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SiO² – Liquid Glass Technology Ultra Thin Coating Protection PowerPoint Presentation
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SiO² – Liquid Glass Technology Ultra Thin Coating Protection

SiO² – Liquid Glass Technology Ultra Thin Coating Protection

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SiO² – Liquid Glass Technology Ultra Thin Coating Protection

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  1. KleerTek™ - Advanced Surface Protection The Clear Winner In Surface Protection SiO² – Liquid Glass Technology Ultra Thin Coating Protection AllGardSC

  2. What Is SiO², or Liquid Glass? • Ultra-thin, invisible liquid glass coating • Made from Silicon Dioxide (SiO²), or quartz glass • Sourced from most abundant material on earth • Micro-sized molecules bond to surface • Protects without change in texture or look The future of surface protection … … today! Quartz Stone AllGardSC

  3. Liquid Glass History • Invented as an anti graffiti coating by a Turkish scientist • Technology obtained by the “Institute of New Materials”, Germany • Further developed in German and recently marketed worldwide Ataturk Mausoleum in Turkey was treated with liquid glass to protect the structure from environmental graffiti damage AllGardSC

  4. KleerTek™ - A Clearly Valuable Investment Why Should I Use KleerTek™ ? Introducing; Advanced Surface CareProgram (ASCP) • Protects Virtually All Surfaces • Easy Cleaning & Maintenance • Saves Time & Money • Less Water & Detergent Use AllGardSC

  5. Advanced Surface Care Program (ASCP) Benefits of Protection Program • Repels water & oil • Surface will not stain • Minor scratch resistance • Hi-Lo temperature range • Food safe, skin friendly • Rejects algae & odor • Pathogens will not survive • Ultra easy cleaning • Reduced water & energy • Improved bottom line Liquid Glass can withstand temperatures over 800ºF, making it ideal for the protection and easy cleaning of ovens. AllGardSC

  6. 3 Step Surface Protection Program Bring your surface protection program… … out of the cave Clean Three Easy Steps To Perfect Surfaces Coat • Step #1 - Surface Pre-Treatment • Step #2 - Protective Coating Application • Step #3 - Ongoing Maintenance Schedule Maintain AllGardSC

  7. Surface Care Program Step #1: Surface Pre-Treatment Step #1 Procedures: • Flush loose dirt off surface to be treated • Thoroughly clean with BioWashSC • Rinse surface and allow to dry BioWashSC does not leave a soapy residue, important before applying LG BioWashSC is USDA Biobased Certified & listed on the Federal Procurement Program (FP). It is formulated 100% from plant extracts, and can be used for virtually all cleaning jobs, from glass to grease. AllGardSC

  8. Surface Care Program Step #2: KleerTek™ Application Step #2 Procedures: • Spray, dip or wipe liquid glass onto surface • Rub in with micro fiber cloth • Allow to dry before light use, or 6 hours for full set KleerTek™ is easy and inexpensive to apply, and is long-lasting KleerTek™ will protect surfaces from water and oil penetration, minor scratching, UV damage, high or low temperatures, bacteria, fungus, virus, algae, mildew, odor, and other surface maintenance problems. AllGardSC

  9. Surface Protection Program Step #3: Post Treatment Maintenance Step #3 Procedures • Experiment with new cleaning requirements • Dilute BioWashSC for glass cleaning application • Wash lightly when required BioWashSC can be used to clean all surfaces, from glass to grease. Both KleerTek™ and BioWashSC have antistatic characteristics, and will therefore attract less dust. Since dirt will not stick on surfaces, less water, energy and time is spent on surface maintenance. AllGardSC

  10. Multi-Purpose Applications KleerTek™ can be applied to virtually any surface, including flexible substrates such as textiles. It has an elasticity factor of 200%. Application Surface Types • Textiles • Metal • Wood • Stone • Glass • Ceramic • Plastic • Leather • Carpet • Concrete • Porcelain • Electronics KleerTek™ provides benefits to many substrate types, providing long-lasting surface protection and ongoing easy-cleaning properties that save time and money. AllGardSC

  11. Market Applications KleerTek™ can be applied to virtually any surface, making the markets for its application limitless, including but not limited to; Application Markets KleerTek™ can be formulated to fight against bacteria, fungus, mold, mildew, odors and other pathogens, making it ideal for use in food processing areas, hospitals, and other areas where people mingle. • Health Care • Hospitals • Schools • Recreation • Restaurants • Processing • Marine • Agriculture • Military • Textile • Construction • Electronics AllGardSC

  12. KleerTek™ - A Clear Choice for Surface Protection Thank you for considering AllGardSCfor your surface protection needs. For more information or to contact us, please visit our website at AllGardSC