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Physician Instructions for Accessing Remotely: Open your Internet Explorer. PowerPoint Presentation
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Physician Instructions for Accessing Remotely: Open your Internet Explorer.

Physician Instructions for Accessing Remotely: Open your Internet Explorer.

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Physician Instructions for Accessing Remotely: Open your Internet Explorer.

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  1. Physician Instructions for Accessing • Remotely: • Open your Internet Explorer. • In the address box, type in: • Follow the instructions on the next few pages to set up your access. PORTAL Types of Token Fobs 1

  2. PORTAL requires some adjustments to your computer. • A program called JAVA 1.4.2 must be downloaded unless it already exists on your computer. • Pop up blockers must be removed. • This document explains how to adjust your computer accordingly. 2

  3. Click on files you must download before accessing PORTAL. 3

  4. This screen will appear. For now, just download the Java Version 1.4.2. Click on the blue hyperlink and follow the instructions. The PACS viewer is not available at this time. 4

  5. You may want to click on computer settings for more information also. At the end of this screen, there are two private IT companies that can assist you, if you have any difficulties with remote access due to personal computer settings or other type issues not covered in this document. IT Companies: Possible Now: 678-589-1721DNC Computers: 770-921-1640 5

  6. Turn off Pop up Blockers. This must be done in order to allow electronic signature. Go to Tools>Pop-up Blocker>Turn off Pop-up Blocker. 6

  7. RSA Token: This is required for remote access. There are two types as shown above. If you have the old black one, when it expires, you will get the new key type token. Six digits display that change every minute. These numbers sync with our servers. There are dashes to the left of the numbers. These are important because the numbers change every minute, so the dashes give you a warning. Do not enter the six digits if you have only one dash left. The numbers probably will not be accepted. 7

  8. So, JAVA has been downloaded, pop up blockers removed. Now, it is time to access PORTAL remotely. Two options are listed below depending on whether you have ever used a token before (such as for CIS remote access). • Remote Access Instructions for first time users of the token. • Username: Use your first initial and last name in the username box. • PIN/Code: Enter the six digits displayed on the token. • Remote access instructions for activated tokens (those using tokens for CIS): • Username: First initial, last name • PIN/Code: same as CIS. PIN # plus six digits on token. (Go to page 12). 8

  9. This screen only appears when you are first setting up your PIN number (similar to a bank PIN number). You may want to use your doctor number, especially if it agrees with your eSig PIN to sign charts in PORTAL. After entering your new PIN twice, click on Save PIN. 9

  10. First initial, last name PIN # + new six digit number on token Then it goes to this screen. Wait for the six digit number on the fob to change. Put in your same user name and this time, type in your PIN # + the new token numbers. **Make sure the Realm is RSA SecurID in that drop down box. 10

  11. If you get this screen, are you sure you entered your username and pin and token correctly? If so, you will have to call the Physician Resource Center at 678-442-4496. You may want to go back to and try one more time. 11

  12. If the token authenticated correctly, this page will appear next. Wait for the process to complete itself. Then you are in the PORTAL. If it is stuck on this page, click on the here hyperlink. 12

  13. You are now in PORTAL, on the main screen. If you want to sign deficiencies, complete missing text or dictations, click on eSig. 13

  14. This pin box should appear. If it does not, not all of your pop up blockers have been removed. Your pop up blockers will have to be located and turned off for this to appear. If you cannot find them, you will have to contact your office IT staff or one of the companies listed on page 5. The hospital cannot support outside PC’s and pop blockers can be just about anywhere if you cannot remove them from your tool bar. 14

  15. If the pin box appeared and you successfully entered your PIN, this screen will appear. The viewer will launch if JAVA 1.4.2 was loaded successfully (see page 4) and there are no conflicting JAVA applications on your computer. 15

  16. If you see a document, the viewer has now been loaded and you have successfully completed all requirements to access PORTAL remotely. 16

  17. If you did not get a document, there are probably other JAVA applications on your PC. The next four screens explain how to remove them. This is your decision. It probably will not affect other applications, but this is your personal or office PC. The hospital cannot be responsible for it. At this point, we are just trying to help with suggestions that have worked in the past. 17

  18. You need to find out if other JAVA applications are on board. Go to Start>Settings>Control Panel. 18

  19. Then click on Add or Remove Programs. 19

  20. This is usually in alphabetical order. Look and see how many JAVA’s you have. The one that works with PORTAL is JAVA 1.4.2. If you have others, right click on them, find the remove button. Before you remove them, make sure your other applications have been closed. It will make the computer restart. Look on your taskbar and close those applications first. Then you can remove. If you do not have the Remove button, then you are not administrator of your PC. Your office manager may be the administrator and can remove the other JAVA’s. 20

  21. Now go back to GwinnettMD and log in again. Usually this takes care of all the issues. If you still cannot get the viewer to launch, you will have to contact your IT person for your office or one of the companies listed on page 5. This will require more involvement and research to fix appropriately. 21

  22. Did you know you could access CIS remotely from this page and with your token? Go to Results CIS 22

  23. Remote access instructions for activated tokens (those using tokens for CIS): • Username: First initial, last name. • PIN/Code: same has CIS. PIN # plus six digits on token. 23

  24. This is the CIS log in screen. If you do not have a password here, please contact, 678-442-4496 and request a password. 24

  25. Now you are in CIS. 25

  26. Questions or need assistance: Call the Physician Resource Center at 678-442-4496 Training: Medical Records customer liaisons are available 24 hours a day at GMC in Medical Records to assist with training. They can be reached at 678-442-4689. Training booklets are available in Medical Records and in the Physician Lounge. There is a link on that has PORTAL training information. Click on PORTAL>how to for online information. If you cannot locate one, call Nancy McLendon @ 678-442-4028. 26