its in japan until now and from now n.
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ITS in Japan - Until now and from now - PowerPoint Presentation
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ITS in Japan - Until now and from now -

ITS in Japan - Until now and from now -

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ITS in Japan - Until now and from now -

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  1. ITS in Japan- Until now and from now - Takashi HAMASAKA Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry JAPAN The 2nd Thailand ITS Seminar 2007 April 2, 2007

  2. Until Now

  3. What is ITS ? Human Information Technology Roads Vehicles Advanced road utilization Reducing road utilization load Improvement of safety, transportation efficiency and comforts and environmental conservation

  4. Genesis of ITS in Japan Collected information of vehicles is used for basis of information on conjecture of traffic situation and traffic guidance. Car Navigation Equipment Central Computer Information exchange Effective traffic guidance (incl. suggestion for change of routes) is displayed Roadside Communication Unit Project Period: 1973 – 1979 Total Budget: 7.4B JPY Implementing Agency: AIST/MITI

  5. Government Structure for ITS Promotion IT Strategic Headquarters (Headed by Prime Minister) Four-ministry Liaison Conference NPA National Police Agency MIC Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications METI Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry MLIT Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

  6. 6.Support for public transport Nine Areas of ITS in Japan 3.Safe driving assistance 4.Optimization of traffic management 2.E - toll collection systems 1.Advance in navigation systems “Comprehensive Plan for ITS in Japan” formulated in 1996, which is a long term government plan targeting for 2015. 5.Increasing efficiency in road management 7.Increasing efficiency in commercial vehicle operations 8.Support for pedestrians 9.Support for emergency vehicle operations

  7. VICS (Vehicle Information and Communication System) Provides drivers with Information on traffic congestion, estimated driving time in case of traffic congestion, traffic restriction, and car park availability in real time

  8. ETC (Electronic Toll Collection System) Non-stop Payment at toll gate In-vehicle device Roadside Antenna IC card

  9. Diffusion of VICS &ETC

  10. On-Going Projects

  11. Safety & Security Intelligent automobile, Vehicle-to-vehicle and road-to-vehicle cooperation, Enhancement of first-aid and rescue of traffic-accident victims ITS promotion Guideline in 2004 Efficiency and Environmental performance Comfort and Convenience Raising the quality of road traffic information, Advanced application of ITS content, Improving convenience to the elderly and disabled Optimization of traffic demand, Advanced road traffic management systems, The increase in efficiency of freight distribution

  12. New IT Reform Strategy- The world’s safest road traffic environment - Reduction ofthenumberoftrafficfatalitiesand serious injuries by developing cooperative driving safety support systems • Early 2006, Establishment of a joint committee from Public and private sectors. • By 2008 FY, Conducting verification testing of driving safety support systems on the selected regional public roads • By 2010 FY, Deployment of the driving safety support systems throughout the country and promotion of on-board equipments.

  13. ASV (Advanced Safety Vehicle)

  14. AHS (Advanced cruise-assist Highway Systems)

  15. DSSS (Driving Safety Support Systems) Going straight on Waiting to make a turn right Waiting to make a turn right Dead Angle “Beware of oncoming car!”

  16. From Now

  17. ITS for Energy Conservation/Environment New/National Energy Strategies Dependence on Oil Japan overall: Currently 50%  40% in 2030 Transport sector: Currently 100%  80% in 2030 Energy Efficiency 2030Additional 30% improvement Plans for Achieving Targets in the Strategies Measures at level of vehicles  Improvement in fuel consumption performance Fuel measures  Increase in octane numbers Traffic flow measures  Management of traffic demand using IT (i.e.ITS)

  18. Probe/Floating vehicle information system More detailed traffic congestion information is provided thanks to other vehicles collecting driving information when traveling over roads Information Centre

  19. International Opportunities

  20. 14th World Congress on ITS ITS for a Better Life Beijing Exhibition Center October 9-13, 2007

  21. ISO/TC204(ITS) Workshop in Thailand Dr.Kawashima Vice Chair, ISO/TC204 • The opportunity to exchange opinions between standards developers and potential users • Scheduled for the late August in Bangkok Let’s attend the workshop to exchange opinions !

  22. Summary • ITS is a system that uses state of the art information and communication technology to combine humans, roads and vehicles. • Since ITS was considered to be a national project, enormous amount of efforts to deploy ITS was made. • Still ITS has a huge possibilities for further advances

  23. ขอบคุณมากครับ Thank you very much Takashi Hamasaka