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Make your advertising make money PowerPoint Presentation
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Make your advertising make money

Make your advertising make money

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Make your advertising make money

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  1. Imagine advertising that reaches and motivates your target audience to take action. Advertising that is a profit center, not a business expense. Advertising that effectively and efficiently sells products, services and ideas, builds brands, and raises corporate awareness, without costing a penny... Lockard & Wechsler has been making advertising make money for our clients since 1967. Make your advertising make money Contact us today to see how we can help your business grow 914-59-6600 |

  2. We're in the business of growing a business Yours Maximizing every plan, every buy, every opportunity. Driving exceptional results. Building and enhancing brands. Raising awareness. Revolutionizing tools and technology. Integrating digital and direct to build scale and improve efficiencies. Optimizing at every turn. Putting your best interests first. Spending your money like it's ours. In short, making your advertising make money. At Lockard & Wechsler Direct, this is what drives us and sets us apart from all other direct marketing professionals. And this is what helped us grow into a nationally acclaimed agency with over $450 million in billings and a wide range of happy clients whose well-spent media dollars are helping their businesses grow.

  3. What makes us different is what makes us better Smart, industry-savvy professionals Our top planners and buyers bring decades of knowledge and insight on rates, availability and performance to ensure you’re maximizing your returns. We’re veterans with deep expertise across a wide range of products and services. We lead by experience, not learn at your expense. Client-focus We’re passionate about doing what’s in your best interest. So if there’s nothing in it for you, there’s nothing in it for us. Nimble negotiators We’re seeking smart buying opportunities hour after hour. Plus, with over $450 million in annual billings, we bring considerable clout and influence to bear on each and every buy. Game-changing technology We created the industry’s first fully integrated solution for DR media, a proprietary system called, MediaPro™which enables us to dynamically track, analyze and maximize every last penny of your advertising dollars.

  4. We provide expertise in a wide range of TACTICS that can help your business grow.

  5. We also provide valuable STRATEGIC services Branding

  6. We are continuously reinventing how we access and analyze media data to give our clients an edge. Due to our innovative use of Nielson Data for DRTV, Nielsen has awarded us status as a third-party developer. With MediaPro,™ we can dynamically track, analyze and maximize every last penny of your advertising dollars. MediaPro™ the industry’s first integrated solution for DR media includes our custom Nielsen Data Module and brings you: Better pricingEnjoy easy access to the data you need to price media more effectively. Better PlanningZero-in on media that best reaches your target. Better TrackingQuickly calculate response rates by media and determine if the media or the promotion is losing effectiveness.

  7. How our day makes your advertising make more money. We dedicate every day to tracking, analyzing and optimizing your media investment. Why? Because if you don’t know where you are you can’t possibly know where you are going. 7:15 AM:Our IT staff begins downloading all the media clearance and response data from the previous day. By 8:00 AM it’s all entered into MediaPro™, our proprietary media planning, buying and tracking system. 8:30 AM:Our account managers and media analysts dig into your numbers. They pull reports, study them line-by-line and identify opportunities to increase the scale and improve the efficiency of your campaign. Underperforming media is pinpointed for renegotiation or cancellation. 10:30 AM:Our detailed reports with comments and actions steps are sent to you by email. Actually, you’ve probably already received them by this time, so you know exactly what changes we’re making to make your advertising make more money. 11:30 AM:Our buy management reports have been sent to the buying team. We can’t wait for tomorrow or next week to fine tune your campaign for greater profits. The rest of the day,we implement all the changes necessary to keep your campaign growing and profitable. We’re also scouring the media and identifying new opportunities to make your ROI as rich as possible.

