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Buried Life Goal

Buried Life Goal

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Buried Life Goal

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  1. Buried Life Goal Daniaella Williams Pd. 5 4/25/13

  2. Studying abroad in Australia • This became my goal in the beginning of my senior year • This became my goal because it has been something that I have been thinking about for when I go to college • Its important because its something different and interesting. I’ve never done it before and it will keep me traveling because I'm use to it from being in a military family • Something good that will come out of this is meeting new people, traveling, learn a new language, and get college credit

  3. Background information Things that I already know about studying abroad • You get to choose from 70 different countries • You can learn that countries life style • You need at least a 3.0 GPA or higher • Students say that “it’s a life time experience”

  4. Steps to take in college… do’s and don’ts • Contact your admissions counselor about studying abroad • Chose the type of program based on your major/minor • Apply for studying abroad ahead of time • Get your figures together to make sure you can afford it. • Apply for financial aid • Take the courses you need for your major and graduation before studying abroad • Contact student ambassadors about traveling • Apply for scholarships to help pay for your trip • Get all your check-ups with your doctor • Don’t ask your counselor last minute • Don’t skip classes • Don’t go to a place that doesn’t have your major • Don’t go your first two years of college Do’s Don’ts

  5. Airline tickets Booking – nonstop coach Look for tickets from May 2nd to July 31st Round trip 1 adult Pricing Base price $1384 Tax $833.53 Original price $2217.53 Promo code -$20 Total amount $2197.53 Flight Information Departure Two (2) planes Two (2) days – leave May 2nd get there May 4th 3hr 55min layover 21hr 15min flight Return One (1) plane One (1) day 11hr 55min layover 28hr 13min flight

  6. Packing for your trip • Passport • Visa • Tickets • Prescription medicine • Glasses • Money • Other official documentation • Proof of Insurance • Doctor's Note (proving you're free from certain diseases; may be required for entry into Australia) • Student I.D. Card (good for discounts too) • Rain gear • Money Belt • Backpack (for class and for day–trips) • Sleeping Bag (for camping or hostel stays) • Pocket Knife • Camera/Journal • Prescriptions (translated) • A Few Family Photos (so you don't get homesick) • Gift (it may be appropriate to bring your host family a simple gift from home) • An inventory list of the items you packed • Identification tags with your contact information on them • Clothes • Shoes

  7. What to expect When finding a place to stay… Have an open mind • Three different housing options

  8. What to expect When you get there.. Have an open mind • Communication might be limited • Language will be different • Time difference • Class schedule might be longer or shorter • Might eat meals later or earlier in the day • Might have to walk or catch the bus instead of driving • Facilities might be run down; not what you might have expected • Different types of foods • Everything isn't local or near you • No wifi or reception • Limited ATM machines or banks • Might not have toilet paper • Bathrooms aren't the same, maybe you have to go in a hole in the ground

  9. My preference Where I would personally like to stay when I go to Australia. What I want to see, things I want to do, etc • I want to go to La Trobe University - Bundoora • Go during the summer of 2017 (May – July) • Live in a residence hall/dorm • I will be going with one of my friends • I will catch the bus around town, and walk to my classes • I want to check out the beaches, visit the animals, and explore

  10. interview Catherine Spencer from University of Portland. Just came back from Australia last fall What made you want to study abroad? “She wanted to do a study abroad program from her sophomore year in HS. She loves to travel and explore new places. She choose Australia because it fit her schedule and stayed on track with her nursing program. Plus she now gets to cross Australia off her bucket list.” What did you do when you were in Australia? “She was able to plan her own trip, take classes that helped with her nursing major, learned how to adjust to the school schedule, and managed her own money. She was able to take trips to different beaches, hike, and do road trips. Plus she had a four day layover in Sydney, so she got to explore there too.” Do you have any advice for people that decide to study abroad? “To make the most out of every moment. If you get breaks in your school schedule get out and explore something new. Do some research on where you will be staying and things to do there. To plan ahead and make friend s with the locals because they can help you out.” What is your life goal? “Her personal goal is to graduate from college as a nurse and start working as a travel nurse. She loves traveling and helping others. The best way he could think to help those in need was to work abroad in the health field care. She really hopes to one day travel to other countries helping bring healthcare to the less fortunate.”

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