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Laurel Elementary

Laurel Elementary

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Laurel Elementary

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  1. Laurel Elementary Kindergarten Orientation

  2. Laurel Elementary Administration • Dr. Sandra Hennon Superintendent • Mr. Dennis Devorick, Principal • Mr. Kevin Mahoney, Principal

  3. Laurel Elementary Kindergarten Teachers • Mrs. Kathy Atwell • (Ext. 2098) • Mrs. Leigh Ann Canciello (Ext. 2104) • Mrs. Bethany Kwiat • (Ext. 2106) • Miss Nadine Mezan • (Ext. 2100) • Mrs. Carrie Mason • (Ext. 2102)

  4. Laurel ElementarySupport Staff • Mrs. Debbie Garrett, Nurse • Mrs. Denise Moccia, Speech Therapist • Mrs. Jessica Neofotistis, School Psychologist

  5. Laurel Elementary Office Helpers • Mrs. Shelly Benton • Mrs. Sharon Marshall • Mrs. Diane Callahan

  6. Busing Arrival: Students arriving @ 8:40 AM may report to their classroom. If arriving prior to 8:40 AM, please go to the cafeteria. Dismissal: Students will be walked to their busses at 3:45pm each day. BUS PASSES Please send in a note if your child will be riding a different bus, or he/she will be getting off at a different bus stop. A bus pass must be issued from the office.

  7. Fluoride • School nurse will send home permission slip. • Students are not required to take fluoride. • Distributed daily by the teachers.

  8. Book bag Camera – you are welcome to send in a disposable camera to capture special moments. (Please label w/student’s name.) Toys and videos are not acceptable without prior approval. We will provide Pencils Crayons Glue Scissors Paper Folders THINGS TO BRING **Your child will be provided with a folder that should be returned each day. Please check your child’s folder daily for his/her work and letters from your child’s teacher or office.

  9. BREAKFAST PROGRAM • Breakfast is available for students to purchase. It is served from 8:30 – 9:00am. • For payment of meals in the cafeteria, each student has a computerized debit account into which money is deposited by the parent/guardian. • If the student is eligible for a free/reduced meal, the account will be credited accordingly. • Refer to the daily menu for choices. • Breakfast is 60 cents.

  10. SNACK • Students will have a “healthy” morning snack break. • Teachers will distribute a monthly calendar letting you know when your child will need to provide snack for the class. • Students are permitted to bring water bottles to school. Please label bottle with student’s name. • Milk will be available for purchase. • Ideas for healthy snacks! • Pretzels • Crackers • Cheese cubes • Fruit • Carrots • Celery • Fat free cookies • Jello • Pudding

  11. LUNCH • Students will eat lunch from approximately 12:40 – 1:10pm. • Students may either purchase or pack their lunch. • The price for lunch is $1. • White milk is 25 cents and chocolate milk is 30 cents. • Students will use their debit account to purchase their lunches. • Students will receive a monthly calendar providing them with lunch choices.

  12. Birthdays! • Students will be recognized each month during lunch in the cafeteria. • You are welcome to send in a nonfood birthday treat (pencils, erasers, bubbles). • You will be assigned to bring in snack on the day of your child’s birthday.

  13. Specials • The students will have a 5 day rotating special schedule. (Piano, Gym, Music, Art and Library) • Please refer to your monthly calendar for your child’s special.

  14. Report Cards • Report cards will be issued every 9 weeks. • Students will not receive traditional letter grades. • The four levels of performance are… • N (not yet) • E (emerging behavior) • D (developing behavior) • S (secure behavior)

  15. Illnesses • A written excuse is required. • Blank forms can be found in the back of the school calendar. • If a student has a brother/sister in school, please have him/her check for missed work.

  16. Security • Enter building through the main entrance. • Go directly to office to obtain a guest pass. • There is a security officer on duty during school hours.

  17. Our day in Kindergarten • Opening/Calendar • Reading/Skill Groups: As the year progresses, we will target the students needs. • Snack • Science/Social Studies • Lunch/Recess Centers • Special: Piano, Gym, Music, Art, Library • Math • Center • Quiet/Rest time: Individual mats will be provided.

  18. FIELD TRIP • We will visit Cheeseman’s Farm on Friday, October 23rd for our annual field trip. • Room parents will be the chaperones for the trip. • PTO will be providing the students with t-shirts for the trip. Forms will be sent home so that you may select your child's size. Additional shirts may be purchased at this time.

  19. Questions