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Visit the amazing… Ethiopia PowerPoint Presentation
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Visit the amazing… Ethiopia

Visit the amazing… Ethiopia

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Visit the amazing… Ethiopia

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  1. Visit the amazing… Ethiopia

  2. Ethiopia

  3. Hey guys!!!! I’m having so much fun here in Ethiopia. Today I went to see the Great Rift Valley . I felt so small in the low valley compared to the surrounding highlands. When I stood at the top of the highlands though I can see everything. Except any huge bodies of water because Ethiopia is landlocked. Because the things that surround it is Kenya to the south , Eritrea to the north, Sudan to the to the west, and Somalia is east. I needed to stop and get some water during my adventure because on average the temperature is 95 degrees. I guess the people here are used to that but it’s killing me!!!!!!!! But the rain cools us down. Bye for now, Sarah 

  4. Ethiopia

  5. In Ethiopia I’ve noticed that the religion they mostly practice is Orthodox. About 45% of Ethiopia practices Orthodox & the other 55% practices Christianity. Later on I wanted to know if religion affects the languages they speak. They said yes it does affect the languages they speak. I’ve heard that the people speak Amharic, Guraginya & 80 other languages that I don’t know. Colonialism influences the languages they speak because the Ethiopians said to me when they were slaves they would practice in secret that’s how colonialism influenced their languages. Look at the time got to go to sleep bye. Sincerely, Theodor Nutu

  6. Ethiopia

  7. Hi again! I have been having the best time in Ethiopia. Today I went to some of the farms and factories. In Ethiopia they have many natural resources that they grow on their farms. I saw millet, pulse, teff and chat. They grow those by lake Tana which actually starts the Blue Nile which is the LARGEST river in the world!!!! How cool is that right?? But Ethiopia doesn’t only grow crops, they have huge factories. In the factories some major things they make to export are leather, shoes, cement, and food products. So next time I buy one of those things, I will think bout how Ethiopian factories or crops might have made them. Miss you all, Sarah 

  8. Ethiopia's

  9. Hey sorry about yesterday. I wanted to continue telling about Ethiopia's religion and the languages they speak. This morning I ate some really good food I ate so much of the food I ate Shiro, Kitfo, &Injera Wat. I saw that the people put some type of spicy sauce. The sauce was called Berbere on the Wat. Speaking of all this food is making me hungry lets talk about something else. Did you know how in other places in Africa they have griots. Yea but in Ethiopia they don’t have any griots. Just to tell you griots are story tellers. Omg I see a griot bye I want to see what story’s he’ll say. from, Theodor Nutu

  10. From overtaken independence to Governmental Museum of Ethiopia

  11. Hey friends and family!!!! I hope you are all well. Today I went to the Governmental History Museum of Ethiopia. It talked about how VERY long ago Ethiopia was overtaken by the Italians. But Ethiopia fought back and they gained independence not peacefully in 1891. There were many different sections of the museum. All of that was in the 1800s section. Then after that we went to the current times section. It told me about how a dictator Mengitsu came, then left because civil wars he left them. Then the government collapsed. We are assuming this all started because of Italy. But their government is getting better. Now they have a house of representatives, a president, and a prime minister. Got to go, Sarah 

  12. Ethiopia currents events

  13. I’ve seen many Ethiopians that can’t access the correct medical care or medication. A lot of the diseases are malaria, meningitis, cholera & yellow fever. Africa (Ethiopia) doesn’t really have medication for thèse diseases. Today in Ethiopia it is still one of the most poorest country in the world by the look of this place. Ethiopia is also the worlds fastest growing économies. I cant wait till I see you guys again bye. sincerely, Theodor Nutu

  14. Visit the beauty and culture…. Of Ethiopia

  15. Hello again everybody! I have had a great time. I learned so much and had so much fun in Ethiopia. I would definitely recommend my other friends to come here. Even though I love this place I cant wait to be home! See you later, Sarah 