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Advantages OF Using Air Bed During Camping | Adjustable Beds Perth

Choosing Air bed is a best option during your camping because Air bed has outstanding advantages like Easy to use, No storage issue, Weigh less, Bigger sleeping space etc. Check online different capacities of Air beds at Bedworld the online bed and furniture store.

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Advantages OF Using Air Bed During Camping | Adjustable Beds Perth

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  2. 1. An air bed is easy to use Novice campers and even children know how to use an air bed and how to inflate and deflate it as needed. It is very easy to pack away and clean, as most air beds are made of smooth vinyl material. Unlike the folding camp beds that need metal support and the hammocks that require tight ropes, you do not need to assemble anything or read a manual to set up an air bed. You just have to unroll the bed in your intended space inside or outside the tent, inflate it with a pump or press the self-inflate button, and wait for it to fill up.

  3. 2. Storage space is not a problem Storing the air bed is also very easy. You can just roll the bed from end to end, stuff it inside its carry-on bag, and you are good to go. Storing it at home is also very easy. Just wash it occasionally and let it air dry before storing it once again inside a bag or a box. It is very compact, so it does not need a lot of space.

  4. 3. It weighs less Air beds with manual pumps are more likely to be lighter at approximately two to three kilograms because of their external pump, making it great for hiking. Camping mattresses with a built-in pump weighs from 9 to 12 kg which is your best bet if you will be camping near your RV or car. Some folding camp beds would weigh more. Remember that heavier mattresses also have added comfort like the self-inflating capability, adjustable firmness, and a built-in pillow. If you are backpacking and you want to have more space for your necessities, you can forego a self-inflating bed and get an air bed with a manual pump. Don’t forget to bring the pump or else, you will be blowing air by mouth to your air bed.

  5. 4. It provides you a bigger sleeping space Sleeping bags, cots, and hammocks are made specifically for single sleepers so if you are camping with your family or your friends, you will have to bring your sleeping bags individually. You will also have to set up the hammocks and cots separately. This means more space is needed in your bag and more time is spent preparing your bed. On the other hand, you can buy air beds that have different sizes, depending on your needs and the size of your tent. You can choose from single, twin, double, or queen sizes.

  6. 5. You can choose the ideal capacity The bed’s capacity depends on the materials used, so you should check the user’s manual before buying. The quality of the seams, valves, and material will also determine the capacity of the air bed.

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