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Introduction to Edmodo Train-the-Trainer PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to Edmodo Train-the-Trainer

Introduction to Edmodo Train-the-Trainer

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Introduction to Edmodo Train-the-Trainer

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  1. Introduction to Edmodo Train-the-Trainer

  2. Another Testimonial… • From: Thomas, Natasha R. Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2012 11:59 AMTo: Charters, Maria C.Subject: RE: Edmodo Powerpoint • Hi Ms. Charters, I created a new note and sent the PowerPoint as an attachment. I also wanted to let you know that my students are LOVING Edmodo. I post quizzes, announcements, reminders etc. and the kids are responding and posting EVERYDAY. Thanks for the awesome PD.

  3. Engaging Platform for Safe Social Learning • Free social learning network for teachers, students, schools and districts: • Teacher –to- Teacher • Teacher – to – Student • District – to - Teacher • Safe and easy way to connect • Exchange Best Practices • Access homework, grades and school notices • Share content and ideas • District–level and school-level control • Monitor usage • Manage users • Communicate across district 4

  4. Founded in late 2008, Edmodo is now being used by more than 14 million teachers and students around the world Note: Image reflects data as of Oct’11

  5. Edmodo can be used as... • InstructionalTool – for Teachers and his/her Students • Professional DevelopmentTool – • for District-to-Teachers Communication Tool- • Common Core Support • Best Practices • Collaboration Tool – • for Teachers to Collaborate Peer-to-Peer • within School & Common Interest Groups

  6. Post assignments, reminders, polls or discussion questions Social Networking for the Classroom Unlimited storage for classroom content that can be shared and re-used Create Groups for Classes and Clubs Encourage collaboration and classroom discussions.

  7. Secure Platform Ensures Student Safety and Privacy • Closed environment • No private information required from students • Students join classes by the invitation of their teacher only • All communications are archived • Teacher has full management control • Miamidade.Edmodo.comallows district administrators greater control • Best used in FireFox

  8. School and District-Wide Use • Logon to • Create an Account • Select “I am a Teacher” • Enter your id, e-mail, and password For School Level Access: • Go to • Enter YOUR School Code to join Edmodo Note:Never give the school code to students; Instead, teachers create groups, and give group codes to students.

  9. Let’s dive in to Edmodo…

  10. Let’s Practice: Your Account • Go to Account then click on Settings • Upload a picture or select an avatar • Uncheck notifications • Go to Profile • Enter your favorite quote Let’s get connected

  11. Let’s Practice: Browsing Communities • Go Home • On left-hand side, scroll down to BROWSE Communities • Pick any communities you are interested in • Follow them • You will now be provided with the most up-to-date information in that field

  12. Let’s Practice: JoiningGroups • Go HOME • Jointhe following group, using their code: srcnws • 11-28-12 Edmodo PD Training- • Select group 11-28-12 Edmodo PD Training group, and do the following: • Post a message to the “wall” • Reply to a colleagues message • Upload a file to a message posting

  13. Let’s Practice: Creating Groups • Go to HOME • Createa new group ~ e.g. November Reading Assignments • Give your new group code to a colleague and invite to join • Select the new group • Post a message on the wall of the new group • Check that your colleague got the message too

  14. Let’s Practice: Adding to Library • Go HOME • Click on Library Link above • Create new folder, name it, and then select it. • Click Add to Library • Upload file or click on link • Press Add to Library button in dialog box • Share this Folder with 11-28-12 Edmodo PD Training Group • Go HOME, and check on right hand side if folder appears for you and your colleagues

  15. Let’s Practice: Adding Badges • Badges are completely • They are a way to reward students for their hard work • To obtain badges Select the Home tab • Scroll down on the right and select the link Create badges for your students • There are some badges that Edmodo gives you and the rest we can “borrow”

  16. Create / Take Edmodo Badges • Go to Your Profile in Edmodo • See the Teacher badges given by Edmodo • Find another Teacher in Edmodo • Look up by school, or name • Go to their Profile link in Edmodo • Click on the link shared badges with your students • Select any of their shared badges, and add it to your collection • Reward your students with Edmodo badges • Select group, and go to manage group • Select student within group and click: Award Badge button and select a badge to give to student

  17. Edmodo for the Mobile Device • Go to the App Store for your Smart Phone • Select the FREE Edmodo App • Download and install it on your Smart Phone • Limited functionality is available on Edmodo App: • Posts • Notifications • Profile • Groups • Gradebook • Library

  18. Edmodo Benefits for Students • Use in your classroom to give assignments: • Will inform students of due dates • Can create multiple choice quizzes and will grade them. Will provide data on results • Can copy and paste grades into electronic gradebook • Prepares them for the technology that awaits in middle and high school

  19. Edmodo Benefits for Collaboration • Can join “communities” on different subject areas: Math, Science, Language Arts and share ideas • Can find videos, websites, articles, etc. to assist with classroom instruction, parental involvement and numerous other topics • Can connect with parents also

  20. Visual Tour: Your Wall

  21. Virtual Tour: Your Calendar

  22. Virtual Tour: Student Badges

  23. Virtual Tour: Your Library

  24. Virtual Tour: My Apps

  25. Next Steps for YOU Assist students in signing up for Edmodo • Create Groups for students to join within Edmodo • Create Assignments for students in groups within Edmodo • Ask students to use the Calendar feature of Edmodo to track their assignments • Create Quizzes for your students in Edmodo • Edmodo self-grades the quizzes • Edmodo updates its own gradebook, which you can manually transfer to the MDCPS gradebook

  26. View an Edmodo Webinar: Explore resources in the Help Center: Follow the Edmodo Support Community: Training and Support Resources 1 2 3