understanding te ao maori maor 5050 n.
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Understanding te ao Maori Maor#5050 PowerPoint Presentation
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Understanding te ao Maori Maor#5050

Understanding te ao Maori Maor#5050

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Understanding te ao Maori Maor#5050

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  1. Understanding teao Maori Maor#5050

  2. The course • Explores the traditional and contemporary development of Maori society • Engaged through exposure and experiences the teacher/learner relationship. • Visits to important Maori sites in Tamaki Makaurau • Maori film and documentaries • Maori Lecturers and storytellers • Maori artists • Students are encouraged to explore their identity and engage in the Maori world drawing from their own world view

  3. The students2012

  4. Modes of engagement Learning from Technology Accounting for the mana o tetangata Naturalising indigenous language and culture Validating learning to place Benefiting from group diversity Integrating tikangamarae

  5. Indigenous Philosophy of learning Holistic approach Lifelong learning Experiential Maori knowledge is the essence Spiritually orientated Learning is a communal activity bound by whanaungatanga Integrates Maori & Western knowledge

  6. The marae learning experience Maori expression is normalised Maori values and practices are experienced The wairua (spirit) is nourished Indigenous language is revitalised Identity is strengthened Different worldviews are appreciated and respected

  7. Student reflections

  8. I bring what I know to the learning context. But that does not mean I always know best. In recognition of the gaps in knowledge I realise now it is not a fault or a weakness . As educators and life long learners not knowing everything should not diminish us but empower us. Sometimes I am the teacher and other times I am the learner. If I come away from the teaching experience having learnt some thing new from my students then I have done something right Teacher reflections

  9. “How difficult is the task of Educator? No matter where this kind of educator works ….the great adventure – is how to make education something which, in being serious, rigorous, methodical, and having a process, also creates happiness and joy.” Paulo Friere(will locate date)