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Introduction to Edmodo PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to Edmodo

Introduction to Edmodo

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Introduction to Edmodo

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  1. Introduction to Edmodo

  2. Edmodo – The Educational Facebook • There’s no question that Facebook has become the most popular networking site on the internet. Why do you think that is the case? • Let’s see if any of those reasons/ features are present in Edmodo. •

  3. Accounts - Teacher • As the teacher, you are the one who dictates the way your Edmodo is used • You must monitor student input • Teachers can remove or edit student posts • Unlike parents or students, teachers can directly message other teachers, parents, or students • Teachers can give assignments and quizzes, ask polls, and create different groups based on the content they teach.

  4. Site Login

  5. Account Creation

  6. Groups cont’d • Watch as a group is created and then join the group.

  7. Groups • Groups are an essential part of Edmodo. Every time you communicate or assign work, you must specify what group it pertains to. • Students can belong to multiple groups • Depending what grade and subject is taught, a teacher may have one group in all or one group for each class that they teach. • You create a group by clicking on the “Create” in the right toolbar under groups

  8. Accounts - Student On the main login page, after students click on “Join”, they will be prompted with the box below.

  9. Guidelines for Comments: How do you post a comment? Simply type your comment in the text box at the bottom of any given page. I will review and post comments as they are submitted. Types of Posts: You can type a question about what you have read or what someone has previously posted. 2) Write a reflection about what you have learned from your reading. 3) Share a connection that you made between the reading selection and your own experiences or another text.

  10. 4) Share your opinion on a topic. 5) Piggyback or add on to an existing idea. There's no "formula" for sharing, but there are some rules to follow: - for privacy, use only your first name in comments - use correct capitalization, spelling, and punctuation - write in complete sentences - no slang -disagree constructively -support opinions with text or personal experience - include specific details in your comment; explain WHY you are sharing an opinion or WHAT part of the text inspired your post.

  11. Assignments • One of the greatest features of Edmodo is “assignments” (and quizzes!) • An instructor can give an assignment to a particular group • Words, Attachments, or a Link • Students will receive a notification that an assignment is due

  12. Quizzes • From the Home Page, click on Quizzes and then Create a Quiz

  13. Quizzes • Quizzes are fantastic and let students complete assignments at home, in school, and at their own pace. • You can make a quiz timed • Question Types • Multiple Choice • True/False • Short Answer • Fill in the Blank • Watch as a quiz is created and then create your own quiz!