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  2. ParkHelp_Mobility & Sustainability Solutions

  3. ParkHelp_Airport Experience Michael Civitelli Director of Business Development ParkHelp USA SEA: Senior Manager, Landside Operations COS: Airport Operations & Security Manager

  4. Presence in more than 42 countries Worldwide Distributors Convention. May 2011

  5. I+D+i, for 1999 leading the development in the parking sector ParkHelp Laboratory – World pioneers developing IP conection products and applications.

  6. After Sales - Service and Maintenance. Technologies of remote control forcommissioning and maintenance. DirectservicefromHeadquarters in Barcelona

  7. ParkHelp_Products & Services

  8. ParkHelp_Intelligence Guidance Systems

  9. ParkHelp_Intelligent Guidance Systems PARKHELP INDOOR is the guidance system for indoor car parks Immediate report on car park occupancy, guiding the user quickly and efficiently to a free space inside the car park. • Signs: Inform and direct users to the floor or area with the most free spaces. • Sensors: Detect when a car enters or leaves. • Signals: Communicate status of parking space FREE OCCUPIED SPECIAL SPACES

  10. ParkHelp_Intelligent Guidance Systems PARKHELP OUTDOOR is the guidance system for outdoor or mixed car parks Immediate report on car park occupancy, guiding the user quickly and efficiently to a free space in the car park's exterior. • Panels: Inform and direct users to the area with the most free spaces. • Sensors: Detect when a car enters or leaves. • Signals: Communicate status of parking space FREE OCCUPIED SIGNAL SENSOR

  11. MAIN BENEFITS of the Intelligent Guidance Systems • Improves mobility in car parks • Prevents car park congestion • Saves time in finding a space, reduces “time to park” MOBILITY • Improves air quality in your car park • Reduced CO emissions in interior • Saving in air cleaning devices CO • Improvement in information and security • SMS sent to mobile to prevent theft or improper occupation • Provide managers and customers real time data INFORMATION

  12. MAIN BENEFITS of the Intelligent Guidance Systems • Improvement in efficiency and productivity of service • Increase in car park rotation • Business & operations analysis at the parking space level • Guidance and closure of certain areas SERVICE • A profitable investment • Build customer loyalty while easing “travel stress” • Reduce costs of labor for directing vehicle traffic in your parking facility • Less time spent parking: more time for terminal shopping and restaurants ADDITIONAL BENEFITS

  13. ParkHelp_ Lighting Systems: PH_LIGHTING

  14. ParkHelp_ Lighting Systems: PH_LIGHTING PARKHELP LIGHTING is a lighting system which enables energy saving and sustainability in the car park • A solution designed for integration in the ParkHelp intelligent guidance system and management software • 3 lights with 6 or 8 directional LEDs. • Designs adapted for passage, parking space and emergency.

  15. ParkHelp_ Lighting Systems: PH_LIGHTING LUMINOSITY AND ENERGY SAVING DIAGRAM LUMINOSITY DIAGRAM IN LUX (WHITE ZONE 80 LUX) Visual simulation with ParkHelp lighting system

  16. MAIN BENEFITS_ Lighting Systems: PH_LIGHTING • Up to 70% in energy savings • 40% less electricity consumption compared to same level of luminosity. • 20% saving in energy consumption through individual control of lights. • Energy efficiency thanks to LED technology. CONSUMPTION INSTALLATION Low cost of installation • Use of ParkHelp parking guidance infrastructure. Improvement in quality of lighting systems • Uniform lighting, improving parking quality and safety. • Individual management of lighting • Improve visual appearance of parking, eliminating dark areas. QUALITTY

  17. MAIN BENEFITS_ Lighting Systems: PH_LIGHTING Saving in maintenance and replacement • Useful life of product over 50,000 hours. • Longer depreciation compared to using fluorescent lamps. MAINTENANCE Improved parking managementautomation Versatileautomaticallyactivatedlightingsystems. Forexample: • Lightingmanagement, increase/decreaseintensitybasedupon parking volumes. • Individual squaresadjustmentbasedonoccupation. • At special times (peaktravel) illumination of a lightingunitto guide and maximize safety in certainareas of parking. MANAGEMENT

  18. ParkHelp_Management Software

  19. ParkHelp_Management Software Control Centre software centralizes all information generated by any of the ParkHelp products. It enables the user to control, manage and monitor each and every element in the system in real time • Intuitive and easy to use • Modular and flexible: easy integration in other systems • Secure: permissions to different users according to their roles • Accessibility: with simultaneous connection of multiple clients • Integration with mobiles, PDAs, GPS PARKING SUMMARY STATISTICS KEY INDICATORS PANELS VIEW THERMAL VIEW OCCUPATION LIST MAP VIEW

  20. ParkHelp_Signage Systems

  21. ParkHelp_Signage Systems_DYNAMICS PANELS • Distributionsystem, controlspaces and guide vehicletraffictothe open spaces. • Real-time information of anarea, plant of parking. • Highvisibility LED lightswithadjustableintensity. • Extensiverangethat can beadaptedtoanysetting. • Customizable and adaptable tospecificneeds. • Ease of installation • Widerange of dynamicpanels. • Abilitytoinclude: • Pictograms • Iconography • Digits (up to 4 digits) • Arrows

  22. ParkHelp_Signage Systems_STATIC PANELS • Distributionsystem, controland guide, vehicletraffic and pedestrianstodifferentareaswithintheterminals. • The full range of staticand backlightpanelsallowsprinting of corporateimage in fourcolors. • Benefits: • Reduction of congestion in the parking aisles • Simplified staff and customer information • Increased customer satisfaction.

