was no use! You got shot in your mouth. Your DEAD!

  19. 18. It was the exit door!! You were full of joy and got out of the hotel walking to your house. Suddenly you got shot at your back! You got assassinated! Your DEAD! Start again?

  20. 19. On the television was a movie about this hotel. It used to  be so beautiful! You watch with amazement! After the movie an elf came out, he farted. You were about to puke. Then… (Click anywhere!)

  21. 20. Suddenly you were at your bed at home! Seemed like it was a dream! And it was morning! You went to your mailbox as always and there was a strange invitation… ?

  22. Credits Created by: Taiga