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Excellent balloon decoration ideas for your events PowerPoint Presentation
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Excellent balloon decoration ideas for your events

Excellent balloon decoration ideas for your events

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Excellent balloon decoration ideas for your events

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  1. Excellent balloon decoration ideas for your events Balloons are one of the common and conventional items when it comes to decorating a space for any celebration. They add a unique charm and attraction to the room. Gone are the days when balloons were available in a single variety. Over the time there have been a lot of innovations in the shape, size, colour, and material of balloons. These days’ you can also find LED lit up balloons. The innovation and creativity have added to the utility of balloons. Though balloons in themselves add to the décor of any space, you can do a lot of creativity with them instead of simply sticking them to the

  2. walls, chairs, and tables. Doing some creative stuff with balloons is easier than you think. Here’s a look at the simple yet amazing balloon decorating ideas: 1.Number wall Here you have two options; either go for the metallic Mylar number balloons, which can be pretty expensive or go with small balloons and DIY number wall. You can create the same impact with regular balloons. Just blow up a few small balloons in the same colour and stick them together to form the number you want. This is a great idea for birthday and anniversary celebration. If you wish to fill in the gaps between the balloons, simply make small flowers from ribbons and stick them between the balloons. This will make the number wall prettier. 2.Balloons with a letter sticker The next idea is to go for balloons with a letter sticker. You can stick the alphabets of the birthday boy/girl on the balloons and stick them on the prominent wall or stage. You can also delight the guests by offering them balloons with the stickers of their initials for a personalised touch. Using oversize balloons would be a great idea.

  3. 3.Balloon Garland One of the most beautiful ways of covering a larger space when decorating your venue is using balloon garlands. You simply need to blow up regular balloons in various colours and tie each one of them to a long piece of ribbon. Now, place them on corners and walls to give your venue a magnificent look. 4.Confetti balloons Though you can easily buy a kit of confetti balloons, it is an expensive idea. It is better to make confetti balloons on your own.

  4. Buy some clear balloons and pack of confetti or cut small pieces of coloured craft papers and push them inside the balloons with the help of a funnel. Now, fill the balloons with helium so that they last longer. For the occasion of weddings, you can order the helium wedding balloons in bulk to add to the beauty of your banquet hall or lawn. However, if you are confused about the balloon décor and do not wish to take any chance for your special event, it is best to hire professionals. They are experienced and equipped with a wide array of options and ideas to make your venue spectacular. With the help of various balloons, they will transform your venue into a visual delight. Next time you pan for an event, trust the professionals and enjoy your event without any hassle. Address: 8 Railway Terrace Dutton Park 4102 ( Woolloongabba ) Phone: 0418 410 415 Website: