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Direct sales

Page 1 of 9. Direct sales. Vorwerk Direct Selling Ventures. Page 2 of 9. Vorwerk worldwide. Vorwerk is a worldwide enterprise. Our products are available in over 60 countries around the globe. Page 3 of 9. Vorwerk’s business.

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Direct sales

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  1. Page 1 of 9 Direct sales Vorwerk Direct Selling Ventures

  2. Page 2 of 9 Vorwerk worldwide Vorwerk is a worldwide enterprise. Our products are available in over 60 countries around the globe.

  3. Page 3 of 9 Vorwerk’s business Vorwerk stands for the direct route to the customer, a consistentcommitment to service, and outstanding quality. • Production and direct sales of the Vorwerk Kobold room care system and the Vorwerk Thermomix multifunctional kitchen appliance. • Production and direct sales of cosmetics and skincare products from JAFRA Cosmetics • Lux Asia Pacific direct sales • Vorwerk Carpets • HECTAS Facility Services • akf group financial services • Vorwerk Direct Selling Ventures

  4. Page 4 of 9 Review What makes Vorwerk unique • A special path to the customer • Vorwerk always takes a special path to its customers. • This goes for the direct sales activities of Vorwerk, JAFRA Cosmetics • and Lux Asia Pacific and is just as true for HECTAS • Facility Services, the akf group and Vorwerk Carpets. • Outstanding products • Vorwerk products stand out for their high quality and • unique benefits. The products are demonstrated directly at their future place of use. Product benefits that often • go unnoticed with other sales methods due to a lack • of demonstration can be experienced up close by • the customers in their own homes.

  5. Page 5 of 9 Review What makes Vorwerk unique • Opportunities in direct sales • Direct sales offers great opportunities to people • with an interest in becoming self-employed. Their performance • determines their income, no investment is required. • Focused employee advancement • Vorwerk’s success depends on its employees. • Their impression on customers preserves Vorwerk’s • good name worldwide. • Employee development, training and motivation are • therefore of the utmost priority.

  6. Page 6 of 9 Review What makes Vorwerk unique • Vorwerk, a family business •   Vorwerk has been a family-owned company since it was •   founded in 1883. Thinking and acting with a view to the  future has a long tradition at Vorwerk. The objective is not short-term profit but sustainable success.

  7. Page 7 of 9 Vorwerk at a glance As an international, broad-based enterprise, Vorwerk experienced substantial growth during 2007. • Founded in Wuppertal in 1883 • Business volume in 2007: 2.323 billion euros, of which 1.496 billion euros came from direct sales • 566,235 employees, sales advisers and representatives worldwide, of which 515,151 are JAFRA consultants • Sales companies and sales partners in over 60 countries • Partners‘ equity: 49 percent

  8. Page 8 of 9 Executive Board Reiner Strecker (CFO) Walter Muyres (Managing Partner) Peter Oberegger (Managing Partner) Eberhard Pothmann (until 28.02.2009) Jochen Sarrazin (until 30.04.2009)

  9. Page 9 of 9 Group structure

  10. Page 1 of 4 from 1883 to 1944 The carpet factory founded in 1883 develops into a successful direct sales company even before the Second World War. The triumphant advance of the Kobold hand-held vacuum cleaner begins. 1883 The brothers Carl and Adolf Vorwerk found the carpet factory Teppichfabrik Vorwerk & Co. 1904 August Mittelsten Scheid joins the company 1908 Vorwerk‘s own machine factory becomes an independent division 1929 Invention of the Kobold hand-held vacuum cleaner 1930 Start of the Vorwerk direct sales organisation 1938 Formation of the first international company, Vorwerk Folletto (Italy) 1943 Direct sales suspended during World War II Dr. Erich and Werner Mittelsten Scheid take over management of the company

