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Top Wedding Dress Styles for 2011

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Top Wedding Dress Styles for 2011

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  1. Top Wedding Dress Styles for 2011 Look chic and gorgeous in these trendy wedding dresses If you’re a bride-to-be, you’re likely eager to see what the top wedding-dress designers have in mind for the upcoming year. If you appreciate traditional elegance and welcome Jasmine F318 innovative updates, you won’t be disappointed: the simple, ethereal designs of years past have evolved into several flattering forms of beautiful, multi-dimensional wedding dresses. Take a look at what’s in store for brides in 2011, and find a style that suits you perfectly.

  2. Subtlety is Out • Looking for a sheath dress with simple lines for your upcoming wedding? Well, you’ll have to look pretty hard, because simple and straightforward has given way to big and ornate. That’s not to say that you’ll be blinded by crystal and drowned in layers of rich silk, but rather that many designers have pronounced those sleek, Private Label By G 1378 one-layer wedding dress styles too plain for 2011. Instead, flowery lace and delicate netting dance together to create dimension and fairy tale romance. Sleek is out, texture is in.

  3. Plain skirt designs are out, but so are traditional necklines: many upcoming gowns have lost the classic square or retro halter look in favor of a delicate, tapered strap that hugs the tip of the shoulder ever so gently. White One 6224 The result is a flattering and feminine look with a touch of support, making this style a great alternative to the classic strapless wedding dress. While some designers have decorated the bodice with ornaments or gathering, a playful touch of lace or tulle around the neckline or shoulders is a popular addition.

  4. Romantic Flourishes • One way designers are adding feminine grace to their dresses is with various romantic floral appliqués. Whether it’s the feathery effect of layered petals or the eye-catching flower corsage, fabric flowers are leaving the florist shop and joining the ranks of Wedding Dresses Alexiaornaments. You’ll find gowns with hundreds of small clusters of flowers in place of ruffles on the skirt, and little flower buds for the bodice are replacing the bling of recent years. Add to these bubbly blooms a few layers of lace, chiffon or tulle, and you have the definition of the year’s romantic design; go for one or the other element for a quieter look.

  5. The dreamy romantic design finds its way into bridal accessories, too. Instead of covering a solid patch of fabric, crystals are used sparingly in the dress but liberally in bracelets, tiaras and necklaces. Alfred Angelo 2073 Different shades of white and pale grays are also in line for 2011 bridal accessories and embellishments, which will add to the dimension and lend a touch of vintage chic. This year will marry whimsical fabric and elaborate design to strike a perfect balance of confidence and femininity.

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