the children s era by margaret sanger n.
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The Children’s Era By Margaret Sanger PowerPoint Presentation
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The Children’s Era By Margaret Sanger

The Children’s Era By Margaret Sanger

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The Children’s Era By Margaret Sanger

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  1. The Children’s EraBy Margaret Sanger

  2. Margaret Sanger Born on September 14, 1879 Lived in New York City Activist and Social reformer Trained as a nurse Started a publication promoting a woman’s right to birth control In 1914, this was called The Woman Rebel

  3. Purpose -Given in March 1925 -Addressed the result of an over population of children due to a lack of birth control options -Mothers begged her to find way to control unwanted pregnancies

  4. Impact Margaret began working with poor immigrant women in 1912. The experiences she had with these women made her think that women should be in total control of childbearing. This developed after witnessing her mother’s death, which she blamed on the fact that she had so many children. The traumatizing actions of self-induced abortions and difficult pregnancies appalled Margaret to take action.

  5. Theme Margaret Sanger tried to fight for the health and happiness of the Unborn Child. To do so, she had to free women from enforced maternity. She fought for every woman to decide weather or not she was ready to become a mother. She says that this is the first step.

  6. The Children’s Era “There is only one way out. We have got to fight for the health and happiness of the Unborn Child. And to do that in a practical, tangible way, we have got to free women from enforced, enslaved maternity. There can be no hope for the future of civilization, no certainty of racial salvation, until every woman can decide for herself whether she will or will not become a mother, and when and how many children she cares to bring into the world. That is the first step.”-Margaret Sanger

  7. Why does the Children's Era still remain a dream of the dim and the distant future? Why has so little been accomplished? -- in spite of all our acknowledged love of children, all our generosity, all our good-will, all the enormous spending of millions on philanthropy and charities, all our warm-hearted sentiment, all our incessant activity and social consciousness? Why?