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Kenya in the Global Context PowerPoint Presentation
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Kenya in the Global Context

Kenya in the Global Context

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Kenya in the Global Context

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  1. Kenya in the Global Context Kenya is the 4th biggest epidemic in the world, with an estimated, 1.6 million people living with HIV

  2. Sources of HIV infections Source: Kenya Mode of Transmission Study, 2008

  3. Humanitarian Emergencies in Kenya Cyclical and on-going…protracted complex ‘multi-hazard’ emergencies “we’re going to have another 2011” conflicts, internally displaced, refugees, floods, drought, fire, epidemics… and the urban scene – informal settlement and urban slum Many LGBTI live and migrate to cities - a growing humanitarian catastrophe, in search for Human Rights

  4. Legal and socio-cultural environment in Kenya • Sex between men is criminalized as ‘carnal knowledge against the order of nature’ and ‘gross indecency’, both carrying hefty prison sentences • Current constitution recognises marriage only based on free consent with members of opposite sex • LGBTI persons are considered ‘not African’ • Limited mention of LBTI in policy instruments Against this backdrop, and in the face of likely trauma and breakdown of social order, we need to navigate a safe space for LGBTI to enjoy protection and access prevention, treatment and care

  5. Getting to the facts, uncovering the evidence, and building the case for LGBTI… In the context of global stigma and discrimination Information of the plight of LGBTI groups is hard to find Highlighting LGBTI leads to greater alienation & discrimination Humanitarian Principle: ‘do no harm’ “There is persistent refusal to register organizations openly dealing with MSM issues, therefore making it difficult for these organizations to access funds and other resources to work with their communities.” Advocacy, Preparedness and Response

  6. Key Populations - Kenya National Policy the right environment • Sex workers, Men who have Sex with men, People who Inject Drugs (PWID) and Prison Population Priority areas on NSP • Draft MARPS policy 2013 • Established national program • Multisectoral Technical Working Group

  7. Opening up Political Spaces…. “MARPs are Kenyans and they have rights like anyone else”. Ministers’ Remarks-Esther Murugi Photograph of the Minister special Programmes and Representatives of the MSM communities on a Daily newspaper papers draws public outcry: 30th Sept 2010

  8. Nairobi, 10 Feb 2014

  9. Vulnerability and Action