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Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1

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Windows 8.1

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  1. Windows 8.1 On the HP Revolve 810 G2

  2. Context • Remember modern teaching is not about the device (or even the tools). • It is about the NEW ASK (i.e., how do we prepare students to be globally competitive in the world they grow into in 2030)? • In the conceptual age, citizens need to be innovative thinkers, creators, and entrepreneurs. • Education needs to become more inquiry-based and student- centered. • Blended learning makes this transformation achievable.

  3. Today we Will: • Explore the basic operations of the new HP Revolve 810 G2. • Become oriented to the new BCPS gradebook system. More detailed information is available on the BCPS website. Kathy Benson will be available next Tuesday 6/10 4:00 – 5:00 in the library for an information Q&A session. DDL is offering training over the summer but most sessions are full. Follow @BCPSDDL on twitter for the latest news.

  4. What do You get? • HP Revolve 810 G2, case and power cord • Docking station (coming later – with monitor, keyboard, and mouse) • Dongle (can be used to connect to projector in the interim) – Make sure one is in your case!

  5. Two Universes Desktop Metro

  6. Desktop • Familiar (Windows 7 like) • You’ll feel like you are on a PC • Live here until you are ready to explore new worlds • Runs familiar Microsoft Programs, ActivInspire, etc.

  7. Metro • Also may be referred to as the “Start Screen”. • This is a brave new world that you’ll want to visit when you are ready. • You’ll feel like you are on a smartphone. • Has apps from the Microsoft store called “full screen apps” • For now, you can’t add other apps from the store, but eventually there will be a BCPS version of the Windows Apps store with apps that are virus free and have been approved for use by the BCPS DOT.

  8.  Warp Speed ! Take me to the other universe Task: Switch from Desktop to Metro and back.

  9. Training Options • Built-in support folder • Training videos • Reference sheets • FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions • • Online training videos and Webinars • CPD courses and workshops (for updates follow @BCPSDDL on twitter)

  10. Revolve 101 For beginning users

  11. Choices, Choices, Choices

  12. “Training Wheels” For Your Star Ship • Live in the Desktop Universe • Use a mouse • You know a lot already • Take it slow • Learn one new thing at a time • Customize the environment to resemble your existing environment

  13. Let’s Go For It • Outlook • Word • BCPS One • Internet Explorer Task: Launch Outlook, Word, BCPS ONE, and Internet Explorer.

  14. Switch to Tablet Mode Task: Change your notebook to a tablet 1. Rotate the display clockwise 180 degrees until the display faces backwards. 2. Lower the display over the keyboard. To change the tablet back into a notebook, reverse these steps

  15. visit the self-serve resources Task: Explore your choice of a resource from the self serve portal.

  16. Revolve 102 For intermediate users

  17. the Track Pad Gestures TASK: Open the “Q&A Resources” folder on your desktop. Access the “files” and then “videos” subfolders. Identify a tutorial to watch later. Close the window.

  18. Touch Screen Mouse Equivalents Gestures Task: From the Start Screen, swipe from the right edge, tap Settings, customize as you wish.

  19. Compare and Contrast TASK: Choose 1: Launch an app, Close an app, Switch between apps, Make shortcut for an app, Change settings for an app.

  20. Summary

  21. Vincent Farm PortaPortal • To make life easier I have created a hotlist of links you might frequently use ( • For example, it takes you to the VF Destiny and VF Safari Montage. Task: Visit the hotlist. Bookmark it in your browser or create a shortcut to it on your Desktop or Metro Start screen.

  22. Revolve 103 For advanced users

  23. Getting Around • On the Start screen, swipe up from under the lowest app to display ALL apps and programs. • Select three apps (use the Windows key to return to the Metro screen between selections) • Swipe left to move between apps / programs • Swipe down to resize or close apps Task: Open multiple apps / programs, switch between them, and close them.

  24. The universes Collide(but Happily Co-Exist Side by Side) Task: Display a Desktop program and a Metro app side by side.

  25. Notes • Keep your device safe. Report theft to the police within two days. • When you close the lid, it goes to sleep. At the end of each day, shutdown and recharge it. • If the battery comes loose, turn it over, unlock the battery, reseed it, and relock it.

  26. Teachers can add lessons and digital resources by student or by group

  27. May Do • If you wish, set Chrome as your default browser. • Explore the great instructional resources from Discovery Education at • You can add them your lessons now! • Students can access them with their BCPS username and password  TASK: Find a digital resource for an upcoming lesson.

  28. Path forward • We plan to install printers on the new devices after teachers report in fall. • If you need additional software installed on your device, please put in a ticket at We also plan to do these installs in the fall as well. • In the fall, DDL will be providing all teacher and students in K-8 with a copy of Wixie (cloud-based version of Pixie) for use at school and home. • When you turn in your existing laptop on the last day of school, please attach the status report form. This form will help us know what (if anything) needs to be repaired on your existing laptop so that it can be repurposed for the Spanish pilot in the fall. A hard copy of the form will be in your snail mail box.

  29. BCPS One Review

  30. BCPS One accelerates achievement by enabling educators to connect the right learning resources to the right student at the right time. http ://

  31. Curriculum Conversion Instructional Conversion Assessment Conversion Global Transformation Professional Development Conversion Infrastructure Conversion Policy Conversion Budget Conversion

  32. Gradebook 101 An Orientation Task: Watch the video (if you haven’t already)

  33. Task: Create a practice assignment.

  34. Take Away • For grades 3-5, this is not too different conceptually from what you’ve been doing. Andy, Stephanie, and Jess have been part of the pilot and it has been working fine. • For grades 1-2, this is new, but you can customize it to suit what you’ve been doing. • Assignments can be graded or ungraded. • Assignments can be tagged to standards (but they don’t have to be). If you tag by standard, then you and parents can summarize student performance by standard. • Grades are automatically shared with parents unless you mark them ungraded or hidden. • The district has not revised the report card, but it is under review. • Eventually, you can elect to have scores on digital assessments will automatically recorded in the gradebook. • Since the district is paying for Engrade, schools won’t have to pay for Edline.

  35. For Further Information • If you want more tutorials on how to use the grade book, see the one on assignments and scoring and the other on printing and reports.

  36. Questions? • Kathy Benson will be available for an optional Q & A session next Tuesday 6/10 4:00 – 5:00 PM.