  8. Our Clients We have a history of helping small companies grow large and large companies grow larger.

  9. Here’s what our Clients are saying about us “Talent and integrity are two words that describe Lockard & Wechsler well. They are very careful to protect our media dollars, while providing a very enjoyable collaborative working environment. “Dick Wechsler and his team at L&W have been indispensable factors in my company’s success in selling nearly $18 million worth of product with three spot commercial campaigns in the past five years.” –Kenneth J. Frank, MD, CEO Dr. Frank's Health Products/Advanced Physicians Products “In just over two years, Lockard & Wechsler has helped us grow our business more than 400%. It hasn’t been easy, but their expertise in all areas of DRTV, their diligence and their focus on our bottom line, have been the catalysts to our success and the foundation of a rewarding partnership.” – David Peskin Founder, Senior Lending Corporation “I had to write and commend your dream team for the outstanding, and improved management for our client, Above All Company. Thanks to the surgical preciseness of Lockard & Wechsler’s analysis, as well as your conscientious attentiveness to the campaign objectives, their ROI is significantly improved. The result is, this project will have a much longer, profitable life cycle.” –Rick Mellor President, Studio SB, LLC

  10. Here’s what our Clients are saying about us “Lockard & Wechsler pays attention to the details. They have increased the performance of our media by over 120% in 5 weeks. We are thrilled with the job they are doing on our campaign!” –Scott Gillman President, BDA Industries, Inc. “I have used Lockard & Wechsler for 15 years! They add value and service well beyond the media they purchase. The stability and knowledge of the entire team at L&W is outstanding and fundamental to our success.” –Scott Davis President, Contour Products, Inc. “I've worked with a "big" agency that told me my product was dead after their $15,000 test produced an MER .60. I brought it to Lockard & Wechsler and, within a month had an MER of 2.03. “L & W treats your campaign as a group, not just one person guessing what they think will work. They work efficiently, using statistics and experience, and are constantly on top of what media is hot and what's not.” –Vince Offer President, Square One Entertainment, Inc. “We know of no better way to go from zero to huge volume than with DRTV. And we know of no other group that does it better than Lockard & Wechsler.” –Keith Mirchandani President, Tristar Products

  11. Here’s what our Clients are saying about us “Their knowledge of direct marketing in general and DRTV specifically is incredible. Since we've been working together, Idea Village's business has gone from $0 to $150 million in annual sales. Now that's how to make advertising make money. I can’t imagine why anyone would use any other agency.” –Andy Khubani President & CEO, Idea Village “Lockard & Wechsler's ability to maximize an infomercial hit, as well as grind-out a marginal show, allows Thane to acquire the largest number of customers possible. Their ability to consistently perform results in greater brand awareness and profitability for our product lines.” –Mark Taylor President & COO, Thane International “I wish all our agencies were as good as you guys!” –Steven Daerr Media Director, Sylmark “Over the past 13 years, the one thing that has remained constant in my professional life is Lockard & Wechsler as my go-to direct response media agency. The team has an unblemished record for delivering on-budget campaigns, solid results and sound advice.” –David Brinker COO, “The media that Lockard & Wechsler has meticulously purchased for us has given us over 175% return on our investment.” –Bonnie Brijs President, American Home Business Association

  12. Our media partners are happy too. A&E Networks:“Tough, tough, tough. Strict, smart, effective.” CNBC/MSNBC:“They are great negotiators with great knowledge of the marketplace.” Twentieth Century TV:“Their honesty and integrity is unmatched. Their quick turnaround enables Lockard & Wechsler to obtain the best inventory at the best rates.” Viacom:“Lockard & Wechsler is always the first group we call with opportunistic rates because of their fast turnaround, their ability to make decisions quickly and the long-term relationship we share with them.” Kingworld Media:“We have come to use L&W as a verb. “Can you L&W down those rates?” Mediacast: “Lockard & Wechsler’s strong knowledge of the market and their effective use of client funds always enables them to get the best deals for their clients.”

