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Technology... until now PowerPoint Presentation
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Technology... until now

Technology... until now

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Technology... until now

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  1. Aidan Bernhardt ~ Spring 2012 Technology... until now

  2. Introduction Technology definition: Technology begins with an idea of how to do something better, easier or how to fix or solve a problem. A broader definition may include many areas of science, medical conditions, traveling and discovering things.

  3. The First Counting Device The abacus was the first known counting device. It was useful to many civilizations. This was probably the inspiration that lead to the more modern calculator. 2400 B.C.

  4. What Time Is It? The first mechanical clock was a great invention. It was so great because it allowed us to tell time without looking at the sun. It was a more accurate way to tell time and it let people know what time it was throughout the night. It was also convenient for people to have clocks inside so they didn’t have to go outside to tell time if it was very cold.724

  5. Eyeglasses were invented by Salvino D’Armate. This was probably one of the most important inventions ever for those with vision problems. Glasses began with simple corrections and progressed to bifocals, correcting stigmatism, double vision, cataracts, and Lasik surgery. 1280 Eyeglasses

  6. The Microscope Medically the microscope was a huge breakthrough. It allowed doctors and scientists to see cell structures, D.N.A., and other forms of bacteria that can’t be seen by the naked eye. 1609

  7. The First Mechanical Computer The first mechanical computer really didn’t do much compared to our modern computers. They were used for numbers and counting. With out this early mechanical computer we probably wouldn’t have computers with the capabilities that we do now. 1822

  8. Long Distance Communication Morse code was invented by Samuel Morse. It was used in the military because for the first time people could communicate from long distances without using the Pony Express. This was great because then one could receive messages without enemies knowing. 1835

  9. Taking Flight With Technology The first powered airplane took flight in 1903. This was an amazing invention because for the first time you could soar through the sky with wings. One of the Wright brothers planes was the biplane meaning it could hold only 2 people. This flight was amazing again because it made those who had dreamed of flying a reality. The idea of the powered airplane may have lead to the type of planes we have to day that carry huge cargo or even go faster than 7546 miles per hour. 1903

  10. Making MedicalHistory Antibiotics were a great invention medically. This drug could kill or stop the growth of bacteria. Antibiotics could also stop contagious diseases from spreading and demolishing whole communities. The first antibiotic was penicillin it could be used in a shot or vaporized penicillin for younger ones. Today though there are more than 100 different types of antibiotics each targeting different types of infections. 1928

  11. “One small step for man...and one giant leap for mankind” The moon landing was a huge success for NASA scientists and the world. The landing helped us learn more about the moon its atmosphere and we unlocked some secrets of the galaxies. 1969

  12. The Web Goes World Wide The World Wide Web was a huge invention , because it allowed people to search and look at pictures, videos, and read various text on almost any subject. With the web you could access the internet from home and link to web sites of every kind. With the Web you could download files, look at documents, definitions and other resources if needed.

  13. How Have Our Values Changed? Today while walking down the street sitting around at home or even at work, you may look around and see everyone using some sort of technology, ignoring everybody else. Yes…we have reached that point. I believe that our values have changed drastically, and that no one really cares for anything…but money and technology. I think technology has changed our values because from what I've seen, some people care more about technology and money than friends, family, and possibly their own life (due to social networks such as Facebook). To me this is sad because some people can’t even socialize with family and friends…they may just give a simple nod or shake of the head to communicate. Also some people who are technology obsessed, would rather spend a nice sunny day with some sort of technology inside rather than outside. In my view technology surely has changed our values.

  14. Conclusion I picture the future like this: we’ll live in a world where no one cares about anything but money and technology. We’ll be concerned about money and technology more than we do for friends and family. Yes this does sound sad but with the direction we’re going, in my eyes makes this seem possible. Right now as I have said before our values are only for technology. I think in the future there will no such thing as socializing. Everyone will be lazy thanks to technology. Fast food will probably be all we eat. Our values again for family and friends will be small and technology and money will be the only things people are interested in.