nisha update inpo industrial safety working session n.
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NISHA Update INPO Industrial Safety Working Session PowerPoint Presentation
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NISHA Update INPO Industrial Safety Working Session

NISHA Update INPO Industrial Safety Working Session

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NISHA Update INPO Industrial Safety Working Session

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  1. NISHA UpdateINPO Industrial Safety Working Session November 27, 2012

  2. VISION The recognized SOURCE of expert professionals dedicated to the continuous improvement of industrial safety and health in the North American Nuclear industry. MISSION To relentlessly seek out, learn, assess, compare, share and apply industry best practices for the management of industrial safety and health in support of achieving zero workplace injuries for nuclear power generating utilities.

  3. MANDATE The Board of Directors receives its mandate from its members, is committed to growing the Association and operates from an established Charter. CHARTER & OPERATING PROCEDURES The Nuclear Industrial Safety and Health Association (NISHA) is an association of nuclear safety & health professionals working in or supporting activities relative to industrial safety & health improvements within the commercial nuclear power generating community. NISHA is a Not for Profit association with the objective to provide a forum for the equitable exchange of information and ideas concerning all topics relative to industrial safety & health at nuclear power plants for the mutual assistance and benefit of all.

  4. 2012-2013 Board • Paul Hurley, NISHA Chair (Ontario Power Generation) • Steve Nowak, Vice Chair (Luminant) • Bill Gregory, Past Chair (TVA) • Wayne Rowe, Treasurer (Arizona Power) • Jason Wernex, Secretary (Ameren) • Doug Mills, Member at Large - Communications & Conferences (TVA) • Bert Flynn, Member at Large – External Liaison (Xcel Energy)

  5. 2012-2013 Business Plan • Top priorities for the Board: • Increase membership to establish a sound revenue base and funding stream for NISHA business purposes • Improve the NISHA website including accessibility of the Q&A Forum to all contacts and obtaining/posting safety documents from all Utilities • Determine feasibility and IRS implications for establishing revenue stream via Vendor donations • Establish a CNO as Industrial Safety champion and NISHA supporter with INPO • Establish NISHA Conference format for NISHA approved by the membership

  6. 2012-2013 Business Plan • Status: • 118 Members from USA, Canada, Spain and Italy • Q&A Forum set up for all NISHA contacts. External service provider selected to manage and improve website. • ~40-45% Utilities have provided safety documents and are posted on website • Additional revenue streams under review by Board • Pleased to announce that Rafael Flores, CNO Luminant is present at this session • NISHA Conference format approved by the membership at TVA conference

  7. NISHA Websitewww.mynisha.orgShow of hands – who is not familiar with or has not accessed the website?Short Tour of Website?

  8. NISHA is your association • Fortunate to have a great Board that is committed to you • Do our utmost to grow the association and provide best possible support but also need your support/ involvement • Join NISHA, actively participate and collectively help us to be better than we are today • Board welcomes all suggestions on how we can be better.

  9. Survey- Value and Engagement