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Writing Lab Grammar

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Writing Lab Grammar
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Writing Lab Grammar

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  1. Writing Lab Grammar © Mamie Webb Hixon Original Design by Chris Bui

  2. Grammarians R Us We

  3. American HeritageUsage Board

  4. One Too Many English Mistakes


  6. Grammabnormalities & Grammanomalies • commatosis • apostrophied brain • misspellingitis • thisitis • comma deficiency • grammarcide

  7. Treatment • semicolonectomy • colonscopy • syntaxomy • grammar surgery • grammar gene implant • prescription • two grammarcillin injections • can write an error-free letter or memo


  9. Other Departments • The Verb Trauma Line • The Grammar Hotline • The Pronoun Case Center • Comma Support Services • Grammergency • Syntax Treatment Center • Apostrophe Stress Center • The Word Crisis Center • Write Flight

  10. Parisin thethe Spring

  11. The ________ expelled the (1)student for three ________ (2)reasons. 1 – principal, principle 2 – principal, principal 3 – principle, principle 4 – principle, principal 2 – principal, principal

  12. The mayor’s ________ concern (1)was the ________ of the matter. (2) 1 – principal, principle 1 – principal, principle 2 – principle, principal 3 – principal, principal 4 – principle, principle

  13. The (1) difficulty in our department is finding enough employees who believe in the (2) of “working hard for no money.” (1) (2) a. principal principle b. principal principal c. principle principle d. principle principal a. principal principle

  14. SPELLING a. superceed b. supersede c. supercede b. supersede

  15. Spellbound[Using the SPELLING CHECKER] I have a spelling checker, It came with my PC; It plainly marks four my revue Mistakes I cannot sea. I’ve run this poem threw it, I’m sure your please too no, It’s letter perfect in it’s weigh My checker tolled me sew. – Quoted by Pennye Harper

  16. SPELL CHECKERS&GRAMMAR CHECKERS With friends like these, who needs enemas? The affects of Alzheimer’s disease have taken it’s toll. The committee has enclose it’s minutes for your revue. Thanks to the employees whom participated in the Children’s Festival. He is a cereal killer. I identified the purse as mines.

  17. an an a an a a a a an an an an a a an a an a a a a an an a an a a n b o c p d q e r f s g t h u I v j w k x l y m z “May I have (a, an) , please.”

  18. TIME April 6, 1989 This is one of the millions of Americans who drink.

  19. SingularPlural alumni alumnus _______ alumn__ a alumn__ ae datum ________ data medium ________ media opus ________ opera phenomena phenomenon ___________ bacterium _________ bacteria ________ crises crisis ________ criterion criteria

  20. The reason I killed myself is because I wasn’t promoted.

  21. I feel about missing the first part of the seminar. a. bad b. badly a. bad

  22. What (1) the employees most is the (2) the company’s (3) a new pay scale will have on morale. (1) (2) (3) a. affects affect affecting b. effects effect effecting c. affects effect effecting d. affects effect affecting e. affects affect effecting f. effects effect affecting c. affects effect effecting

  23. Prepositions • Word processing is nothing to sneer at. • Most accountants have strengths they’re not • aware of. • This is a situation we’ll not put up with. • Students are often surprised at what they’re • capable of. • The dean might reconsider if you ask him to. • Human Resources needs to know what each • applicant is majoring in and where each is from. • Everyone has turned his report in. • Dr. Marx’s coinages are nothing to complain • about.

  24. I need to really understand debating. • UWF wants to better serve its students. • The president promised to quickly name a successor. • The university needs to substantially increase minority faculty. • We expect enrollment to more than double during the next academic year. • This issue concerns the people’s right to freely choose. • Dr. Hodges wants to seriously pursue the matter. • Most students want to before the end of the semester pay their fees.