  13. Nine Rules for a DRTV Success 1. Make empirical, not emotional, decisions.And base them on cold, hard, timely facts. 2. Numbers are everything. They don’t lie. But they do have to be handled by experts so they give up their secrets and provide meaningful direction. 3. Programs should work the first time, every time. In the right hands, results can always be improved, but not enough to resuscitate a program that’s dead on arrival. 4. Frequency is the benefit of success, not the key to success. An expert direct marketing agency will help you run a successful campaign for all it’s worth 5. Never force anything. You can’t beat a down cycle. The key is in knowing what the cycles are and going with the flow. 6. Don’t waste time; opportunities are fleeting. A great media agency will be able to identify them and pounce on your behalf. 7. DR is a science. The discipline will lead you to success.Run hard with the winners. Cut your losers ruthlessly. Always take advantage of all the analytical tools and expertise available to you. 8.Test early and often. Don’t wait for a campaign to weaken.Test offer, creative and media from the very beginning. There’s always room for improvement. 9. Treat DRTV and the Internet as a single channel.The Internet adds efficiencies to DRTV, and DRTV adds scale to the Internet.

  14. Dick WechslerPresident & CEO Under Dick’s leadership, Lockard & Wechsler Direct has achieved world-class status as a top performing Direct Marketing Group with an extraordinary track record in DRTV. In 2007, LW was recognized nationally, in 2007, as a Top Fifty Direct Marketing Agency by Advertising Age. Dick is widely recognized as one of the foremost Thought Leaders in Direct Response and is a sought-after speaker at major industry conferences. In addition, Dick has authored more than 30 articles on the subject of Direct Response in leading industry publications such as Electronic Retailing and Response Magazine. Before joining Lockard & Wechsler, Dick was Senior Vice President, Group Manager at Ketchum Public Relations where he headed all corporate, technology and business-to-business accounts. He lived in Washington, D.C., from 1976 to 1980, working as the Associate Director, Public Affairs and Marketing at The Museum of African Art (1976 to 1978) and National Publicist at National Public Radio (1979 to 1981). Dick lives in Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y., with his wife Margaret Terry Orr; their four boys Zachary, Sam, Emmett and Elias; two cats Mineau and Willy; and dog Cocoa. He is an avid sailor, windsurfer and skier, and enjoys fumbling around on the guitar.

  15. Asieya PineExecutive Vice President, Director Asieya Pine, Executive Vice President and Director of Lockard & Wechsler, is responsible for running the day-to-day operations of the Irvington, New York based Direct Marketing company. In this role, she leads a dynamic team of media professionals and oversees media planning and account services for the firm’s more than 70 clients including Idea Village, ShamWow, Tri-Star Products, Omaha Steaks, Dr Frank’s Pain Relief and World Alliance Financial. Asieya joined Lockard & Wechsler in 1999 as a Media Specialist and moved quickly through the ranks reaching the executive level in just four years. Over the last 10 years, she has significantly contributed to the agency’s growth and success. Asieya earned an MBA from New York’s Pace University. She lives in Briarcliff Manor, NY with her husband Jordan and their two children Aliya and Zavier.

  16. Carolyn SuraExecutive Vice President, Media Director As Lockard & Wechsler’s Media Director and Executive Vice President, Carolyn oversees the day-to-day media buying operations for all of LW’s clients. Previously, Carolyn was Vice President and Partner at Ogilvy & Mather Direct (now Ogilvy One) and worked on such blue chip accounts as AT&T, Wells Fargo and NordicTrack. Before that at Kobs & Draft , Carolyn developed a special expertise in negotiating syndication and network television buys working on accounts such as HBO, Harpo, Merck and Tupperware. She began her media buying career in 1986 at Media Basics, Inc. where she was responsible for high-profile accounts such as Prudential, Fidelity and Time Life. Carolyn is an alumnae of Seton Hall University and received a graduate degree in Direct Marketing from New York University. She lives with her husband and three children in New Jersey.

  17. Make your advertising make money Nothing is more rewarding than to know our clients are satisfied with our work. Thanks in large part to client referrals, Lockard & Wechsler Direct has grown from a $2 million-per-year company specializing in financial services to an independent, full-service, direct marketing agency with $450 million in annual media billings. Whether it’s helping Esurance to become the fastest growing auto insurer in the country or making ShamWow an ubiquitous phenomenon, we’re all about doing whatever it takes to make advertising make money. And we’d love to do it for you. So give us a call. You’ll be glad you did. Dick