  11. Page 2 of 4 from 1945 to 1969 By 1953, the millionth Kobold vacuum cleaner already leaves the assembly line at the Wuppertal plant. Vorwerk ventures into new business fields with the foundingof the akf bank in 1968. 1945 Kobold production and direct sales are resumed 1953 Production of the millionth Kobold since the end of the war 1959 Invention of the first electric carpet brush 1962 Vorwerk Carpets in Gehrden (since 1986 in Hameln) 1968 akf bank is founded 1969 Dr. Jörg Mittelsten Scheid becomes managing partner

  12. Page 3 of 4 from 1970 to 1999 Vorwerk continues to grow and gets more and more international. The Thermomix is born in 1971 – a success story that is still being written today. 1971 The “original Thermomix“ VM 2000 is launched in France 1974 Formation of Hygienic Service Gebäudereinigung und Umweltpflege GmbH (today’s HECTAS Facility Services) 1994 akf unilease is founded (today akf servicelease GmbH & Co. KG) 1995 Achim Schwanitz becomes managing partner

  13. Page 4 of 4 from 2000 to today Vorwerk strengthens its position on the Asian market with the purchase of Lux Asia Pacific in 2001, and on the American market with the acquisition of JAFRA Cosmetics in 2004. 2001 Lux Asia Pacific, headquartered in Singapore, becomes part         of the Vorwerk group 2004 JAFRA Cosmetics joins the Vorwerk group 2005 Vorwerk celebrates 75 years of direct sales 2005 Dr. Jörg Mittelsten Scheid transfers from the Executive Board to become chairman of the Advisory Board 2007 Peter Oberegger becomes managing partner 2008 Vorwerk celebrates its 125th anniversary 2009 Walter Muyres becomes managing partner

  14. Page 1 of 10 The idea Our best for your family: this is what the Vorwerk family enterprise stands for. • Vorwerk was founded in 1883 as a family business and is still family-owned today. • Our products help to make families‘ lives more pleasant. • Our sales organisations work where our products are used: in the family home. • In our sales teams, the feeling of camaraderie resembles a family bond.

  15. Page 2 of 10 Direct sales Direct sales is Vorwerk’s core business – and has been since 1930. Our experience,our expertise and the superiority of our products have made us the market leaderin direct sales of high-calibre products. • Direct sales products: • Vorwerk Kobold and Thermomix • The product worlds of JAFRA Cosmetics and Lux Asia Pacific

  16. Page 3 of 10 Direct sales brings many benefits Direct sales unites top quality with top advice. • In-depth advice and demonstration in the customer‘s home makes it possible to explain product benefits that might not be obvious at first glance. • This proximity to the customer enables us to closely adapt our products to people‘ needs and to continue to develop our products further. This results in high-quality goods and services and a high level of customer satisfaction.

  17. Page 4 of 10 People Direct sales is a wonderful opportunity for people to build a successful career basedon their own achievements as a sales adviser or representative. • Vorwerk and direct sales create jobs. • The number of people who work for Vorwerk climbed to 566,235 in 2007. • Of these people, 22,820 were in permanent employment, 28,264 were independent sales advisers or representatives in the “household appliances” division and 515,151 were JAFRA cosmetics consultants.

  18. Page 5 to 10 Our Principles Our Principles We act, plan and work together according to defined corporate principles with a view to assuring our company a successful future.

  19. Page 6 of 10 Clear Customer and Performance Orientation Clear Customer and Performance Orientation We always strive to provide our customers with first-class products and services.Within the company, too, we are dedicated to achievement,accepting only the highest standards. Vorwerk aims to securelong-term profits commensurate with our performance. This is only possible if our customerscan put their faith in our performance.

  20. Page 7 of 10 Successful with People Successful with People Our success depends upon people. Extremely important to us,therefore, are the qualification and motivation ofour staff and sales partners. The cooperation we valueis founded on trust, sincerity, respect and fairness. We respect people as individuals.

  21. Page 8 of 10 Outstanding Thanks to Quality and Innovation Outstanding Thanks to Quality and Innovation Vorwerk perceives itself as an innovative enterprise.As we have direct contact with our customers,we know their needs and wants and accordingly providethem with top-quality products and services. At the same time, we are committed to usingour natural resources sparingly and attachgreat importance to the environmentalfriendliness of our products.

