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A Water Fall Of Sales 100 Channels for Sales Leads PowerPoint Presentation
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A Water Fall Of Sales 100 Channels for Sales Leads

A Water Fall Of Sales 100 Channels for Sales Leads

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A Water Fall Of Sales 100 Channels for Sales Leads

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  1. A Water Fall Of Sales 100 Channels for Sales Leads

  2. For a copy of this presentationvisit: REXonline.orgLook for PRESENTATIONSon the home page.Then NEHRSA 2008

  3. 30 years consulting to CEOs • 34 Industries • 9 Countries • 1,000’s of businesses

  4. Health Club Experience • REX operates Club Round Tables • Seven for Owners • Two for GMs • Five in Australia • Two sponsored by NEHRSA • Representing 150 clubs & 620 locations • First one started in 1990

  5. Proposed1-STRATEGY FOR SALES: Produce more leads To fill sales person’s day Then add more sales people. Owner/GM responsible for this.

  6. Rationale for #1 • Sales people are rarely booked full time i.e. 6-8 appointments a day. • Sales people close 50% at the lowest. Thus sales training can at best double sales. • If we learn how to generate a water fall of leads, we can fully book 5 sales people a club, even if they only close 50%, this enables us to increase sales by four times or more.

  7. Proposed2-STRATEGY FOR SALES: Spend more to get leads. Pay higher commissions to get better sales people who stay longer.

  8. Rationale for #2 Some positions in your club can drive performance much, much more than others. For example assuming all positions are reasonable okay. Now double the performance of cleaning or of accounting, how much does either improvement impact the overall club performance? I’d say very little. Now, double the performance of sales, does that impact overall club performance? You betcha! Several other industries have identified such critical positions and have experimented with methods of differential treating those positions and produced dramatic improvements. This is called STRATEGIC DIFFERENTIATION. Here is what they did: 1-Manage the recruiting pipeline to get much higher quality people, 2-Give them much better training-on going, 3- Much better rewards. In one club that did this, inadvertently, their lowest performer, became their highest performer out of 5 clubs in 6 months. This is a specific, out of the box, approach, other clubs have not done it. If you did you would be a leader! Significantly differentiated.

  9. HOW TO AFFORD THIS: One new member at $45/month, stays 18 mos Revenue $45 x 18 = $810 Extra cash needed to serve that new member? 100 new members/mo. = 1200 a year. 1200 x $810 = $972,000 per year. Suppose I could give you 100 new members a month for ever. What would you pay me per member?

  10. Sales Flow

  11. The River Basin:Little Streams Make Big Rivers

  12. Why You Need Multiple, Simultaneous Lead Generation • Some of the clubs with the most disciplined sales systems have seen dramatic falloffs (40% of what they used to be) in traffic over the last 6 years. • Why? More clubs = more competition; better educated consumers. • Your club must change its approach to sales to prosper.

  13. FORGET HOME RUNSBase Hits Win Games

  14. A Longer Sales Cycle • Instead of who is ready to sign up now, start thinking of how to connect, and engage who is getting ready to join but is not ready to sign now.

  15. More Connections • Plan on multiple contacts via multiple media to build traffic.

  16. The River Basin -Start with 100 channels -Select ten -Each channel named -Split Messages and Offers -Performance records kept12 -Channel champion assigned -Champion manages each channel -Owner manages the river basin

  17. How to Use The Following Slides • Use the next slide as a pattern to help you make a list of all 120+ of the following sales channels. Or down load a copy at under Presentations under NEHRSA 2008 • Evaluate each channel in your marketing team and record on the list. • Select a dozen and implement them. • Track results as well as you can. It is not always easy to tell which leads impacted a person to show up.

  18. Lead Generation PlanA copy is in your handouts

  19. Club or Indidivual? • The goal is for each sales person to produce 40% of their leads i.e. appointments. • The club produces the other 60% through inquiries and walk ins. • By having a guest register with non removable, numbered pages, and asking each prospect to indicate if they have an appointment, you can easily see how much individual production is being done by sales staff. When appointments are low, sales is not proactive.

