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  1. Automation and Drives PC- based Control All about SIMATIC WinAC

  2. Statement from Intel: „22 Ghz in 2008“ Innovation in PC technology Automation technology will participate in the rapid innovation in PC technology! Why PC-based Automation?

  3. Visualization Control Data processing Networks Integration of automation solution on a hardware platform Cost reduction through integration of Why PC-based Automation? on one single PC

  4. Control application Office Openness of PC technology Increased flexibility through use of Why PC-based Automation? open standards

  5. Enterprise ResourcePlanning (ERP) Manufacturing ExecutionSystems (MES) MES Solutions TotallyIntegratedAutomation Control ProductionLife Cycle Design andEngineering Installation andCommissioning Modernizationand Upgrade Operation Maintenance Inbound Logistics Process ProductionWorkflow Outbound Logistics Discrete Totally Integrated Automation PC-based Control with SIMATIC

  6. Version 5.3 EmbeddedControl PC based Control SIMATIC S7/C7 Save your software investment Engineering with STEP 7 Re-use of available SIMATIC Know how PC-based Control with SIMATIC Technische Folien

  7. Flexibility through use of open standards Standard interface inclusive Production visualizationSIMATIC WinCC flexible Process visualizationSIMATIC WinCC Visualization system on Windows 3rd party PC-based Control with SIMATIC SIMATIC communication WinAC Technical slides

  8. Unified OPC-Solution for SIMATIC SIMATIC NET OPC PC with Windows • Improved Performance(about 5x – 10x) • Improved Configuration with STEP7 • Variable-Browsing • OPC-Interfaces: • Data Access • Alarms&Events • Successor of SIMATIC Computing PC Internal WinAC CP … New SIMATIC WinAC features

  9. More compact and cost-effective Automation Solution Multi-PLC Support • Reduced HW-cost,reduced space (less PCs) • Communication using BSEND/BRCV • Distributed control power • < 4 WinAC Slot PLC • 1 WinAC Software PLC +< 3 WinAC Slot PLC • External Power Supply: 1 PS Extension Board per WinAC Slot required New SIMATIC WinAC features

  10. Motion with WinAC More Motion Solutions with WinAC Slot • FM 353/354 • Support of additional FMs: • FM 353: Stepper Motor • FM 354: Servo Motor • Point to point positioning • Complex traversing patterns • Motion control solutions with SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES • Electronic Gear New SIMATIC WinAC features ET200M MASTERDRIVES

  11. Simplified Operation, Maintenance and Service Operation with Simple PC User Privileges • Installation: • Admin or Local Admin privileges required • Operation: • User or Power User privileges sufficient • RUN/STOP/MRES • Read diagnostic buffer • Restoring of archive files • Tuning • Safety: • Panel pass word New SIMATIC WinAC features

  12. Simplified Maintenance and Service Firmware-Update via File • Start FW update via menu command • No more memory card needed • No more creation of „update memory card“ with STEP7 • Note: new HW release 3 required • Upgrade of HW for existing WinAC Slot PLCs required FW Update ... New SIMATIC WinAC features

  13. Innovations and Trends with PC based Control Products WinAC PN Option für WinAC Basis • Modular, distributed Automation with WinAC Basis • Integration of PROFInet into WinAC standard products • Used for Component based Automation • Replacement of WinAC PN V1.1 • Option package for WinAC Basis Ethernet PROFIBUS New SIMATIC WinAC features Components with distributed I/O on PROFIBUS

  14. Performance x 2 Performance for WinAC Software PLCs • Notes for Measurement: • 32000 Operations(32 loops à 1000) • Performance values depending on processor type! • Performance values depending on program structure! 1,2 GHz Celeron New SIMATIC WinAC features 3 GHz Xeon (P4)

  15. Integration of Custom Functions Integration of T-Kit und ODK:WinAC ODK V4.1 ODKV4.1 • One C/C++ engineering package forr WinAC Software and Slot PLCs • Wizard supported programming for run-time interfaces for WinAC Software and Slot PLCs: Microsoft Visual Studio Slot Soft Wizard New SIMATIC WinAC features

  16. WinAC ODK V4.1 WinAC ODK V4.0 WinAC Slot T-Kit V3.3 Custom Application(C/C++) Custom Application(C/C++) WinAC ODK V4.1 Custom Application (C/C++) New SIMATIC WinAC features T-Kit DLL CCX CMI SMX CMI SMX WinAC Software PLC V4.1 WinAC Slot PLC V3.4

