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Overwhelmed by all the marketing tools out there? PowerPoint Presentation
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Overwhelmed by all the marketing tools out there?

Overwhelmed by all the marketing tools out there?

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Overwhelmed by all the marketing tools out there?

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  1. Overwhelmed by all the marketing tools out there?

  2. Focus on the marketing tools that work for you. Our department offers you a variety of marketing tools for your use.

  3. From the Information and Publication Department Online and Offline Marketing Tools • Green Israel News • English Internet site • You Tube channel • Facebook • Jerusalem Post Green Israel section


  5. KKL-JNF Green Israel News Spotlight on New Projects KKL-JNF Worldwide Link to site photos

  6. New Website Goals 1. Increase traffic to our site • 2. Increase interactivity: • Register to our newsletter • Join tours and events • 3. Donate online: • Plant A Tree • Register in the Books of Honor • Planting Centers for Tourists Link to site photos

  7. Our website has a wealth of content, available for you to use. Our content adapts easily to your marketing needs. Content is King! Link to site photos


  9. Branding the KKL-JNF YouTube channel. Playlists- Our channel offers a variety of playlists. Featured Videos– Main film and a selection from the playlists.

  10. New films Produced for JNF Australia

  11. Special Events Films


  13. 60,000 – 80,000 unique users per month Links to KKL-JNF websites worldwide Marketing banners Fundraising campaigns From the field - Green Israel Blog Jerusalem Post Green Israel section is an effective marketing tool

  14. New blog From Green Finland to Yellow Arava By: Samuel Willner, KKL-JNF Finland Board


  16. acing acebook Tools Time Answers

  17. acebook acing Content is King Friends & Followers Building a Community

  18. Marketing Tools in Action Using our materials effectively: Your website Email newsletters Print magazines

  19. Marketing Tools in Action Presentation: KerenMuhsExecutive Secretary, Marketing KKL-JNF Germany


  21. Marketing Tools in Action Keeping donors is alot easier than finding new ones. Good service Nurturing the bond Constant communication Introducing Donor Follow Up

  22. DONOR FOLLOW-UP The Dudaim WasteFacility A Unique Ecological Project in the Negev

  23. DONOR FOLLOW-UP Holocaust Martyrs Forest – Anne Frank Memorial

  24. Marketing Tools in Action Presentation: Sharon Lehrer Director of Marketing & Communications JNF Canada

  25. Marketing Tools in Action

  26. Marketing Tools in Action • The Larry HurtigShechafim Schoolyard “When the children feel the breeze on their faces and hear the rustling leaves, they start smiling.” Michal Shalom, Science Teacher 

  27. Marketing Tools in Action Accessible Nature for All at the Disabled Veterans’ Park 82-year-old Natan Idlin was out for an afternoon excursion with his son. “It’s very important to have places like this, where those of us who have trouble walking can get out and enjoy nature,” said Idlin.

  28. Marketing Tools in Action Ofakim’sAsper Center: a Lively Social Meeting Point 19 year-old Itamar Dagan is a volunteerguide in KKL-JNF’s scouting group. “We meet here once a week, and this rich learning environment helps us a great deal as we teach children how to love and appreciate the Land of Israel.”

  29. Marketing Tools in Action A Day in the Desert with JNF Canada Israel Mission

  30. Marketing Tools in Action Premier of Nova Scotia Plants Tree in Jerusalem's Aminadav Forest

  31. Marketing Tools in Action KKL-JNF and Manitoba Sign Twin Site Treaty: Lake Hula and Oak Hammock Marsh Park

  32. Sharing Matters

  33. Choose one of the above tools Use it Tell us what you did We will share it with KKL-JNF offices worldwide. The Challenge:

  34. Tell us what you think! Please share your ideas and opinions with us!

  35. See you at the next World Marketing Conference!

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