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Which Type Of Bamboo Plywood To Choose?

Since bamboo is not a hard material, thus, it is difficult to turn into a wear-ready surface...http://www.bambooindustry.com/bamboo-plywood/bamboo-lumber.html<br>

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Which Type Of Bamboo Plywood To Choose?

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  1. Which Type Of Bamboo Plywood To Choose? www.bambooindustry.com

  2. Bamboo being classiest materials is used in various applications in house flooring, furniture, office décor and much more. This fibrous and an organic material is made out of a grass, not wood.  www.bambooindustry.com

  3. The re-imagined curves of his bamboo plywood vanity and fresh aesthetic are classy. While celebrating the techniques of the ancestors, the modernity of this renewable material should be celebrated as well. After all, a project doesn’t always need a spot in a museum but ofcourse in people’s heart. www.bambooindustry.com

  4. Bamboo plywood can be divided into 2 types which is vertical and horizontal-grain orientation. In vertical bamboo, the bamboo strips are stood vertically on their narrowest edge and then press laminated side to side.  www.bambooindustry.com

  5. In horizontal bamboo, the bamboo strips are arranged in a horizontal direction on the edge, and joined side by side with adjacent pieces using a high-pressure laminate system. The effect of vertical bamboo is lined with finished bamboo board. The natural horizontal-grain of the bamboo is visible on the finished horizontal surface. www.bambooindustry.com

  6. Properties of Vertical & Horizontal Bamboo The mechanical properties and stability of Vertical grain is more strong than Horizontal. Horizontal bamboo is suggested for small items like the bamboo cutting boards and other bamboo boxes as it doesn’t require much on the strength test for small bamboo items. For any furniture or construction usage, vertical bamboo is strongly recommended though because of the strength it provides. The horizontal bamboo is more attractive because of the bamboo grain. www.bambooindustry.com

  7. Combined work with both vertical and horizontal bamboo is a great way to balance a design where beauty and strength both can be retailed. For example the “sandwich” style, keep the horizontal bamboo on both sides and the vertical bamboo in the middle layer. The horizontal bamboo grain will make the design look beautiful and higher strength of vertical bamboo inside will make it strong. www.bambooindustry.com

  8. Since bamboo is not a hard material, thus, it is difficult to turn into a wear-ready surface. These materials are getting popular day after day because it grows so fast that it can produce 20 times more timber than trees. Bamboos might be soft as a material but bamboo plywood are very durable as the hardest hardwoods in the world. www.bambooindustry.com

  9. It is used in warehouses as well because of its natural rich color variations. The surface finish is smooth and the material is very hard, so it can be compared to hardwoods such as Walnut or Oak. It produces 35% more oxygen than deciduous trees such as the oak, this makes bamboo a much more efficient material at cleaning the polluted air around us. www.bambooindustry.com

  10. Compared to wooden materials, the versatility of bamboo plywood comes from different factors. It provides strength, durability, higher moisture resistance and available at affordable prices as well. Bamboo is stronger than steel and ofcourse renewable than steel and returns back into the earth at the end of it’s long life. Although bamboo mainly grows in Asia and far away countries, it is shipped in most of the countries. www.bambooindustry.com

  11. BothBest Enterprise Co., Ltd Tel: +86 563 303 2211 Fax: +86 563 303 2221 Email: info@bambooindustry.com Website : www.bambooindustry.com www.bambooindustry.com

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