welcome to mrs christensen s science class n.
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Welcome to Mrs. Christensen’s Science Class PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Mrs. Christensen’s Science Class

Welcome to Mrs. Christensen’s Science Class

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Welcome to Mrs. Christensen’s Science Class

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  1. Welcome to Mrs. Christensen’s Science Class All to know about class.

  2. First: Where is Mrs. Christensen? • Over the summer Mrs. Christensen had her first baby. So she has decided to stay home with him until October. You may still see her around though because she is coaching the volleyball team. • His name is : Lukas Daniel Christensen • He was born on: June 14th • He was 6 lbs 14 oz. • He was 20.5 inches long.

  3. Theme for the Year What is Science? In this class we will learn and look up vocabulary terms to follow with our units but more importantly I am going to teach you how to make observations, gather data, and then figure out what that information is telling you.

  4. Disclosure Statements • You will need to take this disclosure statement home to your parents, read over it with them, and then sign and return it byFriday August 27th. • So put on top of the paper the due date. • Remember to not cut off the bottom but return the whole paper. You will get it back to put in your folders.

  5. Course Descriptions • 8th Graders look to your left and 7th Graders look to your right. • This side of the room displays some of things in which you will be learning about. • 8th Grade science is based on CHANGE AND ENERGY, meaning we are going to see how energy is used in each of these areas and how it will change things. • 7th Grade science is based on STRUCTURE, meaning the beginning of everything, the first building blocks of life, matter, your body, and how things are classified.

  6. Class Rule There is only ONE rule in this class and that is… Each student has a legal right to learn science in this class and no one has the right to infringe upon their own or others right to learn. What does this mean to you?

  7. Consequences • If you decide to break the class rule then the following things can happen: • Non-verbal and verbal warnings • Citizenship grade goes down • Conference with me after class • Phone call or email home to parents • Sent to the Administrator or ISS

  8. Citizenship Grades • They are based on behavior, participation, honesty, cooperation, respect, and responsibility. They are as following: H G S N U • Uncleared absences (4 = “N” and 5 or more = “U”) • Tardies (3 = “N” and 4 or more = U) • You are allowed to make-up some of it with working them off before or after school. • If you are caught cheating you will receive a U and a zero on the assignment or test. Cheating involves coping other peoples papers too.

  9. Required Materialsfor Class • You need to have all your materials byFriday Aug. 27th . • student planner • a spiral notebook or lined paper • 2 - two pocket folder (one to keep in the classroom, the other to take things home in) • several pencils (students will be able to purchase a pencil from me for 10 cents if they don’t have one, I will not provide one otherwise) • pencil sharpener • one or two black or blue pens • color pencils and calculator • a reading book (for when assignments are finished early)

  10. Grades • Grades are based on daily total points earned from homework, quizzes/tests, lab work, notebook checks, and projects. • Look at the grading scale on your paper to see what each grade is worth. • Yes, there will be extra credit available each term but not a lot, so do it when you have the chance. 

  11. Late Work • Late work will automatically receive 50 % off. • Each term you will be given 2 “Whoops” passes. These allow you to turn in a late assignment and get the chance to receive the full points. Any Whoops passes left over at the end of the term can be handed in for extra credit • You cut it out and attach it to the assignment and then hand it in the basket. • Please Remember: some points are better then no points so hand it in even if you don’t have a Whoops pass • At the end of each unit we will have a No Late Dead Line. Meaning I will not except any late work for that unit after the unit test.

  12. Make-up / Absent Policy • When you return from your absences you first check the “What Did I Miss” absent folder. This can be found at the back of the room. • Inside will be a weekly schedule of what we did. The items that have a check mark by them is what we did for that day. • Meaning if we did notes then the title will be listed there. Then if we did a note guide you can get it out of the assignment bin

  13. Hall Passes • You will have 2 Hall Passes per term • When you need to go you will cut them out and hand them to me. • Hall Passes that are not used by the end of the term can be handed in for extra credit.

  14. Also remember… • Learning can be fun!!! • So put on your ...and have fun