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  1. Habitat Harry Padilla López marzo – mayo 2008 TEDU 220 Prof. Nancy Rodríguez

  2. Index • Biography • Introduction • Objectives • Habitat definition • Forest Habitat • Wetland Habitat • Ocean Habitat • Desert Habitat • Videos • Practice Exercises • Games • References

  3. My name is Harry Padilla, I’m first grade teacher at Lurgrea Central College in Toa Baja, Puerto Rico. This is my first experience as a teacher and it’s been a wonderful one. I hope you enjoy this module about habitat as much as I have enjoyed preparing it. Have fun !!!!!!!!!

  4. Introduction In this module you will discover how habitats are a like and different and how the needs of plants and animals are met in their habitat.

  5. Objectives By the end of this lesson the student will be able to: • Identify the different kinds of living things that live in a variety of environments. • Recognize many different plants and animals. • associated with their environment by and examination of their structural characteristics. • Understand that the most natural events occur in patterns.

  6. What is a habitat?

  7. Definition A habitat is a place where plants and animals live.

  8. Definition A habitat has food, water and air for the animals and plants.

  9. Definition A habitat gives shelter for plants and animals.

  10. What is a forest habitat?

  11. A forest is a habitat. A forest has many trees and other plants.Click the picture for more information about forest plants.

  12. El Yunque is a national rain Forest in Puerto Rico Look at the Yunque forest in Puerto Rico. Click the picture for more information.

  13. Forest habitat in the summer

  14. Look at the forest in the summer. • Animals get the food and water they need. • Plants get the sunlight and water they need.

  15. Look at the deer in the summer at forest habitat.

  16. Forest habitat in the winter

  17. Look at the forest in the winter. • Plants get less sunlight. • Many trees lose their leaves. • It is harder for some animals to find food.

  18. Look at the deer in the winter at the summer habitat.

  19. Raccoon lives in the forest.

  20. Black bears live in the forest.

  21. One adventure in the forest habitat Click the picture.

  22. What is a wetland habitat?

  23. A wetland habitat is covered with water. Click the picture for more information about wetland habitat.

  24. A wetland habitat has food and water for animal

  25. Look at this picture of a wetland. Plants in this wetland get sunlight and this animals lives there.

  26. This wetland gets lots of rain in the summer.

  27. This wetland gets less rain in the winter. The winter is cooler than the summer.

  28. A wetland has shelter for animal.

  29. One adventure in a wetland habitat. Click the picture.

  30. What is an ocean habitat?

  31. The ocean is an habitat. The ocean has salt water. Click the picture for more information about ocean habitat.

  32. An ocean habitat is large and deep.

  33. Many plants and animals live in the ocean habitat. Plants and animals get everything they need to live in the ocean habitat.

  34. Which are the kind of animal that lives in the ocean habitat?

  35. The whale is the kind of animal that lives in the ocean habitat.

  36. What do you think the sea fish gets in an ocean habitat?

  37. The sea fish gets food, water and shelter.

  38. These animals live in the ocean habitat.

  39. One adventure under the seaClick the picture

  40. What is a desert habitat?

  41. A desert is very dry. It gets lost of sun light, and gets very little rain. Many deserts are hot during the day. Click the picture for more information about the desert habitat.

  42. Animals and plants that lives in the desert habitat. Many animals and plants live in the desert. The camel can live without water for a long time.

  43. The cactus in the desert habitat The cactus can store water in its stems.

  44. What is the largest desert in the world? The Sahara Desert is the largest desert in the world.

  45. One adventure in the desert Click the picture.

  46. Practice Exercises

  47. What do you call a place where plants and animals live? • space • habitat

  48. Incorrect That answer is incorrect because the space is the region beyond the earth’s atmosphere.

  49. Correct You are correct because the habitat is the place where plants and animals lives there.

  50. What animal lives in the forest habitat? • sea turtle • camel • raccoon