  17. Extend your PLC funktionality CCX: Custom Code Extension Interface • Backward compatible to existing ODK Interface • New: • Operand Access –access to WinAC data at any time • Programming with Visual Developer‘s Studio .net • Compatibility • WinAC ODK V4.0 can still be used with WinAC Basis/RTX V4.1 • Applications created with WinAC ODK V4.0 can be used with WinAC Basis/RTX V4.1 without any restrictions • Applications created with WinAC Basis/RTX ODK V3.0 can be used with WinAC V4.1 with the same restrictions as with WinAC Basis/RTX V4.0 New SIMATIC WinAC features

  18. High performance data interchange between Windows-applications and SIMATIC WinAC SMX: Shared Memory Extension Iterface • Enhancement of T-Kit interface • New: • Simplified DLL interface • Supports Multi-CPU operation • Support of WinAC Software PLCs planed • Compatibility: • WinAC Slot T-Kit V3.3 can be used with WinAC Slot V3.4 • Applications created with WinAC Slot T-Kit V3.3 can be used with WinAC Slot V3.4 w/o restrictions; WinAC Slot will provide a “Compatibility DLL” New SIMATIC WinAC features

  19. Flexible operation of the PLC´s CMI: Controller Management Interface • New: enables integration of WinAC CPU Panel functionality into a custom application • RUN/STOP/LED-status • Archiving/reloading of PLC programs • Start and shutdown of the PLC • Examples: • Complete integration of CPU Panel functions into a HMI application („Service- und Maintenance pages“) • Remote CPU Panel • Implementation of specific user rights • Automatic reloading of PLC program updates New SIMATIC WinAC features

  20. Overview new WinAC Features WinAC Soft WinAC Slot New SIMATIC WinAC features

  21. For data-intensive tasks SIMATIC WinAC Basis V4.1 • Based on native Windows standard • I/O connection via PROFIBUS-DP (12 Mbit/s) • Retentive data with UPS support(UPS = uninterruptible power supply) • Full utilization of PC memory • Saving of data and program on hard disk • Highest flexibility for theautomation solution throughintegration of windows-applications Product overview Technical slides

  22. For real-time tasks SIMATIC WinAC RTX V4.1 • For applications with high requirements to determinism and real-time behavior • Based on standard Windows NT and Real Time eXtension from VenturCom • I/O connection using PROFIBUS DP card (12 Mbit/s) • Up to four PROFIBUS lines possible • Retentive data with UPS support(UPS = uninterruptible power supply) • Utilization of PC main memory • Saving of data and program on hard disk Product overview Technical slides

  23. With own safety on board SIMATIC WinAC Slot V3.4 • Available in two versions:WinAC Slot 412-2DP (128 kB per code/data)WinAC Slot 416-2DP (1.6 MB per code/data) • Control independent of Windows 2000 or Windows XP • Set of commands and performance correspond to the powerful S7-400 CPUs • Data retention through battery backup • Two DP interfaces onboard • Optional 24 V power supply Product overview Technical slides

  24. LAD,STL, CSL WinACrange CFC, Graph7, Higraph OB 1 SCL C++ improve the productivity through Integration of C++ applications SIMATIC WinAC ODK 4.1 • SIMATIC WinAC ODK is an engineering package which supports the development of C/C++ applications for WinAC Software and Slot PLCs. • Extend the WinACcontrol-functionality • Accelerate theData-Interchange • Integration of PC-Soft andHardware into WinAC Product overview Technical slides

  25. The complete PC-based solution from one source! World of PC-based Automation World of PC-based Automation

  26. Integration of 3rd party add on´s 3rd party add-ons Other vendors use WinAC's openness to achieve integration into the SIMATIC automation concept! Incorporation of other fieldbuses Integration of various data formats Linking of automation technology and instrumentation World of PC-based Automation

  27. Detroit Cologne Shanghai Milan Worldwide Competence in PC-based automation PC-based Competence Centers Worldwide project support for implementation of your solution from feasibility analysis up to implementation! Support

  28. Internet / knowledge base The latest information on PC-based Automation from Siemens canalways be found here Support

  29. Automation and Drives PC- based Control The Integration-Plattform for your PC-based Solution