  23. ParkHelp_After Park System_FIND YOUR CAR

  24. ParkHelp_Signage Systems_STATIC PANELS HOW DOES IT WORK? Location of area where the car is on the parking map Reading of number plate upon entering the car park Insert number plate or parking ticket

  25. ParkHelp_Signage Systems_STATIC PANELS INFORMATION POINTS Through the touch screen kiosks situated at car park accesses Enter the number plate on the touch screen to display the car's location. Possibility of entering advertising when the screen is in "screensaver" mode. Through your Smartphone Iphone Apps and website access from mobiles jointly developed with the customer. Open System Available information for use in other disposivos (payment system, PC, etc.)

  26. ParkHelp_Signage Systems_STATIC PANELS Users find their car easily in case of doubt or loss More security Quicker and easier to leave the car park Possibility of creating Premium zones Reservation of spaces Promote customer loyalty Make yours a leading car park Latest customer service technologies With ParkHelp quality standards Technology with 2 year guarantee Complies with the protection standard: IP67 LPR cameras with OCR from several countries, minimum 5 countries per camera at once BENEFITS CONVENIENCE NEW APPLICATIONS LOYALTY QUALITY

  27. ParkHelp_Information Systems

  28. ParkHelp_Information Systems_INFOPARK BEFORE PARKING APPLICATIONS Access to information in real time on spaces available in the car park. Smartphone application Access to information by website

  29. REDUCE STRESSFUL SITUATIONS Parking by the direct and rapid identification guidance and immediate position available. Reduction of queues to enter/exit during peak hours. Customers are guided to the least crowded areas. Finding the car, lost after coming back from a trip

  30. IMAGE ENHANCEMENT AND QUALITY OF SERVICE Reduction of CO2 emissions for the shortest time invested in park traffic. Comfort and profitability with controls for the levels of temperature, ventilation and lighting.

  31. OPTIMIZATION BUSINESS RESOURCES You can manage your parking more efficiently – down to the individual space.

  32. Terminal T4 in Madrid • Spanish's main airport and one of the largest and busiest in all Europe. • At worldwide level it ranks in the 13th position. • Around 48,2 million passengers during 2009. • 4 terminals connected by free minibus, which also takes passengers to the parking area for longer stays. • Madrid Airport has a large parking capacity: • 6 buildings (5 floors with more than 9,000 spaces) for short and long stays • Specific sector for short parking up to 30 minutes. • VIP parking area and parking spaces reserved for passengers with • reduced mobility. The parking space

  33. Terminal T4 in Madrid Provide maximum accessibility to available spots in the shortest time Create different areas within the car parking according specific needs Efficiently manage the parking activity • 9.000 parking spaces • Installation of sensors and indicators lights • Green • Red • Blue for reduced mobility • Informative boards at the entrance of the buildings, levels and lanes • Software package as a tool to manage the car park Thesolution Thechallenge Easy access to the spaces, avoiding queues on peak days/hours. The special places are easily identified and are respected. The information is updated in real time through an efficient software for managing the parking intelligently, enabling areas as needed, for example, by filling up specific areas first and therefore saving on energy costs in the empty areas. Theresult


  35. Terminal T4 Barajas Airport; Madrid (SPAIN) T4 – Aeropuerto Barajas Madrid (SPAIN) 9.000 spaces

  36. Málaga Airport (SPAIN) Aeropuerto de Málaga SPAIN (2.500 spaces)

  37. Terminal Barcelona Airport; (SPAIN) Terminal T1 Aeropuerto Barcelona SPAIN (10.000 spaces)

  38. Palma de Mallorca Airport; (SPAIN) Aeropuerto de Palma de Mallorca SPAIN (4.500 spaces)

  39. Doha Airport; (QATAR) Aeropuerto de Doha QATAR (3.300 spaces)

  40. El Cairo Airport; (EGYPT) Aeropuerto El Cairo EGYPT (2.550 spaces)

  41. ParkHelp in the world Large Corporations Main implemented projects Barcelona Airport 10.000 Spaces Madrid Airport 9.000 Spaces Cairo Airport 2.250 Spaces Málaga Airport 2.500 Spaces Mallorca Airport 4.700 Spaces Doha Airport 3.300 Spaces Quirón Hospital Barcelona 500 Spaces World Trade Center Barcelona 650 Spaces 12 de Octubre Hospital Madrid 1.000 Spaces Shopping Centers Main implemented projects Ikea La Coruña 1.100 Spaces Parque Sur Madrid 1.400 Spaces La Vaguada Madrid 3.500 Spaces Zielo Madrid 955 Spaces La Maquinista Unibail Rodamco Barcelona 4.000 Spaces Marineda La Coruña 3.500 Spaces Oakland Mall Guatemala 2.100 Spaces Andares México 3.500 Spaces CCI Ecuador 510 Spaces Tampere Finlandia 500 Spaces Akropolis Kaunas Lituania 1.800 Spaces Unicentro Colombia 975 Spaces Public Car Parks Main implemented projects La Salle Barcelona 250 Spaces Santa Ana Mataró 600 Spaces Santa Bárbara Vitoria 636 Spaces Audiorama Zaragoza 405 Spaces Parking Towers Los Angeles USA 3.500 Spaces Gan London Israel 580 Spaces Catedral Metz Francia 450 Spaces HQ Common Wealth Games 740 Spaces Presence in more than 42 countries

  42. MORE INFORMATION/ LESS TRAFFIC / MORE MOBILITY / LESS CONTAMINATION For further information, please contact with: ParkHelp Headquarters Tel: +34 (93) 433 56 70 E-mail: