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LinkedIn Paul Tansey Evolution & Revolution The Web Continues To Evolve At A Frightening Pace The Only Constant Is Change Massive New Opportunities New Tools To Learn About Social Networks Blogging Micro-Blogging Video & Photo Sharing Social Bookmarking

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  1. LinkedIn Paul Tansey

  2. Evolution & Revolution The Web Continues To Evolve At A Frightening Pace The Only Constant Is Change Massive New Opportunities

  3. New Tools To Learn About Social Networks Blogging Micro-Blogging Video & Photo Sharing Social Bookmarking Forums, Wikis, Podcasting, RSS…

  4. Perspective

  5. Founded in 2002 / Launched May 2003 Valued by its investors at $1 Billion in June 2008

  6. Alternatives to LinkedIn

  7. LinkedIn Users Average age 43 Average household income $107,000 (£65,600) 41% are business decision makers or influencers 63+ million members worldwide (in 200 countries) Growing by 2 million members a month 3.7 Million UK users

  8. What I’m Actually Talking About Building Your Business With LinkedIn Business Networking How We Can Help Each Other Better and Spend Less Doing It

  9. 4 Ways To Grow A Business Word of Mouth Advertising PR Cold Calling

  10. What Can Linked Help With? Help You To Grow Your Reputation Get Help - Get Answers To Almost Any Question Recruit Better People Stay In Touch With People Who Are Important To You Stay At Front Of Mind Of Your Contacts Find & Research People & Companies Advertise To Very Defined Business Audiences

  11. What Can Linked Help With? Get Introduced To New Potential Customers Find Business Partners & Suppliers Enable You To Introduce People To Each Other (Great For Job Seekers Too) Organise events Find and even attend events Market Research Prepare for networking events

  12. The Basics Start A Business Network of Hundreds of Thousands Today It’s Free* You CAN Do It Teach Other Good People How to Do It Too

  13. Guess the network size • Include specialist groups 280 ? ?

  14. 1. Decide why you are doing this! • Clear objectives – begin with the end in mind • Build a big network • Build a quality network

  15. 2. Setup an Account • Log in / create an account

  16. 3. Create a profile

  17. 4. Connect to contacts • Searching & browsing • Add via e-mail addresses / address book • Former colleagues & classmates • People you may know feature

  18. 5.The homepage • Your information centre • Your inbox • Update your status • Keep your finger on the pulse of your network

  19. 6. Explore & Join Groups • Join groups of people with the same business interests • Join discussions, “meet” experts and build relationships • Demonstrate expertise

  20. 7. Questions & Answers • Find help • Provide help • Make new contacts • Demonstrate expertise in your niche • Dave “the wireman” Maxton

  21. 8. Add a company record • Companies have records too • Individual people profiles linked to companies • Upload logo and create description and specialties • It will show up in the search engine results! • Links to your web site • Is shown to non members

  22. 9. Make & Request Recommendations • How do you feel when people recommend you? • How do you feel about the person that recommended you? • Why you should recommend others • Users with recommendations are 3 times more likely to get enquiries through searches

  23. 10. Attend & Organise Events • Create an event • Share it with up to 50 of your contacts • If they attend or flag it as interesting they pass it on • Online and offline events

  24. 11. Applications • Reading lists • Events • Polls • Blog link • Slideshow • File sharing & collaboration • Travel tools • Company buzz

  25. 12. Promote your profile • On your email footer • On your Web site • On your blog • On your business cards / brochures • Via Twitter

  26. 13. Ongoing updates • To your status • Adding connections • Save your searches • Request introductions • Ask & answer questions • Join group discussions & contribute

  27. 13. Ongoing updates • Upload presentations to share • Make recommendations • Organise & publicise events • Update your reading list • Add polls • Read blog updates and update your blog

  28. 14. Advertising on online networking sites • Targeting • CPC Vs CPM • Search advertising Vs social network advertising

  29. By job function…

  30. If You Cold Call Search For The Company – Find Contact Details Research Your New Potential Contact Look For Common Ground Open Your Conversation With, “Hello Sue – We Are LinkedIn Connections…” How Much Better Would Your Chances Be? Preparing for meetings

  31. If You Sell A Product Search For Your Target Market Find Potential Users of Your Product/ Buyers and Decision Makers Find Your Customers’ Customers Find Influential Consultants Get Introduced or Point to Your Recommendations Join Groups, Listen, Advise & Build Relationship

  32. If You Are Looking For An Employee Search The Single Largest Network of Recruiters Available Do Reference Checks – Contact Former Colleagues Check CVs Against LinkedIn See Who They Know Check Out They Present Themselves Online

  33. If You Are Looking For Information Check Out LinkedIn Answers Ask Questions And Forward The Question By Email To Relevant Contacts Rate The Answers You Receive Search For Experts Experts Will Contact You To Sell Their Services

  34. If You Need Business Partners Find Local And International Suppliers And Resellers/Partners Find Joint Venture Opportunities Check Their Experience and Background – You May Get More Than You Would Have Asked For In Person Find Contacts to Verify Their Claims of Capability

  35. If You Need To Create A Reputation Watch the Questions and Monitor Your Subject(s) Provide Answers – People Will Check Out Your Profile Great Answers Turn You Into a Visible Expert You May Create Customers Around the Globe

  36. If You Need To Advertise Define Your Target Market in Terms of Geography, Company Size, Seniority, Sex, Age and Industry Choose a Payment Model Choose Your Budget Level Create Compelling Ads – Each Targeted at Variations of the Above See new microsite

  37. If You Organise Events Create your event Share Your Event With Your Contacts (Ask Them To Respond “Attending” Or “Interested” And Forward/Recommend To Contacts) Mark Yourself As Attending/Presenting Publicise Your Events (Depends On Account Level)

  38. If You Want To Grow Contacts Join LinkedIn Groups/ Read Questions/ Answers & Get Involved! Outright Selling Is Obvious And Worthless Add Relevant Content And News – People Notice Start Discussions And Debate – Ask The Burning Questions Follow The Conversations And Get Updates Automatically Start A Group On A Niche Topic Get Introduced Using LinkedIn Introductions Get a Premium Account And Join The OpenLink Network

  39. Premium Accounts

  40. Using Your LinkedIn Account Put Time Aside At Least Once A Week Go Through All Those Business Cards You’ve Collected! New! Link to Outlook – see YouTube Use RSS

  41. Recap • There Are Four Ways to Grow a Business (Advertising, PR, Word of Mouth And Cold Calling). LinkedIn Can Help With All of These. • LinkedIn Fulfils A Need in All of Us and Is Actually Fun • It’s Not a Silver Bullet However…

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