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The needs of a family of six PowerPoint Presentation
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The needs of a family of six

The needs of a family of six

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The needs of a family of six

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  2. The needs of a family of six • Essential • Food, water, electricity, mortgage, car, • Cell Phone, baby Supplies, clothes, gas, furniture, appliances, • security system, • Lady supplies, bathroom supplies • Non essential • Internet, • Cable, • Toys, • Jewelry, • Makeup, • Pets

  3. I am The mom that Is a part time worker And spends the rest Of my time taking Care of my kids. My Salary is 20,000 a year. I drive a Chrysler mini van.

  4. I am the Dad in this Family and is a full time Worker. My salary is 40,000 a year and I drive A Toyota rav4.

  5. I am the big caring sister In the family and is 15yrs Old. My best friend Name is Shelly (just Thought you should know).

  6. I am the Big brother in the family and is 17yrs old. My mom and dad call me the juvenile delinquent of the family. I am also legal to drive.

  7. I am One of the two Infants in the family. Unfortunately I have a Very bad injury because Of a neighbor.

  8. I am the second infant of The family and I'm the one That has Cornelia delange Syndrome. Some Symptoms Are: low birth weight (often under five pounds), slow growth and small stature, and small head size (microcephaly). Typical facial features include thin eyebrows which frequently meet at midline (synophrys), long eyelashes, short upturned nose and thin, down-turned lips.Other frequent findings include excessive body hair (hirsutism), small hands and feet, partial joining of the second and third toes, incurved fifth fingers, gastroesophageal reflux, seizures, heart defects, cleft palate, bowel abnormalities, feeding difficulties, and developmental delay. Limb differences, including missing limbs or portions of limbs, usually fingers, hands or forearms,

  9. And we are the McViesta Family!!!!!

  10. Credits • Thanks to broward county school district for letting us do this glides family. • Thanks to Mr.Petro, Ms.Barbic, Ms.Ventura, Ms.Barth, and Ms.Williams for picking us to do this project wonderful Glides Project. • I would also like to thank all the cameras we used to get these pictures • And Lastly I would like to thank for letting us use the symptoms page.