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  1. Eric M.K OsiakwanInternet ResearchAn innovative Internet access solution for schools and corporations in under-served communities Internet access for any school anywhere is the goal! Javelin!

  2. Proposal for sending Internet to any school anywhere in poor infrastructure Africa Presentation Objective

  3. Access to the ‘net is a must-have Lack of telecom infrastructure and “last-mile” solutions are tough challenges for African schools and corporates Lack of funds (or lack of business case for funds) Building infrastructure is time-consuming Geographical barriers abound in providing nation-wide access Human capital is almost zero The Challenge

  4. More than 20 WAN companies • Backbone – Voltacom, GT • Wireless access methods mostly 2.4G centered in Accra, Kumasi • Lastmile monthly cost for dedicated access range from $300 - $1,800 • Narrowband over Cu is very poor Credit - VRA

  5. “The Quandary” Businesses growth hampered, economies cannot create adequate wealth. Lack of funds. Inability to create centralised/distributed/remote access computing for: point-of-sale systems, information bureau and clearing systems, credit/debit systems, on-line banking, Internet access. Poor or non-existent telecom infrastructure.

  6. Provide Internet access solution to schools and corporations that adequately address all the following issues: Deployed very rapidly Must have no geographical barriers Must be very reliable Must be available always Must provide a reasonably good access speed Inexpensive … the Challenge

  7. Use Racom’s Morse wireless technology to provide links MR25 for remote schools – all locations reachable, but slow MR900 and other broadband solutions for inner-city Email: Web based mail interface using local server Fetch hotmail and yahoo! into local student accounts Web: Mirror as many sites as possible on the local server Automate mirroring requests from the schools Enable caching for sites not mirrored Use www4mail@ictp in Italy for web searches Create in future Arrow’s Javelin

  8. How Does It Work?

  9. Access to the ‘net is mediated by the local server via mirroring and caching Local server updates web pages at nite Mirroring process runs forever digging deep into sites to mirror sub-links. Sites are available during the process. Direct access is automatically invoked if both mirror and cache fail. Missing internal mirror link generates error. Mails are posted and received through a local mail box using a web interface Hotmail, yahoo! etc fetched into local mail box Web sites could be 24 hours late, mails are fairly recent How Does It Work?

  10. A brief on the telecom technology

  11. Racom for 12 years used it for transaction processing in Czech Republic, Austria, Slovak, China, Russia, Norway We have used it to create the biggest WAN in Ghana for transaction processing The radio uses licensed UHF frequencies, minimal line of sight, long range: 110km achieved so far Meshed topology greatly enhances reliability Comes standard with both serial and Ethernet IP ports Radio, modem, router, protocol converter in tight knit Non-line of sight 9.6 – 128kbps data rate …the technology

  12. Down side: Web pages likely to be late Limited direct access to the ‘net Annoyingly slow if you have to use MR25 directly Up side What is the alternative of zero access? Limited direct ‘net access may enhance control of students Schools may not require up-to-date sites for education. Local server can be ‘recharged’ at a nearby school Inexpensive access Speed of deployment to any school anywhere in the country Solution is scalable to higher transmission speeds Down/Up sides of Javelin!

  13. Questions?contact:info@arrownetworks.netfax: +233-21-238038

  14. Hardware required: Radio transceiver Modem Router Antenna and cabling Note the above are integrated, hence the low cost Local mirror and cache server We’re presently able to put the hardware together for $3k Expect price to be lower for multiple sites Running cost components Link maintenance Server, system administration and system development We hope to charge $50 a month anywhere in the country (compare with existing $300-$1,800 a month) How much does it cost?