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Affle's Standard Deck PowerPoint Presentation
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Affle's Standard Deck

Affle's Standard Deck

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Affle's Standard Deck

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  1. Why Mobile?

  2. Mobile In India What’s Expected To Change What’s Changing Current Reality >800Mn phones (~600Mn unique users) Better cheaper mobile handsets & tablets Mobile Internet expected to beat PC Internet usage in 2012 >60Mn Mobile Internet Users Decreasing data costs & better speeds Mobile Searches expected to beat PC searches in 2012 >25Mn smartphones Increased shipments of smartphones iOS + Android data usage will exceed all other mobile devices by 2012

  3. Mobile Vs. Other Media 812 Million activeMobile Users 151 Million activeTV Houselhold 100 Million activeInternet Users Penetration of mobiles much more than other media

  4. Mobile Consumption Patterns Source: InMobi, Decision Fuel - Mobile Media Consumption Research 30-40% of Media Consumed by TG is on the Mobile!

  5. How Mobile Media Gets Consumed Today 35mn 60mn 250mn 350mn

  6. Content Choices Sports Gaming Messaging/SNS, Music, Beauty/ Fitness Astrology Devotional Cricket Bollywood News & Information Mobile Videos Jokes & Shers Contesting Classifieds Source: Affle 2010 consumer research

  7. Why is mobile relevant? Lifestyle Oriented Device is very personal Ease of Targeting Immediate needs can be catered Targeting Possibilities Handset/Age/ Gender/Location/ Interest areas/etc 79% of smartphone consumers use phones to help with shopping Active Communication medium Under Initiated Medium Users within reach 24*7 Enables effective & interactive engagements with users Engagements - Click to Call, Click to WAP, Click to SMS, Add to Calendar, Download Video ringtone etc. Ad features – Helps brands connect with a vast user base

  8. Add a mobile leg to your campaign with…

  9. About Affle Smart Media For Smarter screens – Our Biggest Expertise 10

  10. Affle| Mobile Advertising Touchpoints MESSAGING MOBILE APPLICATIONS VOICE MOBILE INTERNET SMS2.0 Live Affle Digital Ad Solutions – Branded Mobile Applications Affle Digital Ad Solutions – Branded Voice Portals Ripple Affle Digital Ad Solutions – Branded Mobile Internet Destinations

  11. Next Generation Rich Media And Video Ad Network

  12. What is Ripple?

  13. Ripple Value Proposition Intrusion MinimizedMute ads on default. Bold options to exit ad. Differentiated Rich Media FormatsContextual and Immersive. Enhanced appeal. Higher Engagement. Detailed ReportingCapture engagements. Get an accurate ROI estimate. Unique Authoring Suites & FrameworksCreate-it-yourself rich media ads including HTML 5 formats

  14. Online Video & Rich media Ads vs. Television Ads * The remaining respondents were Undecided * * * Less Distracting, More contextual and a higher likelihood of purchase – Video advertising delivers the goods Source : Affle –IMRB Online Video Advertising – Attitudes and Trends, Base: 315 Respondents, Market – All India

  15. Online Video & Rich Media Ads vs. Other Digital Ads On user engagements, video ads even beat Search Video Ads over 2 Times more remembered vs. Banner Ads Source : IMRB I-Cube Study 2011. Base : 3,900 respondents in 30 cities, Market – India

  16. Post viewing engagements with Rich Media & Video Video advertising suits all categories, as engagement actions suited to varied sectors find acceptance with audiences Source : Affle –IMRB Online Video Advertising – Attitudes and Trends, Base: 315 Respondents, Market – All India

  17. Global Stats %: Interaction Rate - People completing interaction post click Time: Avg. Dwell Time on the interaction Source: Opera Software, State of Mobile advertising, Q2 2012 Source: Medialets Mobile Rich Media Benchmarks Q1 2012 Source: Medialets Mobile Rich Media Benchmarks Q1 2012

  18. Some Exciting Ad Formats Cascade With Animation Cascade Mist *EPA-est. 35-mile range based on 94 MPG (electric); 340-mile range based on 35 MPG city/40 highway (gas).Actual range varies with conditions. **Based on the national average of 12 cents per kWh and 12.9 kwH for a full charge ($1.55). Electiricity costs vary. Check with your provider for your rates. 18 F 32 F 41 F 50 F SWITCHES TO GAS WHEN ELECTRICITY RUNS OUT For More Exciting Formats Visit VISIT CHEVY.COM OFFERS AN EPA-ESTIMATED 35 MILES GAS FREE DRIVING PER CHARGE.

  19. Digital Ad Solutions

  20. What Are Affle Digital Solutions?

  21. What are Affle Digital Solutions?

  22. Why Affle Digital Solutions? Providing Customized Solutions for brands Generating greater ROI for advertisers and partners Seamlessly blending technology, content and advertising Building unique brand assets across Mobile Internet Destinations Mobile Applications Voice Solutions

  23. Some Campaigns We Activated For Case Studies, please visit our channel

  24. SMS2.0 Live | Unique User Offering Exciting social networking services on your SMS screen Interactive rich content of your choice on your SMS screen & more & more Exciting services discovery from your SMS screen Enhanced Messaging functionalities Emoticons, Colors, Secret SMS, Timed SMS & more & more

  25. SMS 2.0 Live |User Experience- Content Content on SMS2.0 Live At the time of download, users asked for their areas of interest Users served INTERACTIVE & RICH content on SMS2.0Live basis these areas of interest Popular Content Categories include Cricket Technology While the message is being sent, the Message Sending/Mess age Sent screens get replaced with a Full Screen visual of the content which could have contextual advertising integrated The banner stays while message is being composed without interfering with the SMS. The SMS is a regular 160 character message that has a lot more interactivity/ personalization SMS2.0 Live resides as the default messaging application on the handset. A content banner basis user choice is served to the user each time he open his SMS app to read/ compose a meassage The interactivity Options on each content item would be relevant to the content and could lead to Click to call/ Know more/ WAP/ Book a test drive/ Add to Contact/ Calendar/ Bookmark Sports Jokes Business Politics Bollywood & Many More User Value Proposition: Free Content Of Choice

  26. SMS 2.0 Live |User Experience - Advertising Ads on SMS2.0 Live Available across all operators Interactivity Options Click to Call Click to WAP Click to SMS Add to Calendar Add to Phonebook Add to Bookmarks These menu options could lead to Click to call/ SMS/ WAP/ Text Box/ Add to Contact/ Calendar / Bookmark SMS2.0 Live is created like a mobile magazine that can be browsed offline. While most of the times the user is served a content banner, he/she is served an ad banner sometimes The interactive menu options on the ad will allow the users to engage with the brand in multiple ways TargetingParameters On sending the message, the banner blows up into a full screen ad with the advertiser message Geography Handset Type Age Gender Areas of Interest Operator Reaching Over 5mn users across feature phones

  27. The Affle Edge

  28. What Affle brings to the table The experience of delivering exciting & differentiated campaigns for over 250 brands A bouquet of rich media formats and ad solutions that help brands reach their TG A team that understands brands & delivers solutions for maximum impact Strategically aligned businesses to deliver maximum value for advertisers

  29. The Affle Edge: Targeting the Right User Target By Handset Type Target By Operator Target By Geography Target By Demographics – Age/ Gender Target By Interest Area Target By Time Non intrusive yet relevant advertising for consumers

  30. Insightful Reporting Impressions • Clicks CTRs Social & Other Engagements • Time spent Interactions Granular reporting in a single screen interface

  31. Some brands mobilising their campaigns with us

  32. To make your advertising smarter Contact