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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Catreqs But Were Afraid to Ask...

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Catreqs But Were Afraid to Ask. Presented by The Technical Services Committee of the EIN User's Group 10/05/2005. Introduction. Susan Hudak (CLP). General Catreq Tips and Trouble Spots. Tracy Ortman (EIN) Donna Hedge (EIN). Expediting the Process.

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Catreqs But Were Afraid to Ask...

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  1. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Catreqs But Were Afraid to Ask... Presented by The Technical Services Committee of the EIN User's Group 10/05/2005

  2. Introduction Susan Hudak (CLP)

  3. General Catreq Tips and Trouble Spots Tracy Ortman (EIN) Donna Hedge (EIN)

  4. Expediting the Process • Here are a couple tips for improving your catreqs. • Clearing up these grey areas means less time researching catreqs for everyone.

  5. Publication Numbers • Any numbers you find on your item are always very helpful. • Please feel free to add as many of these (ISBN, UPC, Manufacturers #s) as you feel comfortable with. • You can put any number in the 500 field.

  6. Edition Statement (250) • An edition is not the same thing as a printing. Printing information does not need to go in the edition statement. • If there is no edition statement on the verso then leave the 250 blank. • If there is an edition statement somewhere else on the item, put it in a note telling us where you found the information.

  7. Publisher (260) • Please use the publisher on the title page of the item if one is listed. • The title page often lists the imprint of the publisher of an item. The imprint is what you want to use in the 260. • If you think it is important to have both listed or are not sure which is the right publisher, then put one in the 260 and the other in a 500 and tell us where it was found on the item.

  8. Dates for Movies • For a DVD or VHS recording you are cataloging the item in hand. • You want to use the distribution date for the DVD or VHS recording, not the date the contents was originally shown as a movie or television program.

  9. Screen Formats • A film may list that it is widescreen or full screen. It may also use one of these terms or aspect ratios. • Widescreen may also be denoted as 1.66:1, 16:9, 1.78:1, 2.35:1 • Full screen may also be denoted as 4:3, 1.33:1 • Films may also be letterboxed • If you are not sure if a film is full screen or widescreen, you can put the aspect ratio in a note field for us to research.

  10. Too Much is Better than Too Little • You can always put any extra information in the note (500) field. • We would rather have too much information than too little.

  11. Information Requests from the Database Group • Please remember, if we contact you for additional information it doesn’t necessarily mean you have made an error. It just means that there is something that needs to be clarified in the record we have found.

  12. CD-ROMS Jimi Huttenhower (Bethel Park)

  13. CD-ROMS • The chief source for cataloging CD-ROMs and computer disks is the title screen. Most often though, the title is from the CD-ROM or computer disk label. Always, make a note in the catalog record showing what was chosen as the chief source, e.g., Title from title screen or Title from label on disc. You can sometimes try to view the cd-rom but going to the start button and going to run function.

  14. CD-ROMS • 1. Material type “m” for electronic resource • 2. 020 ISBN # If there is one • 3.245 (title) General material designator (GMD) for CD-ROMs and computer disks is ‡h[electronic resource] The 245 title is taken from the chief source as indicated above. Title variations often appear in accompanying material, etc. These should be added as a 500 field.

  15. CD-ROMS • 4. 300 (physical description area) The physical unit for the CD-ROM is computer optical discs The ‡c is always 4 3/4 in. • 5. 500 (Notes field) This field should include system requirements, the version of the cd-rom, accompanying material, publication numbers, series information, and any other important points about the cd-rom.

  16. Books on Cassette & The Library Edition Statement Nancy Henderson (McKeesport)

  17. Books on Cassette • MATERIAL TYPE i Spoken cassette • LCCN 010 skip • ISBN 020 10 digit ISBN goes here. If there is a 13 digit ISBN, you can add another 020 field and put it in as well. • AUTHOR 100 Last name, First name.

  18. Books on Cassette • TITLE 245 Title here. Do not use initial articles (a, an, the) • EDITION 250 Abridged ed. or Unabridged ed. (if known) • PUBLISHER 260 Place :|bPublisher, |cdate. • DESCRIPTION 300 Number of cassettes (time if given) :|banalog, 1 7/8 ips. (cassettes are always analog)

  19. Books on Cassette • NOTE 500 Publisher numbers go here. You might find these on the cassettes and/or on the containers. Any other information that you think will help the database group find a good bib record can be put in a 500 field. • SUBJECT 650 catreq mm/dd/yr your library’s 2 letter initials • INITIALS 997 your library’s 2 letter initials followed by your initials

  20. Library Edition • Regular edition Library edition • Unabridged or no edition statement “Library edition” statement • Regular cardboard container Plastic/vinyl container – lasts longer • Cost @ $30 & up Costs @ $60 & up (depending on # of cassettes or CDs)

  21. Library Edition • If a part is lost or damaged, vendor does not replace part- must buy whole item. • If a part is lost or damaged, vendor will replace part at a reasonable price or free (depending on vendor’s plan) • ISBN number Different ISBN number

  22. Library Edition • The publisher/distributor is the same. The number of CD’s and Cassettes is the same. The reader is the same. Content is the same.

  23. Library Edition • Technical Services Committee recommended that there be only one bib record for such items. The Database Group took care of merging such bib records. So now you may see two ISBN numbers in the same bib record, often times showing two different prices. The 250 tag will show “Unabridged ed.” but not “Library ed.”

  24. Library Edition • What to do when processing a Library edition of an audio book on CD or cassette: Search the catalog for your item. If you find the “regular” edition you may use it. You may add the additional ISBN number. DO NOT add “Library ed.” in the 250 field. Add an internal note in the ITEM RECORD that says “Library ed.”

  25. Library Edition • Use “x” for internal note, not “m” for message. Your staff won’t want to see that pop up every time an item is checked in or out! But it will be helpful for knowing how much to charge a patron for an individual lost CD or cassette.

  26. Library Edition • If you need to do a CATREQ, do it as you normally would. DO NOT add the “Library ed.” in the edition statement. As above, add an internal note (“x”) in the ITEM RECORD that says “Library ed.”

  27. Books on CD & MP3 CD Lesle Dunn (Shaler)

  28. Books on CD • MAT TYPE: n • 010 |a200632549 [usually not available] LCCN • 020 |a1419335154 [on packaging] ISBN • 100 1 |aKing, Laurie R. [from CD surface] AUTHOR

  29. Books on CD • 245 14 |aLocked rooms|h[sound recording] /|cby Laurie R. King. [from CD surface] TITLE • 250 |aComplete and unabridged EDITION STATEMENT • 260 |aPrince Frederick, Md :|bRecorded Books, LLC,|cp2005. PUBLISHER INFO

  30. Books on CD • 300 |a12 sound discs (14 hrs.) :|bdigital ;|c4 ¾ in DESCRIPTION • 500 |a“A novel of suspense featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes” – subtitle from container NOTE • 500 |aUnabridged. NOTE • 650 |aCatreq 10/25/05 sald • 997 |asald

  31. Books on CD • In the 500 field put the information that you would see in these fields: • 024 1 |a9781419335150 SRN (upc code) • 028 02 |a02292|bRecorded Books [on package and on CD usually] PUBLISHER # • 511 |aNarrated by Jenny Sterlin. PERFORMER NOTE

  32. Books on MP3 CD • MAT TYPE: n • 010 |a200632549 [usually not available] LCCN • 020 |a0792729676 [on packaging] ISBN • 100 1 |aLarkin, Patrick. [from CD surface] AUTHOR

  33. Books on MP3 CD • 245 10 |aRobert Ludlum’s Moscow vector|h[sound recording] /|cby Patrick Larkin. [from CD surface] TITLE • 250 |aMP3 CD Unabridged special library ed. EDITION STATEMENT • 260 |aNew York :|bSimon & Schuster Audio,|cp2001. PUBLISHER INFO

  34. Books on MP3 CD • 300 |a1 sound disc (28 hrs.) :|bdigital, MP3 format ;|c4 ¾ in. DESCRIPTION • 500 |a“A medical thriller” – subtitle from container NOTE 500 |a“Program requires an MP-3CD player” NOTE