  20. 1-Great Location • Intersection • Two, multilane highways • Make your building an ad • Glass windows

  21. 2-Get A Great Sign • Large • Easy to read in a glance • Change Offers Frequently

  22. 3-Portable Signs

  23. 4-POS Referrals • Good average is 2.5 • Outstanding is 9 • Role play asking

  24. 5-Group Fitness Referrals • Sales people in every Group Fitness Class as participants. • Offer Free TRY A CLASS passes. • Example: • 55% all sales from GF referrals • 50% members in GF

  25. 6,7,8,9-Member Referrals • 4x a year • Raffle a BIG SCREEN, PRIUS, HUGE BARBEQUE, $1,000 BIKE or KAYAK • Give us the names of three prospects • Every three gets you another raffle • You don’t need to be here.

  26. 10-Physician Referrals • Inform your doctor that you have joined? • Keep your doctor posted on your progress. • We visit your doctor with information. • Prescription pad for exercise.

  27. Dr. Mary Wellness • 14356 Barnard St. Suite 112 • Any Town, 92004 • 543-345-5678 • Exercise Prescription Date_________________ • For___________________________________________________ • Intensity level___________________________________________ • Number of times a week__________ Duration_________________ • Recommended Exercises: • Walking • Group exercise • Weight training • Personal training Signed________________________________________________ Family Welcome and Wellness Center 123 Orange St, Any Town 543-345-5568

  28. 11-Staff’s Doctors • Packet for your staff to give to their doctor, dentist, chiropractor, x-ray technician, etc. • Small • Elegant-something you’d be proud to give to your doctor. • A great health care offer: We are both committed to helping our community be healthy and well so visit our club and …..

  29. 12,13,14,15-PT Referrals • 4x a year • Elegant Envelope and Invitation • For all PT Clients. • Three PT sessions for a friend

  30. 16-Member Birthdays • Free PT session • Gift for you when you work out on your birthday.

  31. 18,19,20,21-Former Members • Amnesty 4x a year, no joining fee • 2,000 members at 50% attrition • 1,000 former members a year • In business 10 years • 10,000 former members • Each sales person contacts 30 in am • 30 in pm

  32. 22-Emergency Numbers • Emergency contacts collected at POS • E mails/ phone numbers • Contact contact to confirm • Invite to visit

  33. 23-Be Backs • Always collect mail address, phone and email on visit • An accurate follow up system • Worked on the day they miss • Have an alternative offer

  34. 24-Exiting Members • Stop the Block • Thank them!!! • Assume: Their goal now has not changed from when they joined AND the club failed! • Ask Why? Why? Why? • Learn to probe for real reason

  35. Have 5-6 alternative offers ready • 3 free PT sessions • 3 free months • Sell their membership at a discount to a friend • At home membership: $9/mo, 1 pass/mo, etc. • Give them a $250 check to discount their membership • Skilled Exit Managers save ~30+%

  36. 25-Ambassadors • 10-50 Heavy users • Special, logoed, high end jacket • Special social events • Special openings where they evaluate new programs and equipment. • Special introductions to new equipment and programs. • Ambassador sales materials

  37. 26-Lead Boxes • Every sales person builds relationships with potential lead box sites. • Dry cleaner gets passes and/or free-discounted memberships for employees. • Dry cleaner has lead boxes. • Dry cleaner sign, We recommend Atlas Health Club. • 100/sales person

  38. Strategic Locations • Where do those likely to be good members already congregate? • Supplement retailers • Medical complexes • Sports equipment stores • Beauty salons • Where do people wait in line ? • ATMs, Juice Bars, Sandwich Bars

  39. 27-Lead Box Queen • College student • Part time, self scheduled • Engaging personality • 200 lead boxes personally managed • Collect weekly • Build relationships each visit.

