present simple n.
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  2. It ‘s always like this always on Mondays never once a week sometimes every day often usually

  3. PRESENT SIMPLE We use the Present Simple to describe habits, facts, states and regular actions. It is the most common tense in English. אנו משתמשים בזמן זה כדי לציין פעולות רגילות, הרגלים,מצב ואמיתות כלליות. זהו הזמן השימושי והנפוץ ביותר בשפה האנגלית.

  4. מה עושים? We will divide the Pronouns into 2 groups. I You We They He She It נחלק את כינויי הגוף לשתי קבוצות. I You We They He She It

  5. Rest of the sentence המשך המשפט Positive Sentences-משפטי חיוב + + The boys go to the pool. Subject I You We They verb1 פועל בצורת המקור

  6. + + The boy goes to the pool. לכינויי הגוף He She It נקרא שלושת הסנובים משום שהם יקבלו sבפועל. Subject He She It verb1+s פועל בצורת המקור +s Rest of the sentence המשך המשפט

  7. Rules For AddingS To He She It • We add es to the base form when the verb ends with ch, sh, s, x, z, o watch watches O S Sh Ch X Z

  8. 2) When the verb ends with Y and there is a consonant before , we will drop it and add ies fly fl flies 3) When a verb ends with y and there is a vowel before, we will NOT drop the y and add just s play plays

  9. LET’S PRACTISE Fill in : • My brother sometimes _____ (go) fishing. 2) The dolls _____ (sit) on the shelf. 3) The boys ______ (play) on the beach every summer. 4) The girl ______ (brush) her hair twice a day.

  10. LET’S CHECK Fill in : 1) My brother sometimes goes fishing. 2) The dolls sit on the shelf. 3) The boys play on the beach every summer. 4) The girl brushes her hair twice a day.

  11. DO YOU REMEMBER? Do you remember the time expressions If you don’t click here. We use time expression very often. Go on to see how to put them in a sentence

  12. always never every.. once a.. sometimes On Sundays twice a.. usually often seldom

  13. Check Yourself Double click on the sites