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SLEEP Is For Everyone PowerPoint Presentation
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SLEEP Is For Everyone

SLEEP Is For Everyone

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SLEEP Is For Everyone

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  1. SLEEP Is For Everyone

  2. Vocabulary for Sleep Is for Everyone By Paul Showers Illustrated by Wendy Watson

  3. Meet the Author : Paul Showers • Paul Showers was born on April 12, 1910, in Sunnyside, Washington. How old would he be now??? • Before he wrote books, he was an actor. He also made crossword puzzles for a magazine. • Paul Showers liked to put jokes in his stories to make children laugh.

  4. Meet the illustrator : Wendy Watson • Wendy Watson grew up in a large family. • She is the oldest of eight children. As a child, she loved to draw. • She made pictures, books, and cards and gave them to people as presents. • The pictures for Sleep Is for Everyone are made from cut paper.

  5. Genre – NonFiction In nonfiction pieces, an author gives information about a topic. • Look for: • Information about why sleep is important. • Details and facts about sleep. Story Summary:When you feel tired, your body is telling you that you need rest. Everyone needs sleep. Babies need lots of sleep. Children need much more sleep than grown-ups need. However, no one can go for long without sleep. What does your parent say when you ask, “Can’t I stay up a little longer?”

  6. Pop Quiz • What does the author do? • He or she writes the stories. • What does the illustrator do? • He or she draws takes the pictures.

  7. Glossary Time • Put your reading book on your desk. • Open your book to the glossary. (The glossary is on page 263 in the back of your reading book.) • When you see the word “Glossary,” get ready to find the word.

  8. Parents parents parents- fathers and mothers A Glossary Word The parents take care of their goslings. 4

  9. Carry carry • carry- take from one place to another • Do you think he can carry all these boxes? A Glossary Word 3

  10. Hours hours- units of time that are sixty minutes long hours My sister spent hours studying for her big test. 4

  11. afternoon Afternoon afternoon - the time after noon and before evening A Glossary Word Grandmama is taking her afternoon nap. 2

  12. Bicycle bicycle bicycle- a two-wheeled vehicle; a bike A Glossary Word Kate is learning to ride her new bicycle. 1

  13. Vocabulary Review • Say the words. • Read the sentences. • Fill in the blank.

  14. afternoon bicycle carry hours parents Sam decided to _______ his lunch for the field trip.

  15. parents afternoon hours carry bicycle Children need 8 to 10 _______ of sleep every night.

  16. Butch is called the ________ racing hound. bicycle afternoon carry parents hours

  17. Mike and Kate’s _________are taking them to the beach. carry parents hours afternoon bicycle

  18. parents hours afternoon carry bicycle They are having an __________ tea party!

  19. Review the Vocabulary Words Gade 1, Theme 6, Sleep Is for Everyone • afternoon - the time after noon and before evening • bicycle- a two-wheeled vehicle; a bike • carry- take from one place to another • hours- units of time that are sixty minutes long • parents- fathers and mothers

  20. parents _ hours __ afternoon__ bicycle __ carry __ Match the words to its meaning. • - a two-wheeled vehicle; a bike • - take from one place to another • - units of time that are sixty minutes long • - fathers and mothers • - the time after noon and before evening D C E A B

  21. Say the Sight Words wouldn’t window bicycle parents carry how don’t won’t everyone afternoon

  22. New words in the story: “Sleep Is for Everyone” diaper changed Caroline dinner twelve cranky throws growing grown-ups floating body heavy bundles brain attention around perfectly perhaps seashore stretch eyelids chickens around mattress elephant pigeon curl animals others Jonathan

  23. Word Power You ride your bicycle all afternoon. You carry your books to and from school. You play ball for hours. At night, your parents say, “Now you need your rest. Go to bed!”

  24. Enjoy your story. The End Anne Miller

  25. Web Links You should be able to click on these sites and go to them by pointing and clicking. • Test Tutor : Sleep Is for Everyone - Main Idea • Reading Skills: Sleep Is for Everyone - Main Idea RR • ea sound 1 • ea sound 2 • I Spy a Little Fly Poem (y) • Dune Buggy • Vowel Interactive Picture Match • Vocabulary Practice • Sleep is For Everyone 1 • Sleep is For Everyone 2 • ed and ing Practice

  26. Fun links for “Sleep Is for Everyone” • Activities: • Arthur:  Go To Sleep • Rattic In The Attic • What Does Sister Bear Like to Sleep With? • Sleep. Why do I need Sleep? • Hibernating Animal Printouts by Enchanted Learning