  25. The secret is between . 1 – him and I 2 – he and I 3 – he and myself 4 – him and myself 5 – him and me 6 – he and me 5 – him and me

  26. BETWEEN You and _______ OBJECT PRONOUNS us me him her them whom whomever OBJECT PRONOUNS us me him her them whom whomever SUBJECT PRONOUNS we I he she they who whoever

  27. The two of us help . a. each other b. one another a. each other

  28. We have no record of_____ having called this office. a. you b. your b. your

  29. Please let Victor Victoria or I know of your interest as soon as possible. me

  30. He is the candidate_____I think is most qualified for the position. a. who b. whom a. who

  31. Vote for a candidate_____you can trust. a. who b. whom b. whom

  32. Give the job to_____the committee recommends. a. whoever b. whomever b. whomever

  33. Give the data to_____requests it. a. whoever b. whomever a. whoever

  34. Pronoun - Antecedent • This department is basically a service • unit for the entire university, as it • touches every employee from their • recruitment to their termination. • Each department has it’s own • secretary. • A student must be notified that a legal • proceeding has been instituted against • them.

  35. Both NAS Pensacola and Eglin Air Force Bases say it was not them who are responsible for yesterday’s sonic boom. they

  36. I want to commit _______to community service. myself I want to be a role model to those less fortunate than ____. I The Coalition will provide me an opportunity to work with women who have the same goals as _______. I We must convince our youth that the world is _______. theirs We should help young women find out the good in _______. them This is _______. she Just between you and _____, another Coalition chapter is forming. me Evelyn sold more tickets than _______. I Gloria sold as many souvenir booklet ads as _______. I

  37. Divide the money between Christine and _______. him Mamie gave _______ a perm. herself Everybody on the Mentoring Committee is a mentor except Modeste and _______. me Helen helped Eustice and _______ do the report. me The members chose Pam and _______ to represent them. me Sue, Celeste, Melvina, and _____ will present the proposal. I I suggest that the Coalition let Mary and _____ do the research. me Maxine and _______ are not available to take your call. I The Coalition bought T-shirts for Robin and _______. me

  38. If I _____ in charge, I’d call the fire department. a. was b. were b. were

  39. It is important that each employee _____ on time. a. be a. be b. is c. are

  40. _____ he and his brother belong to the same law firm? a. Does b. Do b. Do

  41. _____ either of you believe in UFO’s? a. Does b. Do a. Does

  42. The review schedule, in addition to the grant application information, are enclosed. is

  43. Mamie Hixon’sBag of s’s

  44. Bag of s’s Each member may invite three guest to the ceremony. s What need to be done to reunite members? s has Bari Graves have scheduled a workshop for the Coalition. The next two meeting dates are as follow: s has Mr. Lewis have some information on this subject. have The media has been very cooperative. The Pensacola Chapter of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women is honored that you have accepted our invitation. its is Lenore, along with her committee members, are attending the conference. There are There’s twenty applicants for membership.

  45. Bag of s’s has Each of us have a responsibility. is Our raison d’être are the children is Her sole support are her parents. its The committee has not given their report. were In the report was two corrections. The school needs more computers and need more books. s Students need to understand how important math and science is. are These things truly and sincerely makes a difference. This organization deserve recognition. s s We have several financial restraint. ourselves We can’t do it all by ourself. has Everybody have a pet peeve. s The gentleman from Georgia object. (Rep/GA)


  47. done IT’S A VERB THANG I read the proposal you had did for us. I have spreaded the word about the Coalition. come African Americans have came a long way since slavery. gone If I hadn’t went on vacation, I would have had this report did. done taken We haven’t took down our Christmas decorations from last year yet. n Joyce has already spoke to the group about Teen Court. written We’ve wrote letters to several potential corporate sponsors.

  48. IT’S A VERB THANG Unfortunately, one of the vases was broke during the ceremony. n come The letter to the Mayor has came back. eaten Most of the members had already ate lunch. run Rosemary has already ran off enough copies for each member. given The Nominating Committee has gave each of you a ballot to review. driven We’ve never drove to Century for a meeting. lying The profile sheets are laying on the table.

  49. If there are problems with this fax please contact us at 555-1212. , If you have received this communication in error please notify this office by telephone immediately. , If you are not the intended recipient or the employee or agent responsible for delivering the message to the intended recipient you are hereby notified that the dissemination distribution or copying of this communication is strictly forbidden. , , ,

  50. Since May, 1984 the organization has been serving neighborhoods in Pensacola, Florida and Mobile, Alabama. , ,