  40. Example: 6 clubs/100 sales/mo. • One owner has a lead box program in six clubs. There is a central call center located in one location that sets appointments for all clubs. A small staff (2-5 people) is responsible for lead box distribution, lead collection, and appointment setting. Appointment reports are faxed to all locations daily. On average the lead box program collects 3,500 leads per month. There are approximately 1,250 appointments set every month with 300 shows. Currently, they average 100 sales per month via the program. Given an average gross revenue of $500 per membership, the lead box program contributes an estimated $50,000 per month with an operating expense of less than $10,000. These numbers do not take into account “family add-ons” or “buddy referral” sales that occur after the fact. • An added bonus to this program is that the database of names and numbers continues to grow month over month. During a 12 month period the database will contain over 25,000 leads that may not have set an appointment initially, but can be contacted with various specials throughout the year.

  41. Jamie Hayes on Lead Boxes • You need to allocate a responsibility to team members, to place and service the lead boxes. • Before speaking to businesses, your team members need to explain what you will be doing for those businesses (or their staff) and how the lead boxes is a part of that. So they go to the business talking about what your club can do for the business. • It seems that having a long membership on offer (30 days versus a week) generates better response. • You can test “Win a membership” versus “Register for a free membership”. • You can ask “Best time to call?” to make your calling time more efficient. • You can ask them what they would like to achieve with their free membership or in 20 words why they would like it, as this gives you part of the script for your call. • You don’t want to let much time go by before you clear the lead box and call. I would clear them every couple of days or at least twice a week. Once a week creates too long a delay. .

  42. Obviously you need to script and role play the call to the respondent. The secondary offer, if they don’t want to come in might be to go on free enews list. • You need lead tracking sheets, for each location, showing who to deal with at that location, and how effective the leads are from that location. If it isn’t working take it out. The tracking sheet should show if they appointed, toured and joined. • I would have some different graphics showing different age groups enjoying being at the club so that you can offer the host location the choice. “Which image do you feel would most appeal to your customers?” The image in a surf shop would be different to the one in a haberdashery. Test. • Some lead boxes double as a “take one”, where they can register and take a brochure or newsletter as well. • Make sure the pen is well attached by a string. • Always leave some folded dummy entrants in the lead box to show that “other people” have entered. An empty box is less appealing. • If you sign up members from a lead box location, it might be nice to have a special

  43. Thank you gift (scratch off lottery ticket) for the owner/manager to reward the behaviour you want them to repeat. They can influence where it is placed. • Have a name and number on the back of the lead box “Call John on 617-,.,,, if pad empty.) • FF are using skinning tall lead boxes. It would be interesting to see their LB script (anyone?). • I have also done a lead box with a flashing LED in the middle of the pic. You can do this with $5 worth of LED, 9 v batter holder, on-off switch and 9v battery. It lasts for weeks and increases visibility. Its a bit of a hassle but may be worth a trial. Do you have tech head on team? • I came across a branded wrapped car belong to a PT. Slung from the side window was a lucite take one holder with brochure and free visit card. Great guerilla marketing.

  44. 28 Tear Offs • Same approach as lead boxes • Get a really nice poster • Three tear offs per poster • Week free or $10 for 10 days • Info on line on starting to exercise • Info on line on getting off diabetes II meds • Etc.

  45. 29-Direct Mail on Birthdays • Purchase birthday lists. • Mail birthday gift---10 days free! • For you and a friend

  46. 30-Door hanger offers • Do in neighbor hoods to create some buzz • 5 days for $5 • Come as a pair and it 10 days for $5

  47. 31-Wind screen offers

  48. 32, 33, 34, 35, 36 Trigger Events • Weddings • Engagements • Promotions • Graduations • Births-grandparents

  49. For Each Trigger Event • Have a program: Buff Brides • Sell to all in the wedding party • Have them workout as a group • Measure • Photos • On line kudos

  50. 37-40 Local Publications • Every local publication assigned to a champion • Scan every local publication • Identify their needs, events, etc. • Actions 37-Speaker on health , wellness 38-Meeting venue for their group 39-Joint promotion (to help them raise fundsd) 40-Individual offer (Spring Gardeners Shape Up)