  35. Books on MP3 CD • 500 |aUnabridged. NOTE • 650 |aCatreq 10/25/05 sald • 997 |asald

  36. Books on MP3 CD • In the 500 field put the information that you would see in these fields: • 024 1 |a9781587888724 SRN (upc code) • 028 02 |aMPC3-CD|bSimon & Schuster Audio [on package and on CD usually] PUBLISHER # • 511 |aRead by George Guidell. PERFORMER NOTE • 710 |aLudlum, Robert. ADDITIONAL AUTHOR

  37. Music CDs Kathy Amrhein (Lauri Ann West)

  38. Music CDs • The chief source of information should be the disc. If information is not available on the disc, look on the accompanying material and container. • Note: “Cheat Sheets” for all material types are available at http://member.einetwork.net/member/ils/CatreqCIPexamples.doc

  39. Music CDs CDS (MAT TYPE <j MUSIC CD>) Presented in the order they are entered in the template for a catreq. The system will supply the appropriate field tag number. Indicators are not needed.

  40. Music CDs • [010] LCCN [skip] • [020] STANDARD # a 10 digit ISBNnumber (back of container) 0123456789 [actual ISBN is 0-1234-5678-9] • [100] AUTHOR (Artist, Composer) Last name, first name. Beethoven, Ludwig van. Rolling Stones Madonna

  41. Music CDs • [245] TITLE Title proper |bsubtitle • Classical Christmas. [actual title is A classical Christmas] • Works for piano and cello. • Miles Davis & John Coltrane :|bthe complete Columbia recordings 1955-1961. • Bach piano concertos |bNo. 1 in D minor for piano and orchestra, BWV 1052 ; Concerto no. 4 in A major for piano and orchestra, BWV 1055 ; Concerto no. 5 in F minor for piano.

  42. Music CDs • [250] EDITION Edition statement • [260] PUB INFO Place of publication :|bPublisher name, |cDate. New York |bRandom House Audio, |c2002 Prince Frederick, MD :|bRecorded Books,|c2001. Hayes, Middlesex, England :|bEMI,|cp2002. New York :|bCapitol, |cp1998.

  43. Music CDs • [300] DESCRIPT CD Extent of item (playing time) :|bOther physical details ;|cDimensions. 1 sound disc :|bdigital ;|c4 ¾ in. 1 sound disc (157 min.) :|bdigital, stereo.,mono. ;|c4 ¾ in. 13 sound discs (15 hr., 38 min.) :|bdigital, stereo. ;|c4 ¾ in. 2 sound discs :|bdigital, mono. ;|c4 ¾ in.

  44. Music CDs • [500] NOTE Compact disc. Title from container. “C1467.” EMI Classics: CHS 7 64057 2 (CDH 7 64058 2—CDH 7 64060 2 “437 514-2 Deutsche Grammophon.” Includes videos. (Use language as it appears on the item) [continued on next slide]

  45. Music CDs • [500] Note[continued from last slide] Includes computer files. Enhanced disc. Enhanced stereo. Dual disc. Contents (First and last selection will suffice)

  46. Music CDs • [650] SUBJECT catreq mm/dd/yy [first 2 digits of your library location code] catreq 10/09/02 ei [catreq created on October 9, 2002 for eiNetwork] [997] INITIALS Enter your initials eismh [eiNetwork location with my initials]

  47. DVDs & Videos Mary Ann Zeak (Penn Hills)

  48. DVDs & Videos • 1. Material type – g for video, h for DVD • 2. 020 – Always put in the ISBN. If it is a number for the set, please note this after the number. If the individual parts of the set have numbers, these can be noted in a 500 field. If no ISBN is listed include UPC code in 500 field.

  49. DVDs and Videos • 3. 245 – Use complete title – include subtitles after a colon. • 4. 250 – Specify whether “Full Screen” or “Widescreen”. If not mentioned, the aspect ratio should be noted in a 500 field. • 5. 260 – Place of publication, Distributor, Date of distribution (not original production)

  50. DVDs and Videos • 6. 300 – Include the time, sound, color, and size (1/2 in. or 4 ¾ in.) • 7. 500 – Include any of the following if available – Series, Closed captioned, Catalog number, UPC code if no ISBN is available, Contents, Language and subtitles listed on the item.

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