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DoCoMo`s Gateway Service PowerPoint Presentation
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DoCoMo`s Gateway Service

DoCoMo`s Gateway Service

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DoCoMo`s Gateway Service

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  1. DoCoMo`s Gateway Service NTT Mobile Communication Network,Inc Gateway Business Department

  2. Internet DoCoMo`s Gateway ServiceOutline ISP Private-LAN personal PC-user 2million (Dial up user) Information Provider ※8million including LAN(business) users DoCoMo`s user 17million (as of today) DoCoMo` Gateway Server Information Provider

  3. DoCoMo`s Gateway Service“The development strategy” of the consumer's mobile communication market Business user markets Advanced user market ・e-mail ・groupware “Internet Approach” “Gateway Approach” -Think most how to arouse critical mass users. -Seek for the best way to deliver/ show information content. -Carefully select content with expert “editor in chief”. Consumer market ・Utilities for life ・Entertaiments “Gateway Approach”

  4. DoCoMo`s Gateway ServiceNew Information Infrastructure ①Cheap to use;Telecomunication charge based on packet,not on time ②Latest Tech;`Push`type information providing is enabled ③New Cash Flow;NTT DoCoMo provides financial settlement for IP (DoCoMo collects information charge from users to IP) ④Customized by DB;Information distribution tailored for individual user needs ⑤Advantage of Internet;Real-time data revision on IP`s server ⑥Low Entry Barrier;based on WWW technology such as HTML and servers

  5. DoCoMo`s Gateway ServiceBusiness Concept DoCoMo`s Gateway Service information Weather forecast Directory assistance Flight schedule Train schedule Newsflash Stock prices Banking check bank balance Account transfers Payment Sale Mail-order Books Ticket reservation Movies・Reviews Air・Travel call mail Advertisements Direct mail Questionnaire Game Network game Fortune-telling Data bases Enterprise information Restaurant guides Billing and collection function of information fees User Profile Data Base Cellular-phone

  6. DoCoMo` Gateway ServiceService structure Information Provider ・IP makes HP at the fixed format. ↓ ・IP possible to provide information using the internet. Information fees Information Proxy charges DoCoMo user 17billion DoCoMo Cellular phone network Information fees