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How Things Work

How Things Work

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How Things Work

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  1. How Things Work Wireless Charging Technology Junhui Zhu Shiyu Zhang Fengchun Yang

  2. There are a lot of similar products using wireless charging technology. • Especially, in the Thanksgiving Holiday, you probably see a lot of this products on the shelf. • But How Does It Works? Reference 1 Current Products Reference 2

  3. From our recent lecture, we have learned Electronic Induction • Theses Products applied Electronic Induction Concept into real world. • This concept is very similar to our lecture’s (10C) Electronic Transformer • Input alternating currents generate Magnetic Filed. • The Magnetic Filed is also constantly alternating, because the origin current is alternating (AC) • The alternating in Magnetic Filed in Output coil generate current, with the same AC frequency, but different voltage. How it works? Reference 5

  4. The difference of this model than we have learned in the class is the distance between two coils. • In the Transformer Model, two coils are very close to each other. • The Wireless Charge, charge station and charge devices have greater distance than transformer model. BUT, the concept is the same. • The concept is that Charging Coil generates Electronic Magnetic Wave. • The Electronic Magnetic Wave is like a radio broadcasting station and is broadcasted in to the air • The Device Coil receives the Electronic Magnetic Wave in some distance. • The Electronic Magnetic Wave in the Device Coil is constant alternating with the same frequency as it was broadcasted. • Because the Electronic Magnetic Wave is constantly alternating in the Device Coil, the current starts to form in the Device Coil. • The Device Coil has received the power from the Charging Coil. • When the Device Coil has enough current and voltage to charge the battery, your device is being charged! How it works? Reference 4

  5. In addition to the simple concept, the Wireless Charging Station is a little more complicated, because the distance between two coils. • The Wireless Charging Technology requires stronger magnetic field and specific wireless radio frequency to transmit longer distance, and not interrupt other devices. • To maximize power output, the transmitting frequency must be able to resonate between two coils to have more efficiency. Reference 3 How it works? Reference 3

  6. Below is a Youtube Video demonstrates Wireless Charging Technology Wireless Charging Demo

  7. Higher Power and able to charge your electronic car • Longer distance and able to charge all you electronic devices at home. • You cell phone can be wireless charged anywhere like receiving cell phone signal. Reference 6 Future Products Reference 7

  8. Thank You!

  9. • • • • Lecture 10C • • Reference