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Post Apocalyptic Research

Post Apocalyptic Research. Films to watch: The Road (2009) – Post Apoc. Natural disaster aftermath The Book of Eli (2010) – Post Apoc. Natural disaster aftermath – religious elements Sin City (2005) – Neo-noir corrupt city comic book style events

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Post Apocalyptic Research

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  1. Post Apocalyptic Research Films to watch: The Road (2009) – Post Apoc. Natural disaster aftermath The Book of Eli (2010) – Post Apoc. Natural disaster aftermath – religious elements Sin City (2005) – Neo-noir corrupt city comic book style events V for Vendetta (2006) – film noir utopian thriller (related to media) Children of Men (2005) – Post Apoc. Similar to our plot (something stopping and eventually causing havoc) Doomsday (2008) – post apocalyptic film District 9 (2009) – Post apocalyptic film 2081 (2009) – Post apoc sci-fi, independent/underground film Brick (2005) – Neo Noir mystery film Se7en (1995) – Crime Neo Noir film A Boy and his Dog (1967) – Post Apoc Film

  2. Mise en scene Settings usually involve regular places which have been transformed by the former apocalypse Places usually in ruin/lots of debris around, few/no people around If a form of government is involved usually a large powerful building is used to symbolise there power, (ie the large ship in the above picture)

  3. Genre overview Post Apocalyptic films are films that typically portray some sort of dystopian adventure after a huge event that has dramatically altered civilisation, for example many zombie movies where most of the human race has been infected with a deadly virus, and a few minority must survive The cast in post apocalyptic films tend to be few, yet they take the leading roles, (usually in a group that sets out to survive, with many of them dying or being lost in the storyline) Popular Post apocalyptic films include 28 Days Later, Children of men and Planet of the Apes The ending of Post apocalyptic films tend to involve either the survival of the main characters/return to normal civilization, either way a return to an “equilibrium” where life is resumed as if nothing happened, this is seen in films such as Shaun of the Dead (horror/comedy/P-A crossover) and I Am Legend Usually the group of survivors will lose members as the film progresses, with the film ending with only a few, occasionally only one character left

  4. Characters Most post apocalyptic films have a group of characters fronted by one main character and a few other major and minor characters, (for example in the zombie film Shaun of the Dead, Shaun is the main character, with his girlfriend and best friend being the other major characters, the rest of the group being minor characters, see right), the frontman is usually troubled yet determined, with members of the group often questioning his leadership. Most characters in post apoc films often die, as a stereotype, the smaller/vulnerable or idiotic ones are the first to die, with the rest being killed off one by one In other types of post apocalyptic films there is only one or two characters, for example in I Am Legend, there is only one main character and his dog, this creates a “lone wolf” character The characters costume is usually scruffy and untidy, as the characters have been living in a rough state for quite a while, they often carry large weapons with them as well, to fend off any scavengers/monsters etc

  5. Sub Genres Post apocalyptic films can also be put into different Subgenres, for example there is the classic zombie film, where most of the worlds population turn into flesh eating living dead, (this idea has been done lots and criticised for being over done) there are also past and future versions of post apocalyptic films, most being around some sort of nuclear war or massive event that has changed mankind, for example there is the futuristic post apocalyptic films, where future technology has drastically altered the world, (I Am Legend etc), and the past where all that’s left is the remains of things from the 1960’s, (a Boy and his Dog) There are also differences in the types of apocalypses which have happened, for example there is the huge event which has changed the world (nuclear war, virus outbreak, global disaster etc), or there is the slow world decline into an outbreak, for example in Children of Men, where it becomes impossible to conceive children, and the world slowly goes crazy

  6. Film of Interest A Boy and His Dog (1974) A Boy and His Dog is a post apocalyptic film set in the aftermath of a nuclear war, one lone survivor (Vic) travels with his psychic dog (Blood), and together they rely on each other for food and other various needs, I though it was an interesting film to watch and research as it is a post apocalyptic film, it also heavily influenced a popular video game Fallout 3, which is a post apocalyptic video game set in the aftermath of a nuclear war in Washington DC http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gu9fESAlGc4 trailer

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