travel during the covid 19 coronavirus pandemic n.
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Travel During The Covid-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic PowerPoint Presentation
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Travel During The Covid-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic

Travel During The Covid-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic

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Travel During The Covid-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic

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  1. Travel During The Covid-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic With the whole world currently affected by the worst pandemic this generation has seen, many people, business, countries, and global markets have been affected with many countries going under lockdown.

  2. However, with new cases and deaths now falling in many countries, lockdown restrictions are now being relaxed. With the lockdown measures imposed over the last few months, people have become eager to get out and about and start seeing the world again. At the time of writing, most countries still have closed borders however travel within their respective countries is permitted if there are no Coronavirus symptoms shown at the time of travelling. With travel restrictions being relaxed however, social distancing measures are still expected to be practised. This is expected to change the world of travel as we know it. Other rules which may also be implemented is the disinfecting after the use of each traveller. This could be the seats on an airplane, restrooms at service stops or shopping trolleys at supermarkets. We have already seen sanitisation products at supermarkets however when airplane travel is finally re-opened, who knows what kind of measures will be in place. Masks have also been encouraged to be worn to limit the spread of Coronavirus however is this really going to be practical on airplane travel when many travellers share the same air for long periods of time. Many flights and holidays have either been cancelled or delayed to later this year when airlines are hoping to be able to start flying again. This has led to airline stocks and hotel chain stocks to fall but we are now beginning to see them recover as this virus is slowly becoming less of an issue. Do you expect social distancing to last for the foreseeable future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Source: 19-coronavirus-pandemic