  22. Page 9 of 10 Thinking and Acting with a View to the Future Thinking and Acting with a View to the Future Since its formation in 1883, Vorwerk has been a family business.Thinking and acting with a view to the future is a matter of tradition with us.This is how we make decisions and weigh up investments.Based on this long-term view, we also assumeresponsibility for our staff and sales partners. That responsibility includes involving ourselvesin our social environment.

  23. Page 10 of 10 Prepared for Change and Progress Prepared for Change and Progress Progress is unthinkable without a readiness for change.We recognise the need to introduce changes andare ready and willing to do so. This is a challenge we perceive as anopportunity for our dynamic company.

  24. Page 1 of 2 SOS Children's Villages Vorwerk works together with SOS Children’s Villages to help families and children in need. • By supporting SOS Children’s Villages, Vorwerk wishes to contribute towards enabling children all over the world to  grow up safe and secure in a family environment. • To this end, Vorwerk set up the Family Fund and now undertakes fundraising activities around the globe. • To date, the concerted efforts of employees, sales advisers and the Executive Board have raised donations to the tune of 600,000 euros for the fund.

  25. Page 2 of 2 Found: Family Manager 2007 For the fifth time in a row, Vorwerk and the TV magazine Hörzu were searching for the “Family Manager of the Year”. It’s high time the most important job in the world finally got the recognition it deserves. • TV commercial, Vorwerk Family Study and the contest for “Family Manager of the Year” underscore Vorwerk’s expertise when it comes to families. • With the award, Vorwerk pays tribute to the important work that is done in the context of the family, while the Vorwerk Family Study gives the undertaking a scientific foundation. • The winning Family Managers are selected by a jury of famous personalities and are publicly presented with their awards at a grand gala in Berlin.

  26. Page 1 of 5 Vorwerk Kobold The Vorwerk Kobold features a unique system that guarantees thorough cleaning, deep down. We create a new dimension of cleanliness and freshness to enhance daily well-being in the home. • A small motor coupled with high efficiency • Hygienic microfilter for proven, lasting allergen reduction • Turnover in 2007: around 687 million euros • The Vorwerk Kobold is sold direct to customers in 30 countries by some  10,000 independent sales advisers following a demonstration of the system at the customer‘s home.

  27. Page 2 of 5 Vorwerk Thermomix With the Vorwerk Thermomix, fresh food can be prepared more quickly and easily than ever before. With the Thermomix, it’s a joy to cook tasty, healthy meals. • The Thermomix can: weigh, chop, mix, stir, cut, grind,  pulverise, knead and blend. • Thanks to its heatable, stainless-steel mixing bowl, it even cooks. • Turnover in 2007: around 331 million euros • The Vorwerk Thermomix is sold direct to the customer in 38 countries, at parties or on referral, by some 16,500 mainly female representatives pursuing this as an extra income opportunity.

  28. Page 3 of 5 JAFRA Cosmetics JAFRA Cosmetics creates quality products that enhance a woman’s beauty and self-assurance. With its facial and body-care products, colour cosmetics and fragrances, JAFRA defines a world of beauty, care and wellness – and gives women a sense of utter well-being. • 50 years of experience in developing cosmetic products • Outstanding product line • Turnover in 2007: around 432 million euros • JAFRA products are sold in 24 countries direct to the customer by some 515,000 self-employed consultants at individual or group consultations that take place in the home.

  29. Page 4 of 5 Lux Asia Pacific Lux Asia Pacific operates successfully in the Asia-Pacific region, specialising in the production and sale of high-quality water filters and vacuum cleaners. Quality and personal consulting – the key to our success in Asia, too. • Lux Asia Pacific operates exclusively in the Asia-Pacific region. • Lux Asia Pacific comprises the former direct sales subsidiaries of Electrolux in Asia. • Turnover in 2007: around 42 million euros • Lux Asia Pacific products are sold by some 1,900 independent sales advisers in 13 countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

  30. Page 5 of 5 Vorwerk Carpets Whether in a private or a commercial setting, Vorwerk carpets create a feel-good atmosphere. In addition to setting itself high aesthetic standards Vorwerk is also committed to ensuring that its products are manufactured by ecologically sound methods which pose no health risk while delivering first-class quality and durability. • Vorwerk Teppichwerke has established itself as a leading producer of high-quality carpets. • Vorwerk collaborates with several internationally renowned artists, designers and architects. For example, top designer Ulf Moritz has created the new line “Fascination”. • Carpets are the original Vorwerk product. • Turnover in 2007: around 78 million euros

  31. Page 1 of 5 Research, development and production At Vorwerk, research, development and production are united in a single enterprise. Vorwerk sets high standards in all areas. The customer gets what he has grown to expect from Vorwerk: an innovative product that is practical, useful and extraordinarily durable. • Vorwerk products are developed and produced by Vorwerk. • Vorwerk‘s own development departments in Wuppertal ensure the unparalleled quality of its products. • Vorwerk regularly receives eco-certification for its environmentally friendly production systems.

  32. Page 2 of 5 Tests and Design Vorwerk products are known for their exceptional quality and outstanding design. • The German consumer watchdog magazine Stiftung Warentest awarded the Kobold with electric brush top marks with the rating “very good” (test 4/2003). • The Kobold is one of the few vacuum cleaner systems entitled to carry the TÜV certificate “Suitable for allergy sufferers”. • The Design Center NRW in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia has awarded the Kobold, the Polsterboy, the Pulilux, the Thermomix 31 and the new Tiger 260 the “red dot” award for high design quality. • Vorwerk carpeting was the only carpeting to receive the seal of recommendation of the German Allergy  Sufferers and Asthma Association (DAAB). • ZukunftsAward 2006 (Future Award 2006) for the “Smart Carpet”

  33. Page 3 of 5 Vorwerk production sites

  34. Page 4 of 5 Vorwerk production sites • Vorwerk Elektrowerke, Wuppertal, Germany • Research and development • Production of hand-held vacuum cleaner Vorwerk Kobold, Polsterboy and electric brush • Motor production for all Vorwerk products • Vorwerk Teppichwerke, Hameln, Germany • Production of Vorwerk rugs and carpets • Vorwerk Semco, Cloyes, France • Production of Thermomix • Vorwerk Folletto, Arcore, Italy • Production of Pulilux and diverse accessories

  35. Page 5 of 5 Vorwerk production sites • Vorwerk Household Appliances, Shanghai, China • Production of Tiger and assembly of all products sold in China • Production of water filters for Lux Asia Pacific • JAFRA plant, Naucalpan, Mexico • Production of entire JAFRA Cosmetics product range

  36. Page 1 of 3 HECTAS Facility Management HECTAS is one of the leading companies in Europe in the area of infrastructural facility services. HECTAS offers its customers individual solutions, tailored precisely to all their facility needs. • HECTAS has been a reliable partner to its customers for over 30 years as a provider of infrastructural facility management: from cleaning,  gardening and snow and ice control to security and  janitorial services. • HECTAS has 60 branches and over 11,500 employees working in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Hungary and France. • Turnover in 2007: around 187 million euros

  37. Page 2 of 3 akf group Leasing and financing of moveable-property investments, sales financing and fleet management – the akf group provides first-rate service and consulting in these sectors. • Trained sales staff provide individual consulting at the customer‘s workplace. • Purchasing benefits thanks to close contact with major manufacturers and importers • Fast and uncomplicated processing of contracts • New business in 2007: 546 million euros • Head office in Wuppertal, 12 branches and 34 sales offices in Germany

  38. Page 3 of 3 Vorwerk Direct Selling Ventures Vorwerk Direct Selling Ventures is an independent subsidiary within the Vorwerk Group, which invests venture capital in young, innovative direct sales companies. • Focus of investment: Direct sales – direct, person-to-person sales or  via sale channels such as internet, catalogues or home shopping • Investment philosophy: Long term minority investments • Growth financing through investment of equity • Investment size per single investment: 0.5 to 5 million euros • International scope • Added value: Extensive direct sales expertise and an international network

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