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Trends & Updates in VALUES EDUCATION PowerPoint Presentation
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Trends & Updates in VALUES EDUCATION

Trends & Updates in VALUES EDUCATION

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Trends & Updates in VALUES EDUCATION

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  1. Trends & Updates inVALUES EDUCATION Nelita A. Calva-LutiacoPrincipal I ,Buac Elementary SchoolSogod, Southern Leytean Excerpts from DISP-UP Summer Training Course on Teaching VALUES EDUCATIONUP DILIMAN QUEZON CITY April 21-May21, 2009

  2. Legal Basis for VALUES EDUCATIONin the Philippines • Article XIV Sec. 3(2) • They shall inculcate patriotism and nationalism , foster love of humanity , respect for human rights, appreciation of the role of national heroes in the historical develop of he country, teach the rights and duties , strengthen ethical and spiritual values, develop moral character and personal discipline, encourage critical and creative thinking , broaden scientific and technological knowledge , and promote vocational efficiency.

  3. Objectives of VALUES EDUCATION • ARTICLE III, Sec. 21 of the Education Act of 1982 states the objectives of Elementary Education. These are to: 1. provide the knowledge and develop the skills, attitudes and values essential to personal development and necessary for living in and contributing to a developing and changing social milieu; 2. provide learning experiences which increase the child’s awareness of and responsiveness to the changes in and just demands of society: and to prepare him for constructive and effective involvement: 3. promote and intensify the child’s knowledge of identification with , and love for the nation and the people to which he belongs; and 4. promote work experiences which develop the child’s orientation to the world of work and creativity and prepare himself to engage in honest and gainful work.

  4. Goals of VALUES EDUCATION in the CURRICULUM • At the basic education level, the goal of Values Education across the curriculum is to provide the Filipino adolescent learners with the appropriate knowledge base, necessary in developing a Value System which will guide them in dealing the self, relating with their family and peer group, serving others ,country and God and dealing with issues and problems posed by the environment.

  5. Characteristics of the Values EducationCurriculum in the Philippines • It provides the explanation for the thinking which forms the basis for and leads to the behavior , thus developing in the learners skills of rational thinking and value judgement. • Issues and moral dilemmas are discussed vis-à-vis a universal frame of reference. • It involves of the formation of the will- the faculty which moves a person to spend his/ her energies on possessing the goods he/ she needs for physical and spiritual maturity. • It addresses the goal of the Revitalized Homeroom Guidance Program (RHGP) – guiding students/ in the choice of a career or vocation that match their interests and aptitude.

  6. What does BEC says aboutValues Education? • Ang Edukasyon sa Kagandahang Asal at Wastong Pag-uugali (EKAWP) ay isasanib sa lahat ng antas . Ito ang mga batayang pagpapahalaga na likas sa bawat asignatura POINT: THAT OUT OF IT WE COULD MOVE ON TO THE INNOVATIONS OF TIME IN VALUES ED…THAT, FROM EKAWP IT will be sana EDUKASYONG PAGPAPAKATAO